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  1. Strigoi

    Exactly. Don't get me wrong, Joanne is nice, but it is SOOOOOOO side project material. This is NOT the record you promo at the super bowl. If anything this should've been a performance in BETWEEN albums that promoted and launched her "comeback" to pop music.
  2. Strigoi

    Yes... Everything post- Born This Way has been just inconsistent and messy. Yes, their were some highs but it doesn't solidify that she is NOT the force she once was. Which sucks, because her talent is INCREDIBLE. However, her ego, drug abuse, and poor choice in team, has caused her to down spiral. I'd say the Super Bowl could change things but i'm not so sure. In fact, I almost think this is a WASTED opportunity. Until she starts making great pop music and sticks to a consistent vision, there's really no need for her to get on that stage tbh.
  3. Strigoi

    Joanne is a shit album...but I happen to think "Hey Girl" is the only noteworthy track (next to Angel Down). The vocals on point, catchy melody, and literally the best production on the entire album.
  4. Strigoi


    Because he's the director and STAR of a movie their shooting this year. Would you literally want to discuss key plot points and run lines in a public cafe? With hundreds of photographers and screaming fans?
  5. Strigoi

    I think it's truly less to do with her music (which is actually quite good, ESPECIALLY Joanne), and more with how she chooses to brand it. Lackluster videos, Lackluster performances, Half ass looks, and overtly cringey concept that have NOTHING to do with the actual album (Aka BECOMING Joanne). And it has NOTHING to do with crazy outfits. Had she served well thought out visuals, artwork, performances etc...and left it at "Dedicating the album to her late aunt" it would've been fine. Flop or not.
  6. Yes. She will cancel her superbowl performance and turn it into a George Michael tribute. She will tell the crowd that she's been listening to him since she was 13 and that his music saved her life.
  7. Strigoi

    I am LIVING for the dumb ass monster getting dragged for filth.
  8. Strigoi


    So proud of her. Cackling because Perez Hilton said Joanne would sell SO MUCH LESS than ARTPOP's first week. Well bitch it's only by 60,000. Queen of being "over"! Congrats on the second highest female debut of the year!
  9. Strigoi here

    Million Reasons is #2 on US iTunes. A-YO WHO?

  10. This is a "rap" song. There is no melody. How does a song with structured verses, chorus, and a bridge even come close to spoken word verses over a beat? They have similarities in rhythm, but they truly bear no melodic aspects.
  11. Strigoi


    1.) Diamond Heart 2.) John Wayne 3.) Dancin' In Circles 4.) Million Reasons 5.) Sinner's Prayer 6.) Come to Mama 7.) Joanne 8.) Angel Down Honestly the other tracks should've been dropped and she should've done an 8 track album. This is filer free and GOOD music.
  12. Strigoi


    Ready for CountryGa to slay my bussy That is actually what this thread is for if you read the bottom. I wanted to make it so that WHEN the album drops the thread can be bumped. For now though i'm asking based on snippets.
  13. Strigoi

    Yeah, bigger than the other two.
  14. Strigoi

    My monster brain can't compute this complex information. Please buy Perfect Delusion on iTunes.
  15. Strigoi

    Sis, I pre-ordered the standard and deluxe. I am actually really excited for Joanne and think it will be her best since TFM. Yas queen. Sell me copied elevated versions of shit songs. But I think it will still be good. Wouldn't be Gaga without SOME thievery.