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  1. I will not be participating, sorry everyone.
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    to be used when someone tries to come for your fave.

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    here for the meltdowns
  4. I have an unpopular opinion of mine that women can get away with being gay all they want and men can not. Straight men have no problem with bi women as you think, they are actually with this idea that "their dick will turn them straight", that's why they have no problem with it. MOST OF THE GP still live in 1940 when being a gay guy was an issue of "manhood".... like if you're gay guy you're not a "man enough"... and from my experience sadly some gays, YES i will go there, you know i'm going there...... internalized self hate to the point they hate gay guys who are not overly masculine... or how they coin them "straight passing"... fem gay guys get the short stick all the time, they don't even see each other as attractive. Bi guys are getting dragged from both the GP and LGBT community.... Seriously love and support each other, how hard can that be?
  5. Discussion

    I'd keep it real, i mainly turn to katy's discography to enjoy a cute bubbly bubblegum bop, HNC, CG, ET, DH, WOA, TD, you name it, this is not to discredit her slow songs or anything, she gave me legendary slow songs too like "Thinking of you" and "By the grace of god", but this is just what i find myself doing, i honestly believe she branded herself as this colorful pop girl with catchy pop songs and enjoyable videos who's GP-friendly, that's the katy i know. I am down for an acoustic album, or another album like OOTB so i'm also here for katheryn as well. I simply can not pick.
  6. Multiple choice is open now.