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  1. Kim Jiwon

    How was it? I see people being shocked/displeased by the latest episode ending or something.. petitions are being held for re-writing the final season?
  2. Kim Jiwon


    EXO is good. Will be terribly missing Xuimin though. iKON's my ult group. <3 But Ateez & Monsta X are sooo good as well. As a multi, yes. But sometimes I go a little crazy from keeping up with all the content that's being thrown in my face.
  3. Kim Jiwon

    Shut up, that just makes me miss Nam Taehyun so much!! But yeah, you're kinda right. I'd be here for that. Sentimental still one of my fav songs by them.
  4. Kim Jiwon

    What do we all think of WINNER’s cute concept?
  5. Kim Jiwon

    Spoiler !!!! jk.
  6. Kim Jiwon


    Seems as good a place as any. are there any other kpop groups you stan?
  7. Kim Jiwon

    Annoys me so much tbh! Well, I'm gonna watch some Gilmore Girls and go to sleep.
  8. Kim Jiwon

    Yes, true.. I'm just worried about spoilers on the internet tbh..
  9. Kim Jiwon

    Yeah, it'll be sad when it's over. I actually just finished all of House of Cards a while back. Definitely gonna miss that!
  10. Kim Jiwon

    I believe I was at season 6 somewhere??
  11. Kim Jiwon

    Ohhh cool ! I’m kinda behind on Game of Thrones.. I’m also falling behind on the Walking Dead... sigh
  12. Kim Jiwon

    Yes, let me know when you decide to start watching it!
  13. Kim Jiwon


    That body roll in Love Shot should be illegal though.
  14. Kim Jiwon

    OMG, I love it !! It’s sooooo good ! I rewatched the first two seasons a couple of times already. I can definitely recommend it.
  15. Kim Jiwon


    Absolutely. Anything for Kim Jongin. I love an EXO stan.