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  1. Beaux


    It's on the cheek type of kiss.. when i read the title i thought of a full on lip action ... Buy Cheek to cheek on iTunes
  2. They need to start taking mental health issues more seriously, that's the elephant in the room (in the US) tbh. This needs to be worked on, yes. There are effective ways to prove someone is guilty, let's not kid ourselves. These crimes aren't made by aliens. Look at the OP, he was proven guilty, there's no doubts of him being innocent, A 100% certain verdict can be achievable.
  3. The trauma lives on though... OT: Simply put, gaga is inconsistent and the GP aren't here for pop girls who are inconsistent.
  4. The judicial system in US has many flaws it seems, but i'm not here to discuss that, i'm talking about what should happen after someone is proven to be 100% guilty, like after extensive investigations and piles of receipts.. meaning that we've already established he's 100% guilty 0% innocent... we're past the point of extensive investigations..
  5. I can not believe you guys resort to ad hominem attacks in the middle of a serious discussion. Also since you believe two opposing views can both be true, then why are you bent out of shape about it? I know how to be compassionate, i know how to forgive and let go, you don't know me personally so stop it, yes i understand from where you're coming from, but i strongly disagree with you, not here to be a therapist for a fucking criminal who might have killed someone i know/love, not my job and i'm not an angel/jesus, i don't care if he was very sick or if his life was miserable, he could have asked for help instead of ending other ppl's lives. You also need to learn how being neutral is dangerous in some situations like the one we're in right now, sometimes in life you have to pick a side (i picked the victims side). The SJW kumbaya is not for everyone.
  6. They are not humans to me. Yeah, because it is illogical to hate serial killers and rapists who make ppl's lives miserable. very illogical indeed. Compassion towards serial killers and rapists? Stockholm's syndrome is shook.
  7. Beaux

    I said y'all, this is plural.. she didn't ask to be a "pedophile wetdream"... also last time i checked, actual pedos dream about actual kids, not 20+ adults, so what's even the conversation? i see your point (Lolita complex?), but dressing in girly cutesy outfits is not an invitation to commit pedophilia. Age, not childish outfits, is crucial in pedophilia. pls know what you're talking about. she also never been with an older man to give her the lolita badge, so.... Just say you hate her choice of wardrobe, but to make it seem as if she's a bad person for dressing in a type of way is taking it too far.
  8. All human life? ALL? including serial killers and rapists? Now u run along.
  9. Beaux

    Do u have the proof? i need the facts, like where do i start? THIS is news to me, i didn't see this coming.. i believed timothy.. and melanie confirmed the story.. the fuck?
  10. Beaux

    are these all y'all arguments? like are u done? it is true some her stans in here dared to come for beysus, but this is the one time where i will defend her petite ass and hopefully you get introduced to sth new along the way: first of all, the bitch can't help the way she's built, she's petite, so what? petite women are sexy and women with small frames are loved by str8s, i don't want to get sexual, but petite women are the ONES in bed.. so that's #1... second of all, a ponytail? is that a real concern? every female in this industry had her hair in a ponytail at least once, every girl in the real world had her hair in a ponytail at least once, so what's the problem again? yes, she abused the aesthetic and the ponytail overstayed its visa on that head of hers, but this is not a real problem, also she changes her hair every now and then, next... third of all, she tried being mature for y'all, but it didn't feel genuine to her, that's why she reverted back to the style she identifies with the best, she clearly loves to be familiar with things, and that's why her everything feels repetitive to you.... a far fetched concept? IDTS. fourth of all, how is she promoting pedophilia? and do u think actual pedophiles are waiting for her to guide them or sth? the girl looks youthful and she's having fun with it. Also y'all hate when women age, so i don't understand it. pick a stance, faggots.