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  1. Event its been 6 months since the Manchester attack

    So weird, I was just thinking about this the other day. Insane to think that it's already been 6 months. Still shocking and very sad.
  2. Celeb News Scooter Braun talks AG4 - "It’s time for Ariana to sing the songs that define her"

    Already excited.
  3. Celeb News Lena Dunham's racism exposed

    Yeah, Bill Kaulitz, aka; the love of my life.
  4. Celeb News Lena Dunham's racism exposed

  5. American Music Awards 2017 Discussion Thread | 8/7c on ABC

    So sexist tbh.
  6. Tech Disney streaming service will be priced 'substantially below' Netflix

    Wait.. I haven't replied to this thread? Anyway.... really looking forward to this! Can't wait to have all their cartoon shows online. <3
  7. Celeb News Limited BTSxAMAs Merch Released for Historic First US Awards Show Performance

    I can't believe I won't be able to watch tho.
  8. American Music Awards 2017 Discussion Thread | 8/7c on ABC

    @Maraj @Urbi @Mamacita BTS !!
  9. BTS

    They are getting more promo done than some of the FOTP faves.
  10. Screenshots of The Star Music Video Leaked

    Ok, this looks great!!
  11. BTS

    I'm so excited!!
  12. And posting a pic like this is legal, how?

    1. #Music

      I'm sweatin' from head to toe 
      I'm wet through all my clothes 
      I'm fully charged, nipples are hard 
      Ready to go 

    2. Kaulitz.

      @#Music Idk what he's trying to do to me... but, Lord... fall1 

  13. Other New section icon + award vote

    Well, I didn't even got the chance to vote??
  14. MTV EMA 2017 Discussion Thread | LIVE NOW