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  1. Yeah, but you don't understand, let me explain you... I'm making a Fan-Made Tour with songs we already have, you can listen to the first track on "reveal hidden contents" Since we don't have K3 i can't work with songs that don't even exists right now...
  2. Sure... but i'm talking about a fan-made tour not an official one. Since we don't have K3, I'm just working with music we actually have
  3. I started making a fan made of the Rainbow Tour as I can imagine it, I want you guys to help me to create the full setlist: 1- Intro (Radio Interlude) + Shots On The Hood Of My Car + Timber. You can listen to the first track here:
  4. *first thing first, sorry if my english isn't good, is not my first language* I was talking to the account that leaked the snippet of "CHINATOWN" and he told me this: - (A trader gave to me a months ago a snippet of a song called "Venus Lover" but that doesn't even sounds real so I asked him/her) and says that he/she personally haven't heard of that title. - He/She's thinking about leaking old songs but at the moment he/she's going to leak "CHINATOWN" - "Machine Gun Love is locked up tight in Dr. Luke's vault. I don't even have access to it"
  5. I never listen that, don't you mean about the "Kesha Brasil" fan made "The Live Experience"?
  6. here you can find the warrior tour from brazilian show and i think the artpop ball from france on gagafrontrow
  7. i contacted a guy from "Kesha Brasil" who told me gonna try to do studio versions of the tours but i don't know
  8. still waiting for your studio versions like