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  1. P.O.P

    Isn't he like 18? Leave him alone
  2. Btw at good sis @Goldie having her Good Girl Gone Bad era
  3. I didn't know SS disbanded. Where is the Kylie duet tho
  4. Mariah stans have every right to diminish her, let's not go there
  5. Best pop girl vid in a looong time I don't remember the last time I actually replayed a video And the collab actually GOES OFF Bang Bang who Girls what Lol seriously who is funding her flop music career? I lowkey think she deserves a Vanguard at this point, if Pink got one why not her
  6. Why is he turning himself in? One would think the police already had his ass LOCKED.
  7. so cute I didn't know she finished high school tho
  8. P.O.P

    You know the type of music straights can relate to. Just like Kylie's music.
  9. P.O.P

    The video really fits the song, I cringed all way through it
  10. Keep it tbh. Dance music should be served FRESH, their collab is like already 2 years old.