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  1. Savage

    i love that concept, hopefully it becomes a reality soon!
  2. Savage

    thread ruined by one post tease.
  3. Savage

    They had a feud, ig!
  4. I gave 'coco chanel' some spins tho that's a bop tbh
  5. He's trash, WBK, but i agree with what he said about nokia.
  6. well, honestly no one cares that much. why shoot the messenger and ignore the message? charla talked about nicki wanting ppl to kiss her ass and what not, this is correct, seeing how she pays blogs to make positive posts about her, she cares how the others perceive her. she also has no problem acting as if cardi owes her something, which is the epitome of insecurity she's VERY egotistical. she burned bridges along the way and seems like it all coming back to bite her now. charla made some great points even though i think he hates black women, woman beater, etc.. like i could give 2 fucks about him as a person, but what he said is truthful since it can be packed by facts and documented events/incidents. as for kevin, i'd respect his opinion since it's his right to have one, but if he's biased i don't have to agree u know..
  7. why y'all act like a person has to be perfect to share an opinion?
  8. charlamagne the goddess is right.
  9. Savage


    I feel for her, i understand her completely, it is very hard!
  10. Savage

    y'all are so annoying with these 'madness' threads, no one ever forced y'all to post/participate in threads u didn't like! You don't like the M vs Moo threads? MAKE YOUR OWN THREADS!
  11. Savage

    No one with an objective mind sees her as an OG. An OG is someone like queen latifah.
  12. Savage

    No [3]
  13. Savage


    I think she's going through something since her last breakup, but if we talk music i honestly can't say i'm overblown by this album, it's cute for a ride or something, but i won't act like i'm in love with everything in it. Still i appreciate some of the messages in here like in NTLTC and GWS, like her heart seems to be in the right place imo, but her mind tho... It's a cute album.