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    Enjoy it guys! ICONIC!
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    Mylene ! I am so happy to found a thread about Mylene! She's a great artist and very famous in my country, France. I am so excited for the next tour in few years and her discography is incredible! Her voice is amazing too... one of my idols If you want to know something about her, ask me !
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    After the release of the eponymous album, she wanted to release an album in Spanish, nothing. In September 2015, she said that she will come back in studio on December 2015, but right now, we don't know. I don't believe it. On the other hand, she loves sharing Milan and Sacha pictures and shows her love with Pique... Many fans were disappointed by the last album, that's my opinion too. Dare is a worst song and the entire album is generic and a little annoying except Empire, Chasing Shadows and You Don't Care About Me. Wait and see...
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    Hello. Any news about the next album? I think, Shakira would be wondering the same thing... I am a fan since 2010 and now Shakira is a mess. Fortunately, her discography is huge (DELL, Fijacion Oral Vol 1, She Wolf, Laundry Service, PD...) I miss her.
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    Yes! Shakira is my idol since 2010 but right now, her music is boring Thanks everyone. I was afraid that everyone has forgotten me
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    OMFG, is it real??? Maybe, it's for the music video in New-Zealand!
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    Hi everyone. I am back after difficult times. I'm so glad to be back. I lost the audio of the Red Tour that circulated this summer, I want to listen the live version of All Too Well... Someone still has the file or it was deleted? Thanks... Thanks again for the support about terrorist attacks... I hope, New Romantics is the next single by the way.
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    I'm back!!!
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    Taylor Swift : Mary's Song (Oh My, My, My) Fearless : The Best Day Speak Now : Speak Now Red : 22 1989 : I Know Places
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    He's so fucking hot...
  12. Inevitable

    Sinister traumatized me... it's unhealthy
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    Times goes by so fast! Miss you HP
  14. Inevitable

    Don't touch A Perfectly Good Heart It reminds me that Stay Beautiful is one of the first songs that i heard of Taylor First album is flawless
  15. Inevitable

    Never Grow Up... He did it ! .gif' alt='cry3'>