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  1. I love it too, but I'm afraid it's not catchy/up-beat enough for the GP.. Nice ! I'm just chilling. Cuddling with my pets. <3
  2. Yes, exactly!! Are you having a nice weekend?
  3. DANG, my connection is so buggy, and the sound and vision aren't even in sync. $%#@&^%$
  4. Oh yes, I think we'd totally eat that up ! We like to be woke, or at least pretend that we are.
  5. Like a true flop, late to the party.
  6. YES ! It's like what comes after, when she broke free from the 'chain'..
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  8. Discussion

    I love "I like it rough", but to say that it's the 2.0 of Roulette is kind of a reach for me.
  9. Am I the only one that kinda feels that Bigger Than Me is the response to Chained to the Rhythm?
  10. It was my second time watching it. Still so beautiful Let me know when you've watched it.
  11. I will definitely watch it someday. Still sobbing because of When Marnie Was There. <3
  12. here


    Just finished When Marnie was there again and now I am a sobbing mess..... again.. sob1 

    1. Entea

      Should I watch it? katy1

    2. Kaulitz.

      It is kinda slow paced and long, but I love it a lot, just be prepared for the feels if you do. It's a beautiful, but sad story..