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  1. KING @kxtysboy joined the forum :P yay!

    1. kxtysboy

      THANK YOU! nicki3

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    Building up my Twitter
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    Hi kittens! It's been a while
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    Will KP4 ever come? Will we be celebrating three years of PRISM before KP4?
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    Nothing Is Promised and Drunk On Love have been on RIHPEAT all day
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    Umm....can we discuss that pic of Troye in those Calvin's? His happy trail
  7. If you were a studio head dying for Kiss It Bible to go #1 and you had to choose someone to feature on the remix of Kiss It Better....who would it be?
  8. basedkatyperry

    I don't think this song will be super huge, it's going to be a song everyone knows though. Rih isn't in any danger.
  9. I'm not surprised, we just have to find a way for it to make them more money and they'll do it.
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    Katy Perry
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  12. Probably Katy since she might give me a private show as a thank you
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    I'm waiting for Katy's "Kiss It Better"
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    This thread is pathetic
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    Yes, the timing was perfect.
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    It's cute!
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    Celeb News

    Now that's a twist
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    Celeb News

    Bitch me too. Kiss It Better ft. Zayn Malik?
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    Celeb News

    What if he's actually completely straight and we all just look stupid?
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    Hi Hun!
  21. I just wrote some cute lyrics. See y'all at the Grammys bey3

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    @Alesus Can I join the game with Katy Perry?
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    The only ones that I feel are real are Rise, Victory, and Witness so my comments are over those. -- I absolutely adore the snippets! This confirms that Katy is evolving with her sound and that she actually listens to us! I know sometimes it seems like she ignores us but just based on the new leaks we can tell that she's been working overtime to reinvent her sound for KP4 era. She's really buckling down and I think she's going to get the acclaim to match the level of success she's achieved in pop music. I'm just hoping with this new sound she can give us more timeless pop classics! I don't think Katy is behind this at all, maybe if the hacker wasn't so messy on her account I would believe it but he's been messing with other celebs too and it's not worth all of this just to leak a song for the fan reactions. I'm hoping she doesn't forget to serve some bops too!