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  1. Britney Spears just posted a picture on Instagram and has revealed that Karen Kwak is her current A&R! A&Rs usually help choose tracklists for an album and the overall sound direction , Britney has also revealed in her newly Instagram post that Karen played her favorite song that she wrote 7 months ago: Instagram Link Here are some albums Karen Kwak has A&R’d Source
  2. Designer Charbel Zoe’s gave an exclusive sneak peak of Britney Spears “Red Carpet” look for tonight’s Billboard Music Awards. SOURCE
  3. so the rumors are going around twitter, saying that britney isnt performing BOMT OR OIDIA for her medley 

  4. According To Britney-Galaxy's Exclusive info There Are new (possible) tracks for B9! "Clumsy" "Liar" "Slumber Party" so to sum up the tracks for B9 we got so far: Make Me (Oooh)Private ShowJust Luv Me InvitationMan On The MoonClumsyLiarSlumber Party .
  5. if she did botox so what? she can still sing & perform better than your fave,
  6. believe it or not, literally every album gets leaked these dAYs unless if they'd pull a beyonce or A Drake & release the physical copies after the digital ones & not release the albums for pre order
  7. walmart is selling Dangerous Woman 5 days before its release.. 

  8. kanye's album leaked

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