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  1. Vilppu

    so... i'm kinda taking the LSH/Vertigo route so just dropping by to say i really enjoyed interacting with y'all, lovers are definitely a lovely fanbase, a special shoutout to @Aidan. for keeping the section alive for so long, you did an excellent job, but i genuinely loved talking to every single one of you, even if it ended on one or two convos.
  2. Vilppu

    @Hyun. if you have twitter, follow me pls (@visunnyal), I'm leaving the forum
  3. Vilppu

    Celeb News

    Only heard a snippet, coming for KMO's wig
  4. Vilppu

    Celeb News

    Raining Shitter
  5. Vilppu

    currently dying bc of school stuff, thanks for checking for me
  6. Vilppu

    Technically, you didn't lie, to think of it. Now is still "later" than then. It doesn't exist anyway, it's an urban legend like Charli's 14, Katy Hudson, Lana's AKA, Sky Ferreira's second album etc.
  7. Vilppu

    Typed Carly into the search engine and You never did. I heard one song a couple of years ago and the only thing I made out of it is that I don't ever want to check that album Understandable though, she released it after ending up third on a singing competition so she had to pander to the audience with "relatable serious pop".
  8. Vilppu

    Still can't believe one of my former favourite kpop groups managed to get their hands on a Carly reject and this bland nonsense is what they came up with. Though that overrated, Western-pandering album as a whole was shit.
  9. Vilppu

    I vaguely remember discussing it with you. Do you like the Super Natural song with Danny L Harle? Shouldn't work but does... she really can do no wrong...
  10. Vilppu

    I want such a dream too. I mean, I would take a line-up made up entirely of several SHINee's scenes + their solo members over anything else really but otherwise ye, girlgroups are superior. Same!
  11. Vilppu

    Especially when that global means US and like two other European countries lol.
  12. Vilppu

    영감 Inspiration

    You worked hard and did exceptionally well, have some rest now ♥
  13. Vilppu

    global caffeine poisoning
  14. Vilppu

    Pretty sure you brought this up at some point, to which I replied that it was v overlooked, deserved more and how I heard it at a mall once and that she was GLOBAL. But if no, it's v overlooked, deserved more and I heard it at a mall once, she's GLOBAL.