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  1. It read like a yaoi written by a straight 12-year-old girl, I'm aware, that's what makes it perfect
  2. Thank you so much for hosting, this was really fun, the graphics were amazing and I love how events like this being us closer as a community <3
  3. Hyun-hyung deserved, all your unnies and oppas love you, influential, global, show-stopping, never the same, unique etc. legend, love you for always being in the kpop thread where I'd otherwise be talking to myself lololol
  4. Sylk called me fat twice it was amazing
  5. Autocorrect but it was too good to change that
  6. I told her to sleep on the coach after her Kylie ranking but she's flawless other than that I can confirm
  7. YAS my forum experience wasn't complete until (formerly) TheFameMonster joined
  8. Oh can't wait to make a set with an ugly kpop idol for someone
  9. #Music deserved because Miranda and that amazing essay on why I should vote for him which I didn't because I'm a stupid bitch.
  10. I'm gonna close the tab, open it again and Anna BETTER be first, not seventh wtf
  11. Hermione is always so eloquent but also nice, deserves the love