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  1. I don't fuck with shit like that, let people live their lives, ugh OT: rih is the queen of straights, WBK.
  2. Savage here

    1... 2.......3

    That's 3 #1's for Cardi B



    Image result for nothing for gretchen gif


    1. Onika

      Cardi may have three #1s but you know how many Nicki has?



    2. Savage

      @Onika I just know onika never topped... she's always at the bottom ny1 

    3. Onika

      #StopBottomShaming2k18 ny1 

  3. Savage

    Y'all also discuss how GGD is somehow representative of the whole LM fanbase and how MN is somehow representative of the whole M fanbase? No? Anyway, worst fanbase is the beyhive. LM can be trash but they are sly with it. M stans can be trash but you know they won't actually move through with anything they are saying to you. The hive, however, have no problem taking their mess to real life/the street, so that's that on that. Peace and out.
  4. Savage

    This didn't save beyonce from being in the bottom (while being more relevant than brit), so why are u acting surprised? They obviously take a lot of factors into consideration and it looks like brit didn't score that high for them to put her in the top 10.
  5. Savage

    Both fanbases are not known for being particularly chill, so what are y'all discussing? So far this thread been servin':
  6. Savage

    That's because today's artists are not that articulate. Madonna is a book worm so it is not surprising she can handle such interviews. It's hard to drag her in interviews. OT: relevance is a pointless point. Madonna has a legendary legacy and she will always be referenced/respected for it, she also came back hard with COADF afterwards so jokes on them! You can drag BIM all you want but she also gave y'all GT (which was "age-appropriate" i guess!) ... so ... you tried it, puta!
  7. Savage

    That's how you should do it tbh. You can see it on his face, she didn't even give him one second of satisfaction. His messy ass brought the feminism point in hopes she would shut up and surrender but she dismantled his argument so quickly.
  8. Savage

    The interview was intellectually-stimulating to say the least.
  9. Savage

    I mean.... she stood her ground and actually had a lot of valid points... he thot he was doing something but she had time to dismantle every argument of his.. she had the time to take him to school!