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  1. 4 minutes ago, H.O.N.E.Y said:

    but she attempted to be an artist by letting Pharell play around with sounds.

    Her songs with him literally sound like his own songs, it is like i'm listening to his Image result for pharrell g i r l album or sth... they sounded as if she was the featured artist. lol3 

    5 minutes ago, H.O.N.E.Y said:

    Where have u ever heard a song like Sweetener or TLIC? I haven't and they're unique.

    TLIC is generic af and sweetener is boring and repetitive, i'm happy we don't have any other songs like them. 

    8 minutes ago, H.O.N.E.Y said:

    I've heard Dangerous Woman before and Into You, she didn't have a mark on anything. Those songs are ALREADY FORGOTTEN and it hasn't been that long.

    DW was better than this, you'd literally feel her putting an effort to make good pop songs, i love DW way more! rih7 I don't think DW and IY are forgotten but opinions u know!

    9 minutes ago, H.O.N.E.Y said:

    If she wants to be remembered as an ARTIST 10-20 years from now like what Xtina/Justin/Britney and Gaga/Katy/Miley achieved, she needs to do what they have done and try to do a little extra that wasn't done by another artist. This album is a good step. rav2

    She will be remembered for sure, she's talented and she can really sing, but her music need to have some life to them, being a cookie cutter will only take you so far, she needs to have a "stripped" moment, something that will make her respected and to have somewhat of a respectable legacy, "get well soon" and "god is a woman" tell me it is in her, she is on the right track and she has a soul/sth to say as an artist, but someone needs to push her in that direction and lock the door behind her (so she won't come back to her comfort zone!) rih3 


  2. 4 minutes ago, H.O.N.E.Y said:

    Nope. Give the album another try when you're free, or better listen to it while you're busy, that's a great technique to get into harder/experimental albums. aretha1

    This is not experimental, it's like she decided to be lazy. lol3 It had moments when i was like "Yes, you are in the right direction now!", but then she makes a U-turn and get back to her comfort zone every single time.

    I will give it more spins though, maybe i'm too hard on her, but i had high expectations for this album, she's so much better than this, that's all.

  3. Just now, H.O.N.E.Y said:

    @Savage I've been listening to Sweetener for the past 3 hours. Wow, an ALBUM. kylie9


    I say that cos I'm not into Ariana's lifeless basic music, but this.... this makes me FEEL something. I respect that aspect. It's not easy to get into as her others probably but once u do get into it it's hard to get out. rih1

    I respect your POV but sadly i don't share it. The album did not blow me away.  rav3

  4. 7 minutes ago, Mr. "Legend" Gorgeous said:

    I hated how she went from being boppy to ~innerself aesthetic soul~

    My impression got lost and was never found

    Dissapointed af

    I think she's going through something since her last breakup, but if we talk music i honestly can't say i'm overblown by this album, it's cute for a ride or something, but i won't act like i'm in love with everything in it. Still i appreciate some of the messages in here like in NTLTC and GWS, like her heart seems to be in the right place imo, but her mind tho... ellie1 

    It's a cute album. ellie1 

  5. 12 minutes ago, Mamacita said:

    Like I said darling, I haven't really kept up with your FOTP exploits (even though I was perfectly aware that it was you the whole time, I figured you had your reasons) so I can't sit in judgement. But I can from our TPZ days, and I have nothing but love for you. 


    same as me wub1 

  6. 2 minutes ago, Hylia said:

    I think you’re genuinely a nice person who just made a mistake. I wish you the best in repairing your relationships with the people affected by this, and I look forward to seeing you around FOTP as Ahmed.

    omg, thanks a lot. katyanna1 I love you tbh  and i wish we can be friends. wub1 

    1 minute ago, Liam said:

    maybe apologise to the ppl u have affected via PM. I sure as hell dont give a fuck about this lol

    Great, thanks for the tip! hug2 

  7. 1 minute ago, Liam said:

    u cant force people to accept ur apology u can only give it then hope they acknowledge it. this comes across attention seeking

    so what should i do, remove the mass tag and leave it without tags at all? this is my first blog post and it happens to be an apology to many members in here, i don't know what to do really! 

    serious question.

  8. Quote

    Sure I'm still confused about myself because religion has been drilled in me since i could think for myself and if I'm honest, I'm never letting that go because i feel that God is real and if I'm gay than that's how i was meant to be, right? He says that he loves all his children and if I'm not doing anything immoral like being a pedo or a criminal of any sorts, i can be punished for loving someone. FOTP played a large part in that too. My eyes have been opened to other opinions on everything and through here, I've learned to accept that my opinions are my opinions and I don't have to mold myself in a mindset that I don't want or believe in. So to a good 2 years on this forum and to whatever future i have with it.

    I'm feeling this part has a little to do with our interaction in the HIV thread, because we touched on this subject lightly, but regardless, i'm very happy you really have no plans to hate yourself for loving guys, hate never make any sense tbh. wub1 

  9. 6 minutes ago, H.O.N.E.Y said:


    Yeah but you're forgetting that some people do enjoy eating to eat, not just to survive. And there are ways to enjoy eating just to eat and also maintain a balanced intake. A nutritionist will help ONLY IF that nutritionist understands that putting people on strict regimes never KEEPS them on those regimes. Adopting the lifestyle mentality rather than the strict diet mentality goes a long way. rav2 


    I myself enjoy eating. I wouldn't say it's to a point that I have to follow a strict system or something. I'm ok, I just wish I could be better, and yes it is possible cos I'm def not at my perfect weight at all. But some others are at a desperate position where they could be borderline obese or something. Telling people like that to follow strict systems never works, just look at the Biggest Loser lawsuits. People end up gaining everything back why? Because many of these "nutritionists" put them on unrealistic diets and portions so small they feel that they haven't even ate. eve1


    It's a much bigger issue than most are willing to admit. These losing weight shows don't tell u the negative effects on a body that feels deprived of food or the mood swings and depression that could come as a result of shocking your body with a whole entire system. aretha1


    But really, thanks so much for your input. U did make some good points. rav2 


    People lose weight everyday, it is possible and making it up to be this big ass problem is not a good thing, yes you have to change how you think to really make a change... is all about mindset, it applies to anything and everything, not just losing weight.... you do not have to join TBL to lose weight, you can do it on your own like everyone else, but you have to take a second look at your relationship with food.... i think this is the legit first step... next step will be moving around more.....

    The mood swings and depression are tempo...  one day you will reach your weight goal and it will all be worth it... and by then, it will be already your lifestyle, you won't look at it like it is a strict diet, it will be your new lifestyle! 

    Also stop the excuses if you wanna lose weight, like enough already, look how pulling up excuses have done to you, enough! start facing the problem  and be decisive if you're on it, you won't wake up with a new body just cuz you want it in your dreams, it takes hard word and dedication. rav2 


    you're welcome. :D 


  10. if this is about losing weight, then i'd say this:


    Visualize yourself in your new body, how happy you will be, how confident you will be in your own skin, and how this will affect every aspect of your life.... look at food as just food.... something you eat to survive.. only that.... you don't live to eat, you eat to live, so change how you view food in the first place...  it is a journey.... and you need to get out of your comfort zone to make any change in your life, if you stayed in your comfort zone, nothing will change, you will stay the same... and complaining about it for your entire life is not a good look....


     so stop being lazy, and start being committed.... yes it will be hard at times to wake up early in the morning to run around the block, yes it will be hard to eat that boring healthy green-y food, yes you will feel hungry, yes you will stay day-dreaming about junk food because junk food has been your "friend" for your entire life".... it was a sort of escape to you..... but remember.... this friend did you no good, YOU are not happy with your body and it stopped you from doing things you've always dreamed of. 


    by making those lifestyle changes you are doing yourself a favor, so do u want it or not......? do you think  you're worthy of a new body, new memories, new experiences or not? it is up to you and you're the one in charge now.... you're an adult now.. you can monitor what you eat, you can't blame your parents/friends/others for the rest of your life for it.... TAKE CHARGE NOW!!!!!!!


    I'd suggest for you to go see a nutritionist, follow his/her rules, commit to your diet regimen, get yourself a gym membership... etc.. is your body boo boo, it is a gift, take care of it.

    Another important thing: learn how to cook small meals by yourself