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  1. Rumor

    It fucking better come next Friday or else I'm calling Bey to shut this hoe down
  2. I can just imagine this being a look for the Godess or Bon Appetite video, please lord makes this happen
  3. People on the internet can make anything seem like cultural appropriation, just you wait and see
  4. Katy Perry, turning gay guys straight and straight girls gay since 2008. She looks absolutely drop-dead gorgeous here, I'm hard as fuck now.
  5. You have her analysed to the fullest, you should start a uni course about @QUINN.
  6. Preach it That pussy eating anthem will shut all of us up In both ways
  7. Of course she'd by annoyed when we expose the truth #QuinnExposedParty
  8. @QUINN has been a member on here for almost 3 years now, she knows how all this stan stuff works pretty well by now.
  9. She looked simply breathtaking
  10. Music Video

    The fact that this is an actual possibility
  11. Discussion

    That's actually a really cool idea! I'm sure it makes it easier to see how your opinion changes over the years! Don't we all do that though Unless it's a worst of the year list, then the lower the better
  12. Discussion

    I can't imagine how hard that must be, glad I don't do that kind of stuff I'm very bad at ranking things, even though I really like lists I have problems
  13. Discussion

    I think it honestly changed my life, it is breathtaking LFL is now officially my second most anticipated album of this year
  14. Discussion

    Talent supporting talent, we been knew