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  1. Savage here

    1... 2.......3

    That's 3 #1's for Cardi B



    Image result for nothing for gretchen gif


    1. Onika

      Cardi may have three #1s but you know how many Nicki has?



    2. Savage

      @Onika I just know onika never topped... she's always at the bottom ny1 

    3. Onika

      #StopBottomShaming2k18 ny1 

  2. drag someone on trivial technicalities and keep ignoring other arguments ig!
  3. I hate when artists do political stuffs and act as "activists" for profit. I don't care for their opinions. I'm from the ME, i definitely don't want a white woman like BC acting as if she's "oppressed" outta her mind. please. This video is disturbing. Lana stepped a toe in politics and i'm afraid she will regret it. she makes no wrong in my eyes. lana is THAT bitch (beside rihanna!)
  4. Just heard they started using Brooke candy's music to torture prisoners. The video below is disgusting, gross and creepy
  5. YOU THOT yeah, let's pretend that was ha debut, i'm down for that
  6. She's will go down in history as a great artist who created her own genre, none of hannah's faves can relate. Ariana herself is a copy of other artists, but that's for another day
  7. BTD wasn't ha debut though. Flop stan. Ugh.
  8. Every time i hear that name "california gurls" instantly plays in my head ...
  9. Right? can't wait for hannah to stan for a Chinese version of lana del rey, which gonna debut in like 3 minutes.
  10. Right? you can't even tell them apart! Hyundai tho >>>> A legendary witch
  11. Not everyone can pull it off like her.
  12. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO i thot hannah stanned toyota, not hyundai but yeah, that's true, they all look and sound the same! CL is a bad bitch, we in this house stan for her , i love "hello bitches"
  13. You stan for KPOP AND ariana grande, you have no room to talk about anyone's music being boring. who else does hollywood pop like lana? i'll wait ho! @Divine
  14. You lost me when you said ariana was interesting; i look at her recent album, her being in the middle of a bad situation, her still having a ponytail, and i'm like "Bitch where?"
  15. Really? so it is not boA? because i couldn't tell her apart from the other 234567890 identical KPOP artists who literally re-package western culture for a living. But yeah, you're here talking about someone's music being boring! Continue.
  16. You can't be THIS brave while stanning for a random KPOP girl who looks and sounds just like any KPOP artist out there (who's this? boA?). You're never THAT brave to say it, that's why you tip toe and dance around it.
  17. It's not that i'd ever make them, but maybe you should start labeling things right. When i'm criticizing your fave it is not a "drag". Ok? Because if i wanted to drag ariana grande just for the purpose of making you mad i'd have went about it in a different direction.
  18. Someone is mad over nothing, tsk tsk! If i wanted to drag your fave/make you feel upset i'd have made a bomb joke, or blamed her for her ex's death and let you fume for months, but did i do any of them? No!
  19. No, IJS. Ariana is boring. Talented but boring. Lana is not boring, she's chill and she has her own style of music which is not for everybody.