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  1. Still not really getting the hype I have a hard time trusting people with tiny eyes
  2. Why would you include that on a song omg Is it irony, maybe? Messy in any case.
  3. Earth Ripper


    1. Cupid Boy - Venus XCX 2. Everything Is Beautiful - MCD 3. Cupid Boy - Gwen Stefani 4. Everything Is Beautiful - ajp 5. Cupid Boy - Ariana 6. Everything is Beautiful - Hyun. 7. Cupid Boy - domy 8. Cupid Boy - Aidan 9. Everything Is Beautiful - Freaky Prince 10. Everything Is Beautiful - Ghostface 11. Everything Is Beautiful - Earth Ripper 12.
  4. Earth Ripper


    Physical Attraction VS I Know It Shoo-Bee-Doo VS Like a Virgin Live to Tell VS Jimmy Jimmy Like a Prayer VS Act of Contrition Back in Business VS Now I'm Following You (Part I) In This Life VS Bye Bye Baby Love Tried to Welcome Me VS Survival Skin VS The Power of Goodbye Paradise (Not For Me) VS Impressive Instant Easy Ride VS Love Profusion Isaac VS Jump Incredible VS Spanish Lesson Gang Bang VS Best Friend Veni Vidi Vici VS Rebel Heart God Control VS Bitch I'm Loca
  5. Earth Ripper


    Super tough omg. But yeah ll the Lovers - Hyun. All The Lovers - Gwen Stefani Get Outta My Way - Freaky Prince Get Outta My Way - Aidan. All The Lovers - MagneticElectric Get Outta My Way - MCD All The Lovers - Ariana Get Outta My Way - ajp Get Outta My Way - Beyoncé All The Lovers - Venus XCX Get Outta My Way - Robi Get Outta My Way - Earth Ripper
  6. Earth Ripper


    Too Much - Freaky Prince Heartstrings - Aidan.  Heartstrings - Ariana Heartstrings - Hyun. Heartstrings - domy Heartstrings - Ghostface Too Much - Gwen Stefani Heartstrings - ajp Too Much - Beyoncé Heartstrings - Venus XCX Too Much - Phoebe Heartstrings - MCD Heartstrings - Earth Ripper
  7. Earth Ripper


    Silence - Hyun. Silence - MCD Silence - Ariana Silence - Beyoncé Silence - ajp Silence - Gwen Stefani Silence - Earth Ripper       
  8. Earth Ripper


    A video which was also devoid of any substance and/or ideas
  9. Earth Ripper


    She has to, though. It's part of her agreement with Interscope to perform all of her singles in their original format in every tour Explains a lot, doesn't it? And don't forget in Austin where she said: "and now because we have to, here's Applause" before she started that song
  10. Earth Ripper


    Give us Bad Karma now bitch That teaser is still haunting my dreams.
  11. First of all, Rick Rubin is a genius Second of all, that demo has some amazing moments (especially the finale) but it also sounds like every lame soft rock ballad we've already heard. Dope at the very least is unique and special
  12. Earth Ripper


    This is the first Katy single/music video I'm really not feeling Doesn't even feel like Katy to me. She ruined her NRO momentum like a pro
  13. Earth Ripper


    An album pls
  14. Earth Ripper


    Great reaction, surprised she liked the slower and longer songs like ITL, I was sure she was gonna fall asleep to them, she usually hates "long" songs Still, some songs (looking at you, Words and Rain) did not get enough credit
  15. Earth Ripper


    It sounds the way Gaga described it: as a demo that wasn't supposed to go anywhere but which the label pushed to release as not only part of the album but as a lead single I'm quite sure Gaga dislikes it as much as some fans do. It's juvenile. But it has some nice moments, I'll admit. And fans who think DWUW would've done well commercially are out of their minds. Applause was the only song that could've done somewhat well.