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  1. I hardly dislike any Disney movie, I'm pretty sure I'm gonna love it!
  2. Game

    I agree with both of these..
  3. Lust For Life ft. the Weeknd
  4. I'm finally gonna see Moana this Monday.
  5. I know. Try not to think about it too much, and try to focus on all the other things to look forward to.. So it doesn't seem as long.
  6. here


    1. Kaulitz.

      @#Music just for the haters out there. dancey1 

    2. #Music

      HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAH lmfao1 You go girrlll! dancey1 

  7. YAAASSSS!! And luckily Ezra Miller will be back too!
  8. I'm not sure yet when it's gonna be released here.. Watched Fantastic Beasts and Where to find Them again.
  9. Me too!! SO excited! I love Gru and the three girls!
  10. Me too!! I'm always excited for Christmas time, and now even more than usual! And just watched Rogue One for the first time. My God! That was straight in the feels.
  11. Game

    But my most faves from PRISM are not even on the list, so I'm just gonna not participate.