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  1. d a throwback to when I sent comments for a rate and even though they were anonymous, everyone knew which ones were mine because the others didn't have dots.
  2. Got it! Wow at this sudden influx of participants, Beymosity is so powerful.
  3. PM me your top 5 Peak Now sings with #1 being your fave and #5 least fave among the five xo. Sure! Interesting.
  4. I can confirm that I indeed pissed myself from excitement when she did the 80s medley.
  5. Yup! Can't wait to see Enchanted's position.
  6. Was there anything you liked btw? I turned it off instantly after the unbelievably pretentious intro but Alone was pretty nice tbf.
  7. I love agreeing with you, that means something is objectively correct.
  8. With so many albums getting released on a weekly basis, why would we choose, of all things, that one?
  9. I am.
  10. At least you stanned for the best song, I guess? But that's fine, not everyone (I initally wrote no one ddd) can appreciate edgy rock music. Yes, everyone should follow your example.
  11. I know, I attended that tour hihi. The way she opened it with Les Sex and literally nobody was having fun too, ahh, lack of talent never wins.
  12. They are not bad per se, I just tend to forget they even exist.
  13. Mess, I couldn't do that, I barely listen to my non-Korean faves anymore
  14. Mess, that's what I thought at first nn. I think Crabs in a Bucket, Love Can Be..., Yeah Right and Rain Come Down are my favourites but it's all killer, no filler really. Yes, Harry's album is great, I would have never guessed he's the guy from 1D if I hadn't known. And GODfrapp are such legends, literally among my favourite acts ever. I got into Janet last year too and I mean, having to stomach her first two or Discipline is a chore, we can't blame you.