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  1. went from Hyungwon to Mingyu.


    I gotta stop changing my name everytime I get back here... 

  2. Nobody missed me, did they?



    1. Hex

      Welcome back Queen. oprah2

  3. Please, help a girl out. <3


  4. almost 2 years later and this still SLAPS HARD. 

  5. What did I miss? My laptop died, so somebody, fill me in !

  6. I really feel like I haven't been here for forever.. what did I miss?

  7. People are gonna drag me to the pits. lol1 

  8. Baekhyun. >>> Kaulitz.


    new username, guys. wub1 

  9. Question; I don't know if anybody of you knows this, but I was wondering.. when you put a song from Apple Music as your Alarm and it goes off, does that count as a stream? Because sometimes I let the same song repeat for about 3-4 times while getting up.. lol1 

    1. SWINΞ

      It probably does for AM but if you’re going to scrobble for last.fm I doubt it’ll work :/

    2. Mingyu.

      @SWINΞ yeah, no my phone isn't linked to last.fm ... but speaking of last.fm... I use it on my laptop only and regularly it just stops scrobbling without me noticing. So sometimes I've been listening to my playlist for longer than 1 hour and I open last.fm and see that he didn't scrobble any of the songs since like 8 hours ago or something like that. fall1 

      It is sooo annoying and really starting to piss me off.

    3. SWINΞ

      I use QuietScrob. It’s an app that scribbles from my phone and I haven’t had a single issue with it! :)

  10. Issa BOP, I mean.. it's in the TITLE.


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    2. Mingyu.

      @Chris Morlock your friend has taste. file1:D 

      @Robert. I can't at your avi. sob1 

    3. Robert.

      @Kaulitz. Omg I had no idea you knew of him! I miss him so much giveup1But I like rembering him this way <3

    4. Mingyu.

      @Robert. yeah, so sad. :( But it's true, we should keep honoring him. <3



      @Royalty I saw you liked... did you give it a listen? Were you slayed by the visuals? ari8

  11. all otaku, anime/manga lovers, take a look at my new blog as I could use some recommendations..


  12. I'm just sitting here... staring at my new set. wub1 




    How are you guys spending the weekend?

    1. Dancing Queen

      Well, despite my biterness, I have fallen ill since yesterday.

      It sux oprah7 

    2. Mingyu.

      Ahhh, no! :( I hope you'll feel better soon! hug1 

    3. Dancing Queen

      I hope so too! hug1 

  13. Well, I'm green of envy.


    1. ajp

      Britney looks so tired brit8

    2. Mingyu.

      @ajp true. I mean, when was the last time she actually TOURED, how long ago was that? Must be tiring to be on the road after having a residency for years.

  14. I'm just gonna leave this here..


    1. LÉON

      Who are these people? Looks like an Adam Lambert/Zayn mashup bumping on a Shawn Mendes flop lookalike brit8 

  15. To whom it may concern, I edited/updated the first post to give it a cleaner and more accurate look. file1 

  16. My poor baby...

    1. Mingyu.

      @Sylk truth is.. I've been exposed. lol1 

    2. Sylk

      I was literally about to say that lmfao2


    3. Mingyu.

      oop.. I--

  17. wub1Music Request. Please post any artists down below that are the same vibe as BØRNS, Bleachers, the 1975... thanks in advance!

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    2. Urbanov

      Also try The Neighbourhood if you’re looking for a similar band to 1975!

    3. Beauty Queen

      5SOS's new album 'Youngblood' reminded me a lot of BORNS' Dopamine!

    4. Mingyu.

      Ooh, will look it all up. Thanks, you guys! <3

  18. When you log on after a long while and get excited about all the notifications just to see they're all 'new status updates' notifs.



    1. Dancing Queen

      and my PM lol3 

    2. Mingyu.

      Thank you, hunny! Let me reply in a sec..

  19. tbh...

    I need a new Gaga x Space Cowboy collab.

    1. H.O.N.E.Y

      Yas hunty this FIRE still burns me like a hog spit-roasted on an open fire on a hot South African summer's day.moo2




    2. Mingyu.

      same, girl. SAME! 

  20. Just got back from Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom !


    Damn, I was not ready for the feels !! cry1 


    1. Dancing Queen

      Rly? That's greatbey4

    2. Mingyu.

      Yeah, I was not expecting it to be so damn emotional! DANG!

  21. foto van Larissa Gilmore.

    It was my birthday, and yes, I had the best birthday cake. file1 

  22. Working in my planners and bulletjournal, while listening to Motionless in White is a whole other kind of bliss. lotus1

  23. this is my new fav sass gif.


  24. May the Force be with you. legend1 

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    2. Mingyu.

      I knew that, hunty. I just like saying it the way it is.. either way, you got what I meant right?

  25. Somebody PLEASE tell me if there's a MP3 version available of THIS version of the song???!! cry1 It's not on Apple Music and in the iTunes Store it's Buy Full Album only. fall1fall1 


    1. H.O.N.E.Y

      Aw I remember watching this on tv all the time back in what was it 2004?2005?2003? wat1


      I like it too. Haven't heard it in a long time tho but I find myself singing parts of the chorus. sia2


      Check your PM sis. nat1

    2. Mingyu.

      Urgh.. I know, the nostalgia, right?!! cry1 

      Over here it was 'round 2003...