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  1. I havent logged in since December jj4


    my life has been up and down with my dad being ill but i got a boyfriend so its not all that bad 
    i returned because i miss all you guys too much 

    also if any of my friends changed their names please let me know so i dont think you have died 

    1. Chris


      omg welcome back!

    2. WorkDude
    3. Chris


      btw i hope your dad gets better soon!

      and if youve followed anybody you can go to their profile and lick on the clock/arrow button nect to their name to see if they changed their display name.

  2. This BOP has cupcakke shook 

  3. Big Beats 

    Black cloud 

    Get It Wrong 

    Get Loud  

    Write A Song 

    Get Down 

    yas1 bey6

  4. this also ive been gone a while what have i missed? is there finally some news?
  5. i should be surprised but im not still mad but not too shocked
  6. I'll make the journey down the hall
    Back to my room
    And kill more time and let it rot
    Inside its tomb
    See I ain't one to climb
    Some social ladder too
    Some Shangri-La
    That all the cool kids will abuse

    yas1  oprah4

  7. all of your faves better secure their wigs for when Rebecca Black drops her EP


  8. as much as i stan taylor neither her or rihanna are relevant right now but bieber unfortunately has remained consistently relevant
  9. something that most "arists" dont haters can stay pressed
  10. So how can I ever try to be betterNobody ever lets me in relatable i go back to that album the most its just special to me for some reason
  11. You saw me there but never knew
    That I would give it all up to be
    A part of this a part of you
    And now it's all too late so you see
    You could have helped if you had wanted to
    But no one notices until it's too late to do anything

    cry9 antm1

  12. La-da-da-da-da
    Soft ice cream

    when will your fave serve lyrics like this?

    1. Urbi


      He make me go....
      La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la
      La, la, la, la, la, la
      Everyday, every
      La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la
      La, la, la, la, la, la
      Everyday, every