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  1. Hyungwon

    A.C.E - Dessert
  2. Hyungwon

    Yes, he adorable isn't he?? <3
  3. Hyungwon

    I love your Avi. uwu
  4. Hyungwon

    Naahh, that's really such a shame. I'm addicted to like most of their comebacks and also their Japanese releases. And their most recent albums "Are You There?" and "We Are Here" are sooo good. <3 Though, I might be kinda biased, because I saw them live 3 weeks ago.
  5. Nobody missed me, did they?



    1. Hex

      Welcome back Queen. oprah2

  6. Hyungwon

    Are you deaf? Or just completely tasteless? I saw their show past Wednesday, man, it was sooo LIT. <3
  7. Hyungwon


    Man, I miss ha too! Lemme see what I can do.. Yes, sure! I'm sorry for the late response, I haven't been here for a while..
  8. Hyungwon

    sorry for my late response. haven't been on my laptop a lot lately.. Are you gonna miss GoT? oh boy, I can not wait for July, all pumped for stranger things !!
  9. Hyungwon

    dramatic is sooo good!! My favorite comebacks/debuts from May: Kim Dong Han - Focus WayV - Take Off ONEWE - Ring on my ears Weki Meki - Picky Picky WINNER - Ah Yeah BVNDIT - dramatic GOT7 - Eclipse AB6IX - Breathe Cherry Bullet - really really NCT 127 - Superhuman We in the zone - Let's get loud ONEUS - Twilight OnlyOneOf - Savanna <33333333333333 Lee Hi ft. B.I. from iKON - No One A.C.E. - Under cover IZ - Eden D-CRUNCH - Are you ready? iKON better announce comeback for June, it's my birthday month! Let's get this bread, kings!
  10. it definitely defeats the whole democratic way of voting in my eyes. No wonder people are saying; doesn't matter if I vote anyway... I mean, people actually went out to vote and the majority still didn't win. Defeats the whole purpose..
  11. Hyungwon


    sorry for the late response. I'll add you guys in a bit.
  12. Hyungwon

    How was it? I see people being shocked/displeased by the latest episode ending or something.. petitions are being held for re-writing the final season?
  13. Hyungwon


    EXO is good. Will be terribly missing Xuimin though. iKON's my ult group. <3 But Ateez & Monsta X are sooo good as well. As a multi, yes. But sometimes I go a little crazy from keeping up with all the content that's being thrown in my face.
  14. Hyungwon

    Shut up, that just makes me miss Nam Taehyun so much!! But yeah, you're kinda right. I'd be here for that. Sentimental still one of my fav songs by them.
  15. Hyungwon

    What do we all think of WINNER’s cute concept?