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  1. Tea on mariah's well-timed illness?

    This. /EndThread
  2. Tea on mariah's well-timed illness?

    it is a cute song for a soundtrack, honestly i do not expect for a soundtrack song by a 40+ female artist to do that much nowadays anyway. fact: she sounds good tbh.
  3. Tea on mariah's well-timed illness?

    This week the start of Mariah Carey's Christmas tour had to be cancelled after she came down with a "bronchial infection", well, at least this is what she told us What a coincidence, getting sick at the same time ticket sales are slumping? According to Showbiz 411 Mariah, pls stop playing these games with your fans, thank u.
  4. The Judges Of “The Voice Of Germany” Had A “WHO?” Moment While Watching Rita Ora

  5. Not them not recognizing her still after they turned around! Poor thing! Rita was probably there to promote her second album, which will be released the day after never, exclusively in Neverland.
  6. Discussion Why is Ariana so tan in scream queens

  7. The fur debate

    Exactly. Still i don't get how anyone would like to be looking like a walking polar bear. it looks hella uglee.
  8. The fur debate

    I really don't wear leather anymore, So yes. Still i won't pull a PETA and shame ppl who think differently than me. i just think fur looks huge and ugly (real or faux), so beside the whole animal cruelty point, i hate how it looks. As for leather while i think it looks hot/sexy as jackets, shoes, wallets etc.. i can live without it.
  9. The fur debate

    Then it's a 'HELL NO' from me.
  10. The fur debate

    What's that? Does it include real fur? i only know of real and faux fur.
  11. The fur debate

    I'm against real fur, okay with faux fur.
  12. Celeb News Nicki Minaj visits her brother in Jail

    She's dead to me, she's CANCELLED.
  13. We Remember: 1939

  14. Best selling female albums of 2017

    Updated the OP, snakes rejoice!
  15. Best selling female albums of 2017

    Oops... I did now