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  1. Rita's "Thriller" incoming  bey6



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    2. ♚Missy♚
    3. Hunty Bear

      Hunty Bear

      I remember them debuting it live a couple months before its debut and it sounded so good and was my most hyped K.I.D song off of Poster Child before it came out but it wound up sounding so underwhelming in studio form rip4 Boy, Taker, Errors, I Wish I Was Your Cigarette, Drunk Enough to Love Me, Dillon, etc. etc. >>

    4. ♚Missy♚


      it's definitely the most flat song but I live for the funk and disco vibes personally. 

  3.  unban didnt last a week on atrl smh, twitter better anyways

  4. Masseduction got dragged by needledrop and i dont even like him. tea 

  5. i love experimental pop but St. Vincent is so cringe omg

  6. I mean.....this mess lmfao2


  7. miranda cosgrove is so innocent acting she seems indoctrinated 

  8. Omggggggg fuck they'd get a grammy for this video in the US


  9. The best kpop song EVER omg ok bye.. 70s vibes i live


  10. Stop fucking saying that selena only has 1 kidney she has 3

  11. I knew something was creepy about that Diaper girl

  12. this is me, enjoy :)


    1. Princess Aurora

      Princess Aurora

      Wait, is that really you ? If it's you, you can dance well moo1 

    2. ♚Missy♚


      No sis but i wish

    3. Princess Aurora

      Princess Aurora

      Oh sia5 Sorry I thought it was really you rip4 

  13. some pictures dont need contrasting


  14. Okay but Reece witherspoon's daughter is literally a clone 

    Image result for reese witherspoon daughter

  15. My wiggggg. Disney did that



  16. They translated Moana in my native language JSHDLSDFJL


    1. Simón.


      You can speak Maori? That's cool 

    2. ♚Missy♚


      We learn it in school here 

    3. Princess Aurora

      Princess Aurora

      I love this movie

  17. omg the billboard woman of the year 2017 was so cringe.... bought awards left and right (except solange)

    1. Count Olaf
    2. ♚Missy♚


      Don't be mad on my status plz!