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  1. KING @kxtysboy joined the forum :P yay!

    1. kxtysboy


      THANK YOU! nicki3

  2. Will KP4 ever come? Will we be celebrating three years of PRISM before KP4?
  3. Nothing Is Promised and Drunk On Love have been on RIHPEAT all day
  4. If you were a studio head dying for Kiss It Bible to go #1 and you had to choose someone to feature on the remix of Kiss It Better....who would it be?
  5. I don't think this song will be super huge, it's going to be a song everyone knows though. Rih isn't in any danger.
  6. I'm not surprised, we just have to find a way for it to make them more money and they'll do it.
  7. Probably Katy since she might give me a private show as a thank you
  8. I'm waiting for Katy's "Kiss It Better"