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  1. Performance

    I hate to ask this for people who don't want to get spoiled.. but if someone has a setlist.. please quote me and put it in a spoiler. I'm dying to know which songs she's performing.
  2. Hehehe, no I even pre-ordered. I remember it so well, because it was on the same day I had to go to the dentist and I always hate that. So I kept saying to myself, pull through, when you get back home, Harry will arrive soon..
  3. A very long time ago someone burned it on a CD for me, because they knew I was a fan. It has a ton of amazing songs. <3
  4. YAAAY! Boy don't cry is gonna be there next single and What If already has a Music Video. Better is also very good. As Young as we Are is my fav, but only after a lot of listens so it was a grower for me.
  5. Thank you, boo.
  6. I'm an idiot! Thing is, I copied this list from another forum I have for Dutchies.. and I guess I hadn't updated it for a short while but I thought everything was on it. #FAIL! Thanks for pointing it out!
  7. BECAUSE I'm a FLOP, and I haven't been active on FOTP for a while. Just getting back into it..
  8. ooh, yeah.. I should work that out.... but thing is I'm still missing out on some of the albums from my faves.. (Britney/Gaga/Lana..)
  9. I can highly recommend the Dream Machine album of Tokio Hotel or their Kings of Suburbia album. I think it's just simply their best works. BILLY only has one EP called I'm not OK. You can find all of it on Spotify/Apple Music, and do let me know what you think if you're giving them a try.
  10. YEAH! We stan the same talent then.
  11. Though you would appreciate it.
  12. Thank you.
  13. All of your stan badges are talented as well! I've been meaning to get more into Maluma's music, just never take the time. (I'm that way with all artists I need to get into.. spend my time listening to too many soundtracks.)
  14. Are you trolling me, or are you just the sweetest person alive ??!!!!!
  15. You have no stan badges, so Imma judge your Avi!!