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  1. P.O.P

  2. P.O.P

    Bitch, just leave me in the 10's
  3. P.O.P

    She is in her re-peak, right? 1M, then.
  4. P.O.P

    And no 1 cares about your fave. Ah, we love a full circle.
  5. P.O.P

    Ok GARGOYLE is about to eat shit with this mess of a lead but what now? Maybe she should go back to being an uglier alternative to Kelly Clarkson/Pink.
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  7. She literally is known for being a copycat since day 1
  8. P.O.P

    Speaking of happy, how are you still alive?
  9. Ok ladies I am sure you already the know most exciting news of the week... New season of drag race is premiering! On another drag related news, Gaga is ready to drop her soon the be bombed lead. I am sure some of y'all have already heard her leaked shit, I haven't. Just by looking at her visuals tho, I can see her going back to her unoriginal copying ways. I can't really blame him since people only pay attention to her when she is a walking tribute act. So what now? Does she have a chance to see inside the top 40 with this already cringe indulging new era?
  10. P.O.P

    Lily Allen Leona Lewis Meghan trainweck Kesha Lady hagard Susan Boyle Zayn
  11. P.O.P

    I am just 67, fuck off
  12. P.O.P

    Probably Gargoyle has two separate albums ready, one is for piggy bottom weirdos with purple hair and colored tattoos and one is for cousin fucker middle America. She is testing the waters with that "leak", proving her team is indeed stuck in 2010 just like her idiot fan base.
  13. P.O.P


    OMG we lost another legend. How tf one gets banned here anyway unless you kill a mod or something
  14. P.O.P


    Where is @Aidan.