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  1. KING @kxtysboy joined the forum :P yay!

    1. kxtysboy

      THANK YOU! nicki3

  2. Building up my Twitter
  3. Hi kittens! It's been a while
  4. Will KP4 ever come? Will we be celebrating three years of PRISM before KP4?
  5. Nothing Is Promised and Drunk On Love have been on RIHPEAT all day
  6. Umm....can we discuss that pic of Troye in those Calvin's? His happy trail
  7. I'm waiting for Katy's "Kiss It Better"
  8. you'll get a message from Warner tomorrow!

    1. basedkatyperry

      Thank you! I just got back from vacation so sorry! 

  9. I just wrote some cute lyrics. See y'all at the Grammys bey3

  10. I got sick and skipped the Selena Gomez concert tonight ahs1

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    2. basedkatyperry

      Thanks darling! :D

    3. Hannah

      I hope you get better soon though!

  11. Other

    Into You
  12. Exactly! It's my new fave on the album Bitch me too, tf?
  13. It's been like a month since I've been able to use the chatroom....? awk1

  14. Those demos were pretty well produced so I'm hoping they're an indication of the sound of the album, if not on the album themselves. Can I get a witness?