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  1. shinee's album is so bad i was excited bc i loved the title track but everything else is crap
  2. Thank you, this means a lot ✌ Re: NCT, honestly the only song of theirs I found to be really bad this year was Work It, and even that could've maybe escaped a dishonourable mention. There's been a lot of worse stuff lately, from SM even (mainly Hyoyeon, Changmin, Suju's 2YaYao). On the other hand, Kick It/Misfit were actually on my shortlist for the good end of the year-end.
  3. hi @Robert. https://vilpputhoughts.wordpress.com/2020/12/25/end-of-year-honourable-mentions-2020/ https://vilpputhoughts.wordpress.com/2020/12/29/end-of-year-top-20-kpop-songs-of-2020/
  4. IZ*ONE have Honda Hitomi AND Kang Hyewon so they mathematically can't be bad btw
  5. Here x recently gave up running it though cause the new Wordpress update actually makes it extremely difficult to do anything at all and I just don't have the energy. Still gonna do the yearly lists somewhere either way! ot: Juyeon from THE BOYZ
  6. I'm coming deeply crushed and saddened to announce the new Everglow song is really good
  7. They (hyun) hated jesus because he told them the truth
  8. Very slayful girls with great new songs, y'all should totally see where they placed on some best-of publications !
  9. I truly do wish for the worst for all the subhumans who verbally abused her for years for the most trival of things I'm heartbroken
  10. I and Hyun watched up until the first elimination. Waste of time really but I'm glad Hangyul will finally get to do something Anywho I would really like to hear certain high horse members of this board TRY and defend their faves newest material...
  11. Oh no! Kpop is just Western pop from a few years back! How DARE they do the sound that we so desperately would love our own faves to do now instead of the utter crap they are pulling out!
  12. Kai avi OT kpop slay western pop shit