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  1. Event Katy receives flowers from Gaga

  2. Other New MDNA SKIN promo video.

    That was hilarious I love it. Some classic Madonna vibes in this one. She looks gorgeous too.
  3. Celeb News Sharon Osbourne says Kim Kardashian isn't a feminist

    But then what's the structural difference between what Kim does and Sharon putting on make-up and wearing sexy, youthful clothing etc.? If you're going to attack Kim for what she does, you'll have to attack a lot of other women too Where's the line? The idealism bit is interesting though and I don't disagree there. A lot of women I know use the inequality between the sexes for their own advantage while fighting for equality, in theory The hard truth of the matter, imo, is that the feminist ideology is usually mostly a pose to appear a certain way rather than something people actually feel strongly about. I know too many self-proclaimed feminists who get instantly bored when considering the more complicated and theoretical aspects of feminist theory
  4. Lady Gaga Is A Legacy Artist At This Point

    She still didn't evolve from writing overdecorated unoriginal pop song compositions though I don't care what instrumental she pays her producer to slap onto her weak melodies and lyrics, she has already gotten comfortable years ago, otherwise she wouldn't have to distract people from focusing on her work to praise her. It doesn't help that she keeps recycling ideas for her looks/music video's/performances etc. too
  5. Celeb News Sharon Osbourne says Kim Kardashian isn't a feminist

    And that's not feminism either
  6. Lady Gaga Is A Legacy Artist At This Point

    She played the game and lost The only reason she's still selling albums and tickets is because of her try-hard rebranding efforts. If she didn't pretend to be a completely new person this time or that this or that album is finally her real vision or if she didn't suddenly change genres etc. she would not have an audience beyond her fans Her whole act is based on grabbing attention without delivering the quality that deserves it The more tricks she plays to keep the circus running, the more fans will see through it and stop paying for her shrinking act.
  7. Most unlikeable stanbase?

    It's true that they're not very offensive, they're more reactionary-stupid than the active instigators like LMs in my experience It's when you make an honest comment about Mariah that the filth comes out in the form of absurd defenses. But yeah, like I said, LMs take the crown for sure
  8. Those of you who stan artists that cant sing. Wyd?

    Ridiculous argument I happen to listen to a lot of classical music but that doesn't somehow cancel out my love for someone like Madonna Yes, it should be obvious to everyone that Madonna's songs aren't comparable to the level of technical skill that went into compositions such as Mozart's, but then it should also be obvious to everyone that despite that information, people might still enjoy Madonna more than Mozart Taste doesn't automatically have to do with technique or levels of artistic complexity.. Madonna's voice is technically inferior to any Broadway singer (so are most voices of the "vocalists" many people here praise, like Mariah or Gaga) out there, but then her timbre and emotional expression is quite unique So yeah, what you're saying is dumb and that's that.
  9. Most unlikeable stanbase?

    LMs, without a doubt, though I'll admit the Lambs aren't far behind Both fanbases share a level of undeserved arrogance about their supposedly superior fav (without ever being able to back that up with proof) that is deeply disturbing Very hard to have decent discussions with because they have so little capacity for intelligent conversation. It's really like the favs they adore: they are masters at creating an aura of superiority but that aura crumbles instantly upon an honest closer look It's all about form and not about content, but somehow those idiotic stans are convinced they actually do care about the latter which is the real joke but also the genius tactic that keeps those slaves tied to the money machine So well done, record labels. But fuck you too 'cause those bitches are unbearable.
  10. Discussion Lorde Uses Fame and Twitter Platform to Raise Awareness for POC in the US

    Vague. Bordering on pandering. Like, ok, how are we gonna do better, can someone please tweet about that?
  11. Photos Katy covers W Magazine

    Amazing project And she looks stunning
  12. Single P!nk | What About Us | August 10th, 2017

    What about originality
  13. Discussion Gaga's most experimental album?

    The Fame She mixed retro synth with 70s inspired rock and made it modern and fresh somehow and, most importantly, commercially attractive on a mass level It's the most underrated pop album of the century and it's a real shame. People are so used to judging songs on melodies alone that they can't hear the genius in the production. Everyone calling that album basic and weak (esp. compared to her later albums which, imo, are 100x more unimaginative on every level) is tragically wrong
  14. Is Gaga's artistic downfall her biggest one?

  15. Who are the best ppl to pander to

    Everything I wanted to say