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  1. are y'all actually bothered by despacito breaking this record? it's such an insignificant thing lmao and I say this as a Moo stan. at the end of the day one sweet day is forgagatten and nobody ever mentions it outside of the monthly "will x break osd's record" thing.
  2. yea one of those when I'd go on writing essays on how Give It to Me is the most influential piece of music ever created, sing my heart out to Tell Tale Signs etc. she has far too few purposefully shit sings for my liking ugh.
  3. My Secret ART because I just couldn't stand the thought of skipping anything on the audio bible Bless Yourself. Other than that, Mr. President is honestly amaze on a really troll day.
  4. Madonna - 8.2 Ray of Light - 8.1 wow, what a joke, The First Album is far superior to the other one.
  5. Wait, this would actually make such a perfect top 4 (assuming a top 4 can be perfect without Breakdown but I digress). 1. Close My Eyes - TattooedHeart2. The Roof - Royale3. Close My Eyes - Lachlan4. Close My Eyes - Vilppu5.
  6. Event

    5, my least favourite BL-related thing.
  7. Nah, letting it rot was the right decision.
  8. The song is indeed masterful, in that it offers multiple layers for the listener to latch onto. The production, instrumentation, and how it is sung gives the gloomy and melancholy atmosphere of autumn rain and a longing memory. The lyrics paint the intricate and involved web of emotions and expressions; the dichotomy of wanting to go in one direction but being plagued by the desire to go another. It quite perfectly combines lyrical language of poetry and the narrative essence of a story. Mariah Carey is a very skilled writer, but she has not often achieved the flawless blends that make up “The Roof”. THANK YOU, it's something I've always thought but in a way have never been able to articulate in such a way. It's truly commendable how she painted a real picture with The Roof, one that engages the listener's imagination that at the same time is really emotional and thrilling. It's just such an... experience to listen to and your dissertation explains it perfectly.
  9. am yet to read but already love it ddd
  10. Event

    10, one of her most interesting songs.
  11. 1. Babydoll - Tattooed Heart2. Whenever You Call - Lachlan3. Babydoll - LittleDudeNT54. Whenever You Call - Vilppu5.
  12. I'll always have a sweet spot for 2013riah. ahh
  13. Yeah, doesn't she have like 43353 albums on the best selling lists in Asia? Truly a GLOBAL icon. Also there was an article about her weight on some Korean site whose users are wild and always ruthlessly drag everyone but when it came to MC, they actually seemed nice and supportive for once, a living deity.
  14. a small but strong family ahh <3
  15. It was an obvious joke but hey, SNSD - or at least one of their members - know Mariah. Just... awful and she's supposed to be the main vocalist too.