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  1. I do remember. It lasted so many because of the same reason: you can't/refuse to read and keep switching topics/ignoring people's arguments It's happening again: you quoted a post that explicitly stated that vocal technique had no bearing on the subject of whether or not Xtina is a vocal legend, and you bring up vocal technique once again I get that that was in response to what I said about Idol, but then you do ignore the bit of my post that's in underlined bolt That was about them both being Whitney derivatives who are still perceived to be impactful vocal legends. You denied the latter portion of that statement, I'm still waiting for a proper explanation for that, after pages of off-topic Madonna fan bs
  2. So then why do you use technique to prove that someone is a legend and another one (lacking in technique in your opinion) is not? You keep dismantling your own arguments, it's hysterical. She would never be able to get through an audition of American Idol today. That means you are below mediocre. And imo that is a lot more objective than your "objective point of view" And before you go and argue that at her peak she could have won American Idol, so could Christina, that's the thing
  3. That has nothing to do with their status as legends. If it was all about technical superiority, Mariah wouldn't even be classed as a quality vocalist, a tidal wave of singers across all genres would blast her into oblivion I already said I think Christina is too mediocre to be considered a vocal triumph, but that doesn't mean she's not a vocal legend in the public eye That's the very simple distinction between opinion and fact you can't seem to wrap your head around.
  4. But I didn't do that now, so don't use that against me How is that so hard to understand. I did, because I think the other vocal legends you mentioned are superior, something I'm sure you'll agree with Compared to someone like Etta James, Mariah and Xtina are right in the same boat for me. That is not an insult, that's just an opinion that's not yours Learn how to take it, you're on a discussion forum, remember. And you're still ignoring the fact that I only talked about technique because you did, my main points were about Mariah and Xtina's status in pop culture, which you keep denying/ignoring I don't give a rat's ass about Mariah's vocal technique, I took issue with you saying that Xtina is not a vocal legend despite people perceiving her as such (I gave you some receipts for that), and despite the fact that your arguments for what makes a vocal legend work against Mariah being one too If you're not gonna start talking about that again, don't quote me again, and own the fact that you only want to have conversations your way, even if you have to completely distort what other people are saying.
  5. I never said that though That's the hilarious thing. I never even compared Xtina's technique to Mariah, I only cared about their status as vocalists in popular culture/memory. If I asked you to find the post where I said Mariah's technique is Xtina level you wouldn't find it, so the fact that you keep using that argument against me has to mean you simply refuse to have an honest conversation with other people It's either "you're a Madonna fan so I don't have to reply to your nonsense" or "*insert fiction about what someone wrote* you said this, so I don't have to reply to your nonsense" when, in fact, you're the one who has some explaining to do about your weird opinion (aka Mariah deserves to be called a legend, but not Christina, even though they're both Whitney derivatives who didn't add anything new), which you refuse to do This is a pattern in all the conversations I've had with you and it's quite frustrating. At the end of the day, you're the one usually pushing the buttons to create these huge discussions, and then you're also the one who doesn't seem to have an actual clue about what people are saying and why, while still dragging the convo on further and further, just resorting to simple insults while the rest of us are trying with actual argumentation But go ahead and add one of your animated gifs, I'm sure that'll make you feel like you're a winner or whatever. Boring.
  6. But then I also called Christina a washed up, mediocre diva in this very thread So no, the bias you imagine I have does not work that way. And even if the bias was there, it doesn't matter, and why it doesn't matter is explained in the bit you ignored, so please respond to that next
  7. Can you please stop using that as a crutch? Unless there is an example of that bias shown (this discussion isn't even about Mariah per se, it's about you denying Christina's vocal legacy, which shows your bias as a Mariah stan more than it shows our supposed one as Madonna fans) shut the fuck up about it, barely anyone came directly for Mariah here, if anything we're trying to let you see through your own clouded judgment when it comes to calling someone a vocal legend and then refusing another one the same title even though from your own reasoning it's explicitly clear they should both deserve it
  8. Discussion

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  9. I feel like it'll be neither lol I can't imagine people in 2035 still knowing either of those songs on a mass level tbh. Like, yes, now we have the 80s survivors to carry on the legacy (and you're right that our generation probably won't carry on BOMT 'cause it's too time-specific) but why would we pass on GJWHF to our kids?
  10. I get all that, but I feel like it's just a difference in how we understand the term "iconic" Sales etc. have secondary importance to me. I just can't imagine GJWHF unleashing the same truckload of memories and emotional "omg this song" responses (either good or bad) today as BOMT Like, the test for me is, imagine you're doing a quiz and they play a few seconds of BOMT and you have to guess 5 words that are related to that track. Like, it's pretty much guaranteed everyone would be shouting over each other within a second. Britney Spears! Hit me baby one more time! Schoolgirl! Naughty schoolgirl! High school! Ponytails! Oh baby baby! 90s! Now imagine GJWHF playing The best you could get is "80s", "Girls just wanna have fun" and "Cyndi Lauper" (and that last one would be getting lucky), there's literally nothing else any regular person could answer (correctly) I agree with @Gilly that the fact that BOMT is less successful actually speaks in its favour here. It's a bit of an embarrassing track that nobody can really take seriously nowadays, but that doesn't stop it from being instantly recognizable and sing-along worthy throughout (unlike GJWHF of which I'm sure most people don't even know the main melodies apart from the one that features the song title) So the fact that it has that power despite it being commercially uncompetitive in 2017 compared to other legendary tracks is actually a receipt in favour of it being more iconic. Maybe it's also just a difference in location or something. Like, I know for 100% sure that the vast majority of Belgian youth today wouldn't even be able to hum along to GJWHF
  11. That's not the situation we're in though In fact, the proper analogy would be that people are saying Rihanna and Britney are both Madonna derivatives (aka Christina and Mariah are both Whitney derivatives), so that it's pretty stupid (for you) to be so obsessed about claiming Britney (Mariah) has a bigger legacy simply because she debuted earlier than Rihanna (Christina) Rihanna and Britney both added new elements to the Madonna template, but that template remained essentially unchanged, so if you're gonna use the "she added nothing new!" argument against Rihanna (Christina) then you should also use it against Britney (Mariah) but you refuse to do this, and that's why people are calling you out on double standards
  12. Omg is that gonna be your strategy I never claimed my opinion was a fact. You were the one to state that it was "ridiculous" to argue that they're on the same level (even though I never did that, I just said they're both Whitney derivatives), so you're gonna have to be the one to back that up when that's questioned
  13. Oh wow. My knees are shaking in the face of these receipts. Anyway, then we come back to the question you've ignored multiple times now: what did Mariah add to Whitney's vocal legacy? From your argumentation it's clear that Christina can't be considered to be a vocal legend because she just ran with Whitney/Mariah's legacy without adding anything new, but as some of us have pointed out, this same criticism can also be used against Mariah
  14. Proof that it's ridiculous to claim that they're on the same level In other words, proof that Mariah has had a significantly bigger impact and vocal skill. I'm only asking because you keep presenting your opinion as a fact, so if it's a fact, it should be easy to get the receipts
  15. We're all waiting for proof of this btw.