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  1. I sincerely hope this is false cause if it ain't, she's never gonna live this down
  2. I think that it's Katy in the first pic That wig though, VOTY confirmed
  3. My prayers have been answered If Onika ain't in it I'm unstanning
  4. Achievement

    Fucking finally, took them long enough Congratulations, well fucking deserved
  5. Rumor

    On topic, her chances of getting a hit this era are -10, so might as well release whatever she wants Personally, I'm so fucking glad this is getting single treatment, one of my favourite on the album Hopefully this crosses over to pop radio so that she'd do a video and a VMAs performance as well
  6. Rumor

    You ain't gonna call anyone a flop, irrelevant and over with that username, that's for damn sure! But good luck with your future stanning journeys, it's not like Katy's gonna miss you or anything!
  7. Charts

    This is downright catastrophic
  8. Discussion

    Finally all the MYM stans are coming out One of my favourite songs on the album
  9. Well then he should uncover
  10. Event

    The only #1 that Witness will ever get
  11. Event

    OMG I didn't notice that at first Quinn about to go apeshit here
  12. Event

    Talent won
  13. Event

    Well damn, Power beating out Swish Consider me shook, in a neutral way