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  1. Half of y'all will do the same to shawn mendes..
  2. Let's meet in the kitchen and let franco join us
  3. Lol, no i'm not.
  4. IKR?
  5. Fair enough. Get back to what you were doing then. Sorry for "disturbance".
  6. Ok, but still, no need to do that. Bitch don't get it twisted , just because i'm not interested in this tired, delayed and through topic doesn't mean i don't have a say, i just think it is a tired topic in general, anyone can see both bitches were given someone else's rejects and turned them into hits, so it is kind of "splitting hairs" type of argument. they are pretty equal in this department. Rihanna is the better hit making machine if i'm going to be honest, she has more #1 hits than Britney so there's that, facts only. So what are we discussing again?
  7. it is quite ironic it is always people who are not even native speakers of english who's doing it to others. Some of them are, as far as i know, hispanics and what not (english is not their native language!), no need for this shit at all, we're in a pop forum ffs, no need to act like you are the english police, most of members in here could not give two rat shits about english. kiss and make up now @Jae @#VaccinesMakeKidsAutistic @Hector
  8. We've got taste, mama! what's your fave album of every artist though? put them in BOLD
  9. You do have a taste, and we have artists in common (brit, shaki, gaga, etc..) What a great collection
  10. I swear i'm not trolling they are talented No, you are sweeter tbh
  11. - talented - talented af - obvs talented