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  1. I forgot SC wasn't a single That would do quite well and better, yes, I agree.
  2. I'd like a complete overhaul of the main Harry Potter franchise in a series format, pls, I think the movies missed out on way too much book goodness
  3. I mean what other song could you possibly choose Actually, I still expected Sine to become a single with a different outro. Def sounds like single material to me, even over FW. But still, I don't think it's a bad choice at all.
  4. Beautiful tbh. Feels very airy and light and luxurious in a "homey" kind of way Congrats fam.
  5. This was a whole ass moment Still so grateful and happy with it.
  6. Ofc she's gonna tweet she's happy with the fan love, and she is, but that doesn't mean she wants to ever revisit that era Again, she took the opportunity to emphasize how painful and destructive that whole creative process was for her, as she's done time and time again. She didn't need to repeat that here but she did. And, again, all her fans seem to care about is whether or not this means the songs will be out or not She almost quit music after making this album, what more do you guys need to realize she's over it.
  7. At this point how many times does she have to say it? She hated this era and how the music came to be. For all we know she despises the songs, remember she said she couldn't write them on the piano and felt like a "robot" while songwriting. Obviously the creative process was very unpleasant and she probably doesn't want to revisit it. So it's kinda disrespectful (imo) for LMs to keep prodding her about it
  8. Of course he did. But he made the reference obvious as the light of day and put a spin on it so in my book that's borrowing and not ripping off
  9. The explanation is quite simple, ironically. Neither of them established an emotional connection between them and their audience (not counting fans obvi). Xtina was cool when what she was serving was on trend, sure, but as soon as that wasn't the case no one cared. That means your brand is very unstable and erratic and your commercial success can go down the drain at any minute Being calculated about your artistic decisions has short term benefit but if the public at large doesn't understand the emotional relevance behind the façade, you'll ultimately be left with an empty shell of a career w
  10. She sold like a hundred cds with dots on them, sold as signed editions. She didn't give a fuck this time around. A real shame. She should basically be apologizing to her fans for this wasted opportunity of an era.