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  1. I only heard the demo and i didn't like it. i am yet to hear the snippet of the finished song... so... The only song i feel will be a smash hit is "Bon appétit" . I loved it.
  2. Last week pop star Rihanna raised eyebrows after unfollowing Nicki Minaj on Instagram leading fans to believe she was choosing sides in the Nicki Minaj / Remy Ma beef Rihanna makes it clear she is definitely #TeamRemy... Over the weekend Bad Gal RiRi was spotted on Instagram 'liking' one of Remy Ma pics.
  3. Discussion

    Then it's a NO from me. Keep your stinky attitude to yourself.
  4. Discussion

    Dancer? katy perry? Following an easy simple choreography =/= DANCING.
  5. Celeb News

    She does care, she gives us quality every single time.. OT: she's secretive, she cares but in silence... she is clearly not a fan of tweeting/posting her every move.
  6. How old is cheryl again? how old is liam again? Congrats regardless, a baby is a blessing.
  7. you put 2000 after me by a minute so let you not....
  8. now remove ME from the tag list AND THANK U!
  9. i guessed half the question initially right then checked quickly i found i was off by just one year for the 1st one... still pulled it off nicely.