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  1. Earth Ripper


    Wherrrrrre is it why am I always too late
  2. Still not really getting the hype I have a hard time trusting people with tiny eyes
  3. Why would you include that on a song omg Is it irony, maybe? Messy in any case.
  4. Earth Ripper


    She has to, though. It's part of her agreement with Interscope to perform all of her singles in their original format in every tour Explains a lot, doesn't it? And don't forget in Austin where she said: "and now because we have to, here's Applause" before she started that song
  5. Earth Ripper


    Give us Bad Karma now bitch That teaser is still haunting my dreams.
  6. From what I can read, the reshoots are purely for the battle sequences and won't take more than a few weeks which is not that terrible The release date is still the same which makes it very unlikely that the reshoots are due to "monstrously bad test screenings". The negative response of the test screening has only been revealed to be due to Mushu being cut from the story and the fact that it's not a musical Those things were super predictable though so I'm not bothered about that news. That said, yes, the movie is probably a disaster just like every Disney remake since Alice minus Burton's Dumbo which I did actually really enjoy.
  7. First of all, Rick Rubin is a genius Second of all, that demo has some amazing moments (especially the finale) but it also sounds like every lame soft rock ballad we've already heard. Dope at the very least is unique and special
  8. Earth Ripper


    It sounds the way Gaga described it: as a demo that wasn't supposed to go anywhere but which the label pushed to release as not only part of the album but as a lead single I'm quite sure Gaga dislikes it as much as some fans do. It's juvenile. But it has some nice moments, I'll admit. And fans who think DWUW would've done well commercially are out of their minds. Applause was the only song that could've done somewhat well.
  9. Earth Ripper


    Bad Romance Alejandro Paparazzi Yoü and I Poker Face Born This Way Telephone LoveGame Beautiful, Dirty, Rich Applause Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) Just Dance Marry the Night Judas The Edge of Glory John Wayne Perfect Illusion G.U.Y. Million Reasons
  10. Earth Ripper

    She got paid around 20 million dollars for that 20 minute role. I don't think it's unrealistic that Bey would've negotiated with them about them allowing her to promote a standalone album inspired by the film. It just sounds like something she would do She was never just gonna say ok I'll voice Nala and there we go. It's just my intuition but yeah, I guess it's possible she paid Disney to use The Lion King as a title etc., but then that's a one time thing. Sony is getting all the money from the album's actual sales, not Disney.
  11. Earth Ripper

    They have her on the official soundtrack though, what's so hard to understand? The Gift has nothing to do with The Lion King as released by Disney. It's released by Sony under their Columbia label. Why anyone thinks Disney would endorse Beyoncé's aggressively Afro-centric message with this project I still don't understand It's more the other way around: Bey accepted to be part of The Lion King if Disney granted her the copyright to use The Lion King in the title of her own album lol.
  12. Earth Ripper

    The Sun though They fucking made this up, how do you guys still quote that fan fic site? Plus, this album is not sold by Disney Bey did this project entirely on her own and Disney was never supposed to get a penny from The Gift's sales So this "article" is fake news on more than one front.
  13. Earth Ripper

    I don't recall saying it was lower quality work (I mean, I agree with that but I don't think I said it here) I'm just saying Gaga's expertise is marketing tactics. That doesn't mean her work is necessarily bad.
  14. Earth Ripper

    Bye sis Why would TLK fans care about that album lol. They already have two soundtracks and Bey's album barely has anything to do with that movie on every level, but esp. musically and lyrically.