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  1. I've changed my ways i guess, being a mess's only reserved for when a bitch tries it, but sometimes you gotta calm down and approach situations rationally.
  2. I meant no harm though, if you read it, you'd realize i had time to make good points and even defended you along the way, but okay, guess i gotta experience getting blocked at last, it is only fair.
  3. I know you will despise the term and probably me as well for bringing it up, but this argument is full of logic fallacies. 1. You can't fight fire with fire and wait for a new outcome, you will only get a bigger fire. if you want the death jokes aimed at madonna, which are usually the result of you (and other M stans) coming personally for other faves, to stop, then maybe you need to reconsider the way you are coming for other faves too, yes i know this is BG, i know, thank you, but there are many ways to come for faves beside coming for mental illness/age/body image/etc.. because the thing is, when you come for them using their life struggles, not only do you come for those faves, but you also come for members who may deal with those type of struggles in real life, that's why even if you have a cause as good as the one you are going for (death jokes/ageism), not many will support it, because it is you and also because you look as if you're cherry picking, sorry but u know i say it like i see it, like how can you be against ageism but pro making fun of ppl's mental struggles/body image struggles? it doesn't make sense, do not cherry pick when it comes to causes, it is fundamentally wrong to do so, Yes i know you were open about your mental issues and what not, also at times you were a target of fat shaming and what not ,so it is unfair for anyone to paint you as a villain when it comes to them, even though one would assume you should have been more compassionate as at some point you were a victim of those very things, facts only, but seriously, reconsider the way you go about doing things, especially when they're not working anymore. Behavioral Patterns matter when it comes to someone's moral credibility, and you need credibility if you want others to support your cause, or to lead in general. 2. @Spencer Pratt (yes i will mention him) is not a bad person outside of BG as far as i know, i've talked to him multiple times and he's not a bad person at all (i'm not defending him, this is just my personal experience with him), like if you approached him with decency and respect he will cooperate, yes some of his opinions are questionable, yes some members have serious problems with him; maybe it is the way he word his controversial opinions considering gaga's face, xtina's body, madonna's everything, etc.., maybe it is because his opinions are far left field from what is universally acceptable in FOTP, idk what is it, but obviously mods are okay with what he's doing so far, especially when he is not known for constantly committing major warn-able offenses which normally get you perm-banned in FOTP. You really can't judge a member by his BG attitude as well because lbr, BG bring the worst in FOTPers to be all out in the open. Reconsider.
  4. In BG i only side with logic and facts whenever i give my opinion on a certain topic (ofc when i choose to be serious), this is what i honestly keep in mind, not pleasing forum teams or wtv, as i am obviously not here for sentimental arguments, or ones where pure emotions/opinions (not facts) take center stage. Anyone who's going to side with logic will probably agree with what i'm saying anyway, so i'm not worried. MC is relevant around Xmas; her xmas album and her hit, AIWFCIY, get crazy plays every year around xmas time, stating otherwise makes your argument look and feel weak as it is not supported by solid facts (valid receipts). Just because you hate someone/an artist doesn't mean you have to discredit everything they do, at least this is where i stand, yes i can criticize certain things about her (mariah), but at the same time, i can still give her credit where credits are due.
  5. Not yet, i was away for some time. let me catch up and get with the program.
  6. "Relevant around christmas"? are we debating facts now? is this how we do it in BG now? acting stupid? lol Even if you hate her, everyone knows she's inescapable in xmas, her xmas songs get crazy radio plays during xmas holidays, this is the one thing that will keep her relevance forever, she attached her name to a holiday, just like katy did with 4th of july with "Firework".
  7. Not me accidentally starting a hate bandwagon for IASF... Beyoncé's camp contacted me this morning and told me my Beyhive card can be revoked because of this.