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  1. Katy - She smells like a kiddie perfume, you know .... sugary fruity ... Madonna -old spice or some scent that lasts way too long... like.. it is good but it is overbearing... Britney - she smells like cheetos and burnt cigarettes... with a distinctive scent of her boyfriend's dick... cuz she is riding on it all the time Christina - she smells like tanning oil .. mixed with booze cuz she loves to drink... Mariah - she smells like money and chocolate at the bottom of a champagne glass... Beyonce - smells like mix of different things but somehow they smell good and irresistible.. like it's a mix.. including mango juice cuz our savior, blue ivy, spills it on her clothes all the time.. no more couture for yonce Gaga - SICKENING! i know this bitch smells too damn good... Rihanna - she smells like weed mixed with chanel N9.. Ariana - smells like a doughnut... sugary.. sweet.. kinda like katy but more potent... she smells like baking powder.. or vanilla.. i love it tho.. Pink - she smells like "one man show".
  2. I love her, she gives no fucks and while it might have hurt her career, but it is entertaining to watch her doing herself. she's a fool but we love her. \
  3. Latin countries are not gaga for her, and it is the same for most of asian countries, lbr. She doesn't want to perform to empty arenas.
  4. I don't discuss opinions or speculations. This is Beaux 101.
  5. A list (Household name + success + major relevance to GP+ continued respect) : Adele Taylor Beyoncé Rihanna
  6. CONGRATULATIONS EVERY1! We now have secured a badge for camila! GUYS! it's time to vote, a poll got added above kindly vote for the option you like... @Parker @Moonlight @Mystique @Anna-wa @Miss Movin' On @Mentor @Ceremonials @Vulnicura. @Scarlett O'Hara @#Music @Social Casualty @Beaux @Chapman. @TattooedHeart @RihannaRTT @Mandy Candy @DREAMPOP @Lavender. @Luca @Archie @petedagrk
  7. Hey Here are some badges i've made for the camila stan badge just to get the party started... Side note: if you have any other pics you want to include, post it below and mention me so i can turn it into a badge and make it available for voting later on.. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. (made by @Urbanov) Btw, you can sign up for the Camila cabello stan badge HERE (in case you have't signed up already)
  9. Representation matters y'all. Disney been racist since forever anyway, they might finally learn their lesson.