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  1. I applaud him for this. he's brave. Moral of the story: Get the ding dong wrapped. Protect yourself. HIV is a disease, we should not treat people with HIV like shit, sometimes people contract it in other ways beside sex, i just don't think mistreating them is helpful at all.
  2. here

    When your fave releases a new song and it is actually a BOP


  3. tell it sis, TELL IT
  4. Oh. Wellllllllllllllllll, you can have your fotp record untouched i guess, because i don't think I'm that interested in the topic in hands to the point of taking it to another 12 pages.
  5. How many pages was that?
  6. I don't care what do you think of it, you're a stan, you will be biased anyway which is understandable. Other people and i believe it was a black face, and her having another pic whereas she has her friends in black faces whilst she has them in chains by the neck like a slave master paints such unmistakable picture, her being in black face or "bad tan" is not even IT for me, she's okay with blatant racism obviously, she has chains around ppl in black faces ffs, c'mon. you're free to believe whatever.
  7. I made that bitch famous.
  8. LET'S PRETEND she did not have a black face on, then WHY IS SHE OKAY WITH HER FRIENDS HAVING BLACK FACES? and her having chains around their necks?
  9. It is going #1 already, why i'd need to sell it when it sells itself? my points were: he's lazy you are all over-reacting everyone fucks up your fave is problematic and have done way worse things than messing up lyrics of some song then when you denied it i CLOCKED IN, and you're mad ever since... you literally used this as a counter-argument ... : like the anne-hathaway one the other ones girl bye, my points are clear as always. My story is well-written, you just can't read.
  10. We're through with this point baby, correcting the colors of some images won't change it, hers WAS BLACK, also it was not an accidental sun burn, she did it willingly, get the difference? we still have the one pic with her friends having BLACK FACES and her playing a slave master, now what's about it? you want me to educate you about neck chains? black faces? slave masters? i'm free to do it.
  11. i'm not sexist if that is how you wanna spin it. i said EVERYONE fuck up. I said BOTH are problematic. Reach tho.
  12. she is IN black face, her friends were in black face. retire. I've already made my point. also in those pics the "bad tan" is orange, or badly photoshopped. hers was BLACK. RETIRE.