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  1. P.O.P


    Wow they did stan 80lie
  2. P.O.P


    I hate that pic
  3. Aye, can we be forum fag pals again? kylie6

    1. P.O.P

      Fuck deep inside my soul, king kylie1


    2. Joel

      I was reading your HoW threads from last month and i am just like I love this homosexual giveup1

  4. P.O.P


    I could live with that statement
  5. P.O.P


    Kylie global. Have doubts? GTFO.
  6. P.O.P

    Fever is nowhere near being a comeback album
  7. P.O.P

    Basically another Stripped thread.
  8. P.O.P

    Side effects of too much Nicki Garbaj music I guess. Stay sober y'all!
  9. P.O.P

    BITCH FUUUME An alive Oinka stan OMG Like...say no more girl
  10. P.O.P

    At least the theme was not dead aunt
  11. P.O.P

    Best selling 2018 release by a female in The UK
  12. P.O.P

    My Fave after cancer: Your fave after a long night in the dark rooms of NYC gay bars: Speaking of WW smashes, when was the last time DickGa got one? You can't payola and discount your single everywhere at the same time, I guess I am not saying Kylie is better than HagGa, I am saying EVERYONE is better than his hairy HIP.. You leaving? Oh. Say hi to your friends in that Born Brave Bus
  13. P.O.P

    Paparazzi / Telephone was cute at THEIR time but they are so cringey now. John Wayne is meh at best and GUY is a fucking parody.
  14. P.O.P

    As if Kylie never did world tours. The delusion. I am glad more and more people enjoying Drag tho, get it Fadga