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  1. I love how we have been collectively bullying him
  2. I want a simple K star as her badge.
  3. Discussion

    Enjoy Yourself remains being a soundtrack of a generation while eX was the soundtrack of gays sucking dick in a bathroom stall on a saturday night..for a very brief short of time back in 2007.
  4. I can't tell if this era is a huge mess already or they are following a plan
  5. It is gotta chart somewhere
  6. Then why Kat Deluna copied it
  7. Um, Kylie?
  8. @Saiga where is the electronic bop you were talking about you hoe
  9. Single

    Even Into The Loo cover was better
  10. oh my fucking mariah she is shooting fire in your avi when will grandmalie tbh
  11. Achievement

    LIVE VOCALS!!!!111!
  12. You should have booked me to scream YAAAAAAAAAAAS QUEEN at the background