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  1. girl i see u online wendy1  come back wendy1  

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    2. fab

      good to hear from you again sis ny10

      would love to see you return again sometime  bey1

    3. ♚Missy♚

      Im honestly shocked that people still use this site! I feel like other things like twitter and atrl would have taken over, since the posts are so infrequent here

    4. fab

      ikr it's kind of flopping ...

      ig it's the community that makes some of us come back nicki4  



  3. Out on spotify and itunes now https://twitter.com/RinaYamaNews/status/963554998540910592
  4. Happy New Year

  5. Rita's "Thriller" incoming  bey6


  6. Good to see I stanned for talent first once again
  7. Camila snapped


  8. ♚Missy♚

    bad album
  9. ♚Missy♚


    Its really bad, it sounds like every sia song mashed together with jingle bell vibes
  10. They're so annoying just like the male versions
  11. ♚Missy♚


    Then why is Sia's one tanking? Gwen is talent sorry hunny