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  1. Björk | Utopia | 10th Studio Album | November 2017

    Oh that's cool! I wanted to take up Korean at one point but I just know I wouldn't be anywhere near solid enough to stick to it really. Have you listened to Chara btw? Her Sympathy is probably in my top 5 releases this year, such a strong album. I still can't figure out whether The Gate is excellent or unnecessary, it depends on the mood, I guess?
  2. Björk | Utopia | 10th Studio Album | November 2017

    WAIT, if I see it right, your avi is from Mondo Grosso's Labyrinth, isn't it? omg one of my fave songs of the year OT: Blissing Me sounds better in the context and The Gate does not.
  3. The Legends Only Lounge

    Chart Bomb? Pop excellence? Carried Away or Do It Again, though, now we're talking.
  4. Björk | Utopia | 10th Studio Album | November 2017

    The Ed review hasdghsaj GOLDEN. And tea, their BNM picks are intriguing more often than not.
  5. Björk | Utopia | 10th Studio Album | November 2017

    I honestly love how shady Pitchfork gets sometimes. I mean, I can't think of any other publication which would come through with something like: https://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/9464-shine-on/ COS is so inconsistent and all over the place, not worth any time!
  6. Other Beyoncé holiday merch available now!

    "Holidayonce" the Shinin' shirt is nice, even if tacky. lmao
  7. Björk | Utopia | 10th Studio Album | November 2017

    I don't know much about them but looking just at this article, they seem to be throwing scores like darts. I'm waiting for Pitchfork because as much as everyone hates them, they're almost always reasonable and fun to read.
  8. Björk | Utopia | 10th Studio Album | November 2017

    They definitely brought up some valid points imo but I don't think they really justify such a low score, it just smells "everyone is praising so we'll be edgy!!1 ;)". Jessie J is in no place to receive higher scores than, well, anyone, if they end up giving her higher...
  9. Witness Discussion Thread

    I've just realised God appetit is pop perfection and might be the best song in the entire rate. Shame everything else on this album sucks so much. It was nice knowing you.
  10. Discussion Kylieologists: What actually is her least successful album? LGTI or KMO?

    NWWY is quite possibly the dullest song of her entire catalogue, the no Grammy nickname is accurate. GMJALMT is just annoying and too noisy for an otherwise subtle, laid-back album and I used to like Word Is Out too but I can't quite grasp why, it has nothing going for it currently nn.
  11. Björk | Utopia | 10th Studio Album | November 2017

    In the midst of all the positive reviews... 1/5 stars too The Independent is having none of it.
  12. Björk | Utopia | 10th Studio Album | November 2017

    Mess at Losss and Paradisia, I'll have to delete the scrobbles with the incorrect (yet better looking) titles. Anyway, another listens confirmed Sue Me is trash of the worst kind, on par with the likes of Hollow or Dark Matter, but Body Memory really pops off during the breakdown. It's no Black Lake, no matter how hard it tries, but it's intriguing in its own right.
  13. Beymosity

    ddd what's the most entertaining about this is how people were so sure this was gonna end her, it barely affected her in the end oh and also Being blind/deluded is only fun when it's self-aware. Has either of them ever even publicly spoken about the other? They were both doing their own things, after debut completely different things may I add, I see no reason why they'd be at each other's throats.
  14. Achievement Freakum Dress ranked #1 on Billboard's best deep cuts list

    They excluded it because they knew it just wouldn't be fair to compare other songs to such a work of art.
  15. Beymosity

    I saw a lot of her fans defending her on ATRL. Coincidentally I completely missed all the mess here, I don't remember why. Xtine vs. Britney is the most stale and boring thing ever. Just accept that they're both past their peak and can live in harmony now. Healthy, certain other individuals should take notes.