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  1. Game Big Brother: Lemonade Edition

    1. Beaux - freedom
  2. Younger Now reaches 50k sales

  3. Who would do a tribute for Mariah?

    Double post.
  4. Who would do a tribute for Mariah?

    Leona lewis.
  5. Celeb News Miley's album dropped out of BB200 after...

    The result of saying stupid shit about rap [after wanting a "black sound"] and angering your black fans to the point of making them snatch their coins/streams.
  6. Single Dangerously In Love outtake from 2003 randomly appears on iTunes

    I have the 'speak my mind' mixtape, so i'm familiar with it, but OMG I love this picture, should be the stan badge tbh
  7. Achievement Beyoncé is this year's highest-paid woman in music

  8. Do you agree with what Amy Winehouse used to say about Pop Music ?

  9. Taylor’s first week sales: What happened?

    @Agugaga Those 900K were the result of 3 months worth of accumulated pre-order sales. HDD and Billboard are having a feud over his topic.
  10. General News Hate crimes rose by 5% in the US

    As i said earlier, terrorism favors no one, if you are not with them, then you are [perceived as] their enemy and they will come for you sooner or later, it doesn't matter to them, apply that to the countries who refused to 'cooperate' with them as well. Most middle eastern countries fought them, or at least tried to, sadly it is not covered intensively in US's mainstream media, so the average american is so out of touch with it, that's why they [Terrorist groups] had operations in there, because remember, their ultimate goal is domination, they know most of middle eastern countries have weak/no armies. As to why they attack specific countries, well, from my understanding of the situation, most countries that get attacked now were the ones who collaborated to perform certain operations in middle east back in the day, terrorists always run this narrative that 'it is all for revenge', cuz their families got torn apart by those countries and what not, and that's how they attract new terrorists to be recruited.. they know how to take advantage of ppl's ignorance.. add 'religion' to the mix, and you will have lots of lost souls who are willing to die for some stupid shitty reasons.. 'jihad' or wtv they call it... it is an elaborate scheme. The only way to get rid of them is to cut off their funding resources.. Saudi arabia and qatar get a side eye considering this point... saudi arabia for the whole 'wahabism' shit.. and qatar is known for funding terrorism. Both are 'friends' with US, and US feels the need to be 'friends' with them because of OIL. Tea is served, you may sip.
  11. More legendary: I Will Always Love You vs My Heart Will Go On

    I got you! but i'm afraid your unique personal experience can not be applied in that magnitude, i get what you are trying to convey, ofc Titanic is a classic and everyone knows it, sure, but 'the bodyguard' is also a cult classic, 'The bodyguard' IS the best selling movie soundtrack album of all time, OF ALL TIME, so we can't just ignore this solid fact, we can't, also it had better sales, impact, still getting streamed, covered heavily everywhere, and what not, the movie was a huge deal back then and it broke barriers for PoC in film, but the music itself is more popular, maybe you live/lived in a part of the world where celine, as an artist, is more celebrated than whitney, it is plausible; celine sang in two languages, is white, had no personal problems so her image is clean in the media, duh, but this doesn't mean IWALY/The bodyguard weren't huge deals. Yeah, most people recognize the high note part instantly, the structure of the song starts smoothly then gets higher as you progress, MHWGO has a unique first part, with the flute and shit, MHWGO sticks better (in the head), and most millennials know it because they know 'titanic' more than 'The bodyguard' but again, IWALY has more streams and sold more, gets covered more, so ... Yes, most ppl/The GP just don't care about pop culture or female artists or anything of the sort, their loss. They'd rather watch cristiano or messi kick some ball.
  12. General News Hate crimes rose by 5% in the US

    you are too brainwashed by right wing media for me to even talk some sense back to you, it is clear who's living in la la land. ciao!
  13. General News Hate crimes rose by 5% in the US

    Listen, as i said and i will keep saying, violence breeds violence, you just don't go to their countries, bomb their lands, tear apart their families and stay in US wondering why they attack you back, like c'mon now, let's face the fucking truth, US created a fucking beast, it's been going for years now, everyone acts like this started with 9/11 but this is not true, yes it sparked after 9/11, but can we go back to the root? US had no business being in the middle east to begin with. it was a mistake and it affected many ppl, over there and in US. Trump is perpetuating hate speech in his rallies and what not so i don't wanna hear no more words, look at the video i posted and see it for what it is. Violence breeds violence. Do not expect for others to remain quiet after you attack them. No, i don't justify their terror attacks of course, i'm just saying how this got started. US acted like the world's police and this is what got it to this state, and now, ironically, they wonder how we got here! funny!
  14. Celeb News Lena Dunham's racism exposed

  15. Celeb News Lena Dunham's racism exposed

    'Lena dunham' should stay in 2017, i do not want to hear about this ho no more in 2018, so sick of her, you know a female 'feminist' hit all time low when she publicly disputes a rape allegation issued by a fellow woman. Bye ashy.