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  1. I cant with any of this goddamn barn tour
  2. P.O.P


    Suddenly I am planning to erase Canada off the map
  3. P.O.P

    Bicki is such a big CUNT than Cardi really doesn't have to do anything to be more likeable
  4. P.O.P

    Make it +25 years but other than that, great idea
  5. P.O.P

    Some 3rd jihadists chanting to Shakira <<<<<< America actually buying your music
  6. That's why I don't want Kylie turning the wheel.
  7. Open a thread and spam the shit out of it by dragging the convo @Philip
  8. P.O.P


    I was gonna say We are getting something KMO tour level if we are lucky
  9. I love SKOB tbh I actually use it more than Devil
  10. I could never ever rank Kylie's lead so I am gonna classify them because I am a miserable fag that has been decaying on a pop forum since B.C. 1568 Any delusion or opposirion will be awarded with a downvote So let's get to it.mp3 A+++ EARTH SHATTERING GAME CHANGING STRAIGHT CHOKING POP MASTERPIECES SLOW HEAD CONFIDE IN ME ALL THE LOVERS SPINNING AROUND REALLY GOOD BETTER THE DEVIL YOU KNOW I SHOULD BE SO LUCKY GOOD DANCING INTO THE BLUE SOME KIND OF BLISS HAND ON YOUR HEART EW 2 HEARTS WORD IS OUT If you don't agree please disable your internet connection Thanks
  11. Nnnnn it is the best non-single track on the album
  12. P.O.P


    don't come for my pop forum phag career like that
  13. KYLIE MINOGUE mix the letters : I LIKE EM YOUNG Disgusting. Lock her up