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  1. Vilppu

    I truly do wish for the worst for all the subhumans who verbally abused her for years for the most trival of things I'm heartbroken
  2. Vilppu

    I and Hyun watched up until the first elimination. Waste of time really but I'm glad Hangyul will finally get to do something Anywho I would really like to hear certain high horse members of this board TRY and defend their faves newest material...
  3. Vilppu

    Oh no! Kpop is just Western pop from a few years back! How DARE they do the sound that we so desperately would love our own faves to do now instead of the utter crap they are pulling out!
  4. Vilppu

  5. Vilppu

    Kai avi OT kpop slay western pop shit
  6. Vilppu

    Legitimately better than any Western pop song in a good decade whew
  7. Vilppu

    I have to say, however, I'm glad the girls are getting more artistic freedom these days I know irene must have been really proud of herself after she wrote this line
  8. Vilppu

    Good to see there are still some who don't want to feed solely on others' hard work!
  9. Vilppu

    Just found out about this and I'm honestly speechless. I've been an avid red velvet supporter since the beginning but after they thought they could get away with shamelessly stealing from a far more talented and a far more successful group like DIA, I don't think I can go on any longer
  10. Vilppu

    Wanda getting the only good teasers as expected of the best and most attractive member Wow these are really great if you pretend Somi is not there
  11. Vilppu

    Elaborate please NCT biggest tankers to have ever tanked btw
  12. Vilppu

    Keeping up with all dull ballads, lifeless R&B and cringey hip hop nugus pump out on the daily is honestly in the end kinda worth it when at some point some fun, upbeat GOODNESS finally comes out
  13. Vilppu

    While y'all still here
  14. Vilppu

    Well I hate R&B Sherlock Demo 1 and Sherlock Demo 2 kinda suck honestly How they worked those into their glorious second best song ever is beyond me
  15. Vilppu

    Even their Japanese albums are better than debut But I respect all opinions, they're all valid, hence I shall not be saying anything