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  1. Oh my fucking god, this would be fucking amazing If it ain't Rih or JLo, it's the only other correct option
  2. Justas


    Oh my god she looks so fucking good The true one and only queen of Vegas
  3. Justas


    Well drag me to the trash and back
  4. Justas


    I love people who stan talent, @Pageant Material can't relate A beautiful comparison, well said
  5. Justas


    Best comeback ever is coming y'all, be prepared and prepare your faves Mooriah is retired, Brintey got unplugged and Gags evaporated THIS!!!!! Just because I ain't happy about how this era has gone doesn't mean I'm unstanning One colossal clusterfuck of a year during a long ass career ain't enough to leave her
  6. Justas


    Well, we can agrih to disagrih I guess Seems like none of us will back down, but I'll give you that IMYS is a dull piece of trash Exactly, like it's hard to believe this is the same girl that had the TD and the Prism eras, like wtf happened
  7. She hasn't been famous since 2015 and the fuck is that title
  8. Justas


    Not it's not, SAD is in her top 10 best songs ever and MYM gives Unconditionally a run for its money Choke on this freshly brewed British earl gray tea bish This era is honestly the biggest disaster this world has seen since the 2011 Japan earthquake and tsunami Everything is going wrong this era, there's almost nothing enjoyable about it and sometimes it seems like she's doing it on purpose Like bitch, what the fuck did we do to deserve this dumpster fire of an era I thought I was the only one feeling this, but something about this whole era doesn't feel Katyish to me She and everything she does just doesn't feel true to herself and honest
  9. Justas


    No I won't replace them, MYM and SAD are some of her best ballads ever, while Hey and Tsunami do nothing for me True, I'd say Prism was pretty consistent with its highs and lows, while Stiffness has way lower lows but also way higher highs Hitless is the best drag name for this album and era so far that I've heard, great going Jeff
  10. Justas


    I love it so much, it's amazing But Act My Age is even better
  11. Justas


    I don't know, I listen to it occasionally but usually I just listen to a version with just my favourite songs from it Witness, Roulette, Swish, Deja Vu, Power, MYM, CTTR, BA, SAD, Dance With The Devil and Act My Age are on it But OMG at this lack of taste and delusion, every sane person knows that Swish is the best song on the album
  12. Justas

    Imagine saying that modern pop stars are trash but then saying you listen to these garbage dumpster fires