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  1. Oh my fucking god, this would be fucking amazing If it ain't Rih or JLo, it's the only other correct option
  2. Tbh both Feels and SS are bops, but SS is the ultimate banger so it would be the perfect mic drop end
  3. SAD/SS/Feels mashup incoming and it will end careers
  4. Swish Swish will be in JD2018, extending Katy's lead as the artist with the most songs in the series! Just Dance 2018 comes out this October 24th for all motion game platforms, so preorder it today!
  5. This is some bullshit of the highest levels right here, what in the actual fuck of all fucks If you come into another country, you follow its rules, and don't dictate your own, smh
  6. Other

    Oh my god she looks so fucking good The true one and only queen of Vegas
  7. Music Video

    This is gonna be the greatest music video of all time, everyone else can stop trying now
  8. Charts

    Roulette and Kissing Strangers in the top 3, now this is what I call stanning talent
  9. Charts

    I love it when talent keeps on winning
  10. Album

    1. Swish Swish 2. Witness 3. Save As Draft 4. Miss You More 5. Power
  11. The only correct answer
  12. Album

    Sweetie let's cut the perfect delusion Bon Appetite was a galaxywide smash
  13. Album

    Obviously, you need to move to Paris to be able to hear them and buy them I gotta say, I love that France gets possible exclusive remixes of Bon Appetite
  14. Charts

    Despashito slowly being taken to the dump where it belongs, I love when true talent wins