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  1. 6 minutes ago, I- said:

    To answer the question:


    Britney stans would see Britney.

    Everyone else would see J.Lo

    britney stans + mariah stans who still care about a stupid feud from like 2001


  2. 4 minutes ago, Nocturn said:



    Take it with a grain of salt, but one member on Madonna Infinity wrote the following:


    "The album is complete, mixing was done while she was in Malawi. The single has been done for quite some time. The lack of hinting or teasing is deliberate."


      Reveal hidden contents

    @Ursula - Rebel

    @Rebel Bitch - M-Dolla

    @Unapologetic Bitch - Dita

    @ParentalAdvisory - Tony Ward

    @Régine Filange - Spanish Eyes

    @Jjang - Master Debater

    @Chris Morlock - Virgin

    @Dookie Quill - Mer Girl

    @Freaky Prince - Spy 

    @Kuba - Almost Stan

    @Rachel Green - Magic

    @Angelus - Statistician

    @Saiga - Diplomat 

    @Earth Ripper - Essayist

    @Lord Stoneheart - Joan of Arc

    @sonowgoodbye - Naughty Nun

    @Vertigo-go - Clown

    @Unique - Evita

    @Dennis Reynolds - Star

    @SpringwoodSlasher - Beautiful Killer

    @Shiver - Esther

    @Mint - Brahim

    @Sydney - Material Girl

    @Princess Aurora - Disco Diva

    @Pandora - Bad Girl

    @PhCh - Sinner

    @BEAUX - Boy Toy

    @Nixter - Veronica Electronica

    @Nick - President

    @Systemagic - Runaway Lover

    @Emperor Nick - Queen

    @Reputation - Cowgirl

    @Kirjava - Geisha

    @SZA - Yeezus

    @King Perry  - Best Friend

    @Jose - Candy Perfume Girl

    @JMQDB - Jessie

    @jdpm1991 - Pop Princess

    @JENNA GAGA - Thief of Hearts

    @Impossible Princess - La Petite Jeune Fille

    @Hot as Ice - Señorita

    @witchcraft. - Sticky & Sweet

    @Dawni - Future Lover

    @Solaris Lorica - Jesus Luz

    @BJORK - Olga 

    @Diamond - Immaculate Collection 

    @Justas - Gypsy

    @Milk - Bedtime Story Teller

    @Liam - Little Star

    @Lachlan - Lucky Star

    @Satori - Shanti

    @Solly - Candy Store Owner

    @#Music - Mr. DJ

    @JustHereForX - NYC

    @Courtney Love - VMAs 1995

    @SockBitch - Guy Oseary

    @Maryanne - Vogue

    @LoanSPW - Angel

    @Vulnicura. - Bourgeoisie Rebel

    @Station to Station - Drunk by 6

    @Kenny Mccormick - Bhad Bitch

    @KingOfTheClouds - American Bitch

    @The One Below All - Golden Shower

    @Monster - Girl Gone Wild

    @Lyric - Future Pop Diva

    @Stacey Q's Greatest Hits - Autotune Baby

    @Imperfect - Beautiful Scars


    She will release it in her b'day hopefully igs rih6 

    I love a leo queen wub1 

  3. 2 hours ago, I- said:

    So you think she should stop donating money to those ten children? She should stop helping them, regardless of her intentions?


    are you saying that




    is that what you're saying?



    No, this is not what i am saying, and stop pretending that there's only one way to do charity (trish's way).  She could have helped them without the "Me, Me, Me" element.  

  4. 12 minutes ago, Nihilego said:

    What is your deal lol3 She's donating her own resources to help these kids whether she's in it to help them or help herself... let her get some recognition for that because 10 kids in Africa are more than I'm guessing you'll ever help in your whole existence lol3 I swear some of y'all just care about trying to cancel someone on the internet rather than the actual causes themselves lol3 trisha isnt complaining about it, the "poor kids" aren't complaining about it, no one's complaining about it except some random FOTP user whose invested infinitely more effort into trying to cancel a youtuber than actually doing something about these poor kids he supposedly cares so much about lol3

    As if what i'm saying is going to stop St. trisha.. lol3  it's just my opinion, is it a crime to give my opinion on sth? 


    You also don't know ME that well, how do you know if i helped more than 100 underprivileged poor ppl?  how do you know?  

    Also how do you know about trisha's true intentions?

    You don't know any of us (me and her), so ..

    Stop personalizing the issue and make it seem as if it is more than a matter of opinions. It's time to be mature and to talk like civil mature people. 

  5. 1 hour ago, Jae said:

    She's just sponsoring the kids, my mom does this too. She donates monthly for each kid and it allows for the children to be fed/buy clothes/ etc. I don't see anything wrong with her helping them.

    please don't compare your mom to someone like that. your mom is doing it for philanthropic reasons and she probably wants/expects nothing in return, trisha is doing it for personal gain.

    2 hours ago, The Plague said:

    why would she be trying to polish her image? dead2 pretty sure she doesn't give a damn about that or she wouldn't be doing sex toy review videos and releasing nudes lol 


    if you wanna say she exploits her own life for views then yeah but it's her own life so it's allowed, when she has a break-up she posts a sensationalist title about it, she's pretty much doing the exact same thing here. 


    also she's a legendary skinny queen so let's not oprah11

    she gives a damn about her image, literally and figuratively, this is her bread and butter.

    I don't care how u gon' name it, but she will do anything for attention and she proved so, now i don't have a problem with her trolling for the gaze, but i have a problem with her using poor kids for personal gain. Just because someone is throwing money at poor people doesn't mean they are in it for good reason. Intentions matter. charity organizations for example are often used as scapegoats for money laundering. oprah11 


    I don't know what planet do you live on, but on planet earth she is not considered skinny. Not that being a big girl is bad, but let's not lie and kid ourselves, she's not skinny.

  6. 18 minutes ago, H.O.N.E.Y said:

    Agreed. But she's not really adopting, she's sponsoring (clickbait nnn) but I think it's good that she doesn't just use her channel to eat 10 bags of food and cry on the floor + hopefully it inspires her fans to do the same. aretha1 

    I don't care whether it is sponsoring or adopting,  all in all she does it to repair her image and to create some buzz.  Using poor african kids for your personal gain (looking like a saint/savior) is cheap af.

    Her legacy is literally composed of vids of her stuffing her face with junk food and acting a fool for likes and gags. her ex-boyfriend left her because she gained weight and it fucked her psyche. (shocking! poor thing thought eating all that junk food will make her skinny? ) 

    She needs to invest in a mental institution and do us all a favor. 

    If her fans are anything like her, then i'm completely against it. 

  7. Just now, Olivia Pope said:

    Moo stains are unable to explain the phenomenon mentioned in the OP so let's derail a bit lmfao2


    crying at the classics rip3


    my fave is



    Not this one, BITCH rip3  rip3  rip3  rip3 i'm DONE. fall6 


    someone need to make a GIF of glitter copies filling the trash can in the one i posted (of moo+Whit)... xtina2 do it boo kii1 


  8. 28 minutes ago, Ursula said:

    Why remove two when I only have to remove one? USiB4Lt.gif The entirety of 20 Y.O. is pure trash. If I wasn't so damn gracious, I would have put none of the songs from that album anywhere. BUT So Excited is a fan favourite apparently.

    remove " i want you" only then. USiB4Lt.gif basic af. USiB4Lt.gif

  9. 4 minutes ago, Ursula said:

    I did! meg1 

    Anyway, here's one for jj2 

    jj2 - The Essentials

    (Note: I'm using single/radio edits to make sure that as many songs as possible fit on one disc)


    Disc 1: jj1 

    1. What Have You Done for Me Lately
    2. Nasty
    3. When I Think of You
    4. Let's Wait Awhile
    5. Control
    6. The Pleasure Principle
    7. Miss You Much
    8. Rhythm Nation
    9. Escapade
    10. Alright
    11. Come Back to Me
    12. Black Cat
    13. Love Will Never Do (Without You)
    14. That's the Way Love Goes
    15. If
    16. Again
    17. Because of Love
    18. Any Time, Any Place
    19. Whoops Now (WW) / Throb (US)

    Disc 2: jj3 

    1. Scream*
    2. Runaway
    3. The Best Things in Life Are Free
    4. Got 'til It's Gone
    5. I Get Lonely
    6. Go Deep
    7. What About*
    8. Doesn't Really Matter
    9. All for You
    10. Someone to Call My Lover
    11. Son of a Gun (I Betcha Think This Song Is About You)
    12. Just a Little While
    13. I Want You*
    14. All Nite (Don't Stop)
    15. Call on Me
    16. So Excited
    17. Feedback
    18. Rock with U
    19. Make Me
    20. BURNITUP!
    21. Dammn Baby

    *one of those three will have to leave. jj4 


    remove "so excited" and "i want you" tbh. "Scream" is too iconic to get the boot. USiB4Lt.gif