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  1. I am trying to take something out of his existence
  2. He needs to release his nudes and retire
  3. P.O.P

    If Dua manages to have a successful sophomore era, maybe, just maybe, I would consider to throw some shade on her way.
  4. P.O.P

    Demi DeVito
  5. P.O.P

    I can't believe all FOTP legends came together to wig snatch this hag
  6. Coming from a rapist stan I am relieved
  7. P.O.P


    TALENT, would you not say?
  8. P.O.P

    Beyonce had 3 great albums back to back? What did I miss?
  9. P.O.P


    It has three #1 songs on it for a reason
  10. P.O.P

    Ha iconic hair hat DESTROYED careers