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  1. DespunkThoseFawkingBawls

    When has she been linked to so many rapists and pedophiles?
  2. DespunkThoseFawkingBawls

    You just might have snapped, however on the slack line you should have rhymed it with something about her pretending to be black.
  3. DespunkThoseFawkingBawls

    She’s a complete mess. This year she has just been acting up randomly, being extremely messy, somehow being engaged in pedophilic rumors. Multiple times Is she suffering from some type of disorder, she has never been this messy before. Or is the elite doing this, her downfall feels extremely calculated, Cardi Rises, rumors of her being rude come out, Cardi Shoe debacle, brother goes to jail, collabs with pedophile 69, dates a convicted rapist, album flops. It’s all way to random and consecutive to be a coincidence. Is the machine purposely wrecking her so Cardi can rise. Is the notion “only one female rapper” caused by the industry? Inb4 “no her rude behavior is just catching up with her!” When there are multiple celebrities who have done worse
  4. DespunkThoseFawkingBawls

    Don’t ever at me again
  5. DespunkThoseFawkingBawls

    Oop let’s tag team him
  6. DespunkThoseFawkingBawls

    Yet you drag me for listening to miss thang, aka Bebe Rexha Rexhar Rexhsus Rexhallah.
  7. Pornography of any kind is detrimental to society, especially child porn. dont know why people are so sad that they can’t watch porn on one site, or draw pictures of dicks. And for those who were sex workers, make a Twitter and link a fans only. Problem solved!
  8. DespunkThoseFawkingBawls

    What’s canel oberlin?
  9. DespunkThoseFawkingBawls

    Xtina failed to snag another solo number one or match debut album sales, Carrie Underwood irrelevant, Toni Braxton bankrupt and flopped, Lauryn Hill one album doesn’t have masters and can’t perform original songs, Alicia Keys forgotten tv judge, Adele already listed, Sam Smith forgotten in America but ok sis
  10. DespunkThoseFawkingBawls

    @Bionic Monster really went IN on that pedophile bitch
  11. DespunkThoseFawkingBawls

    Bjork > 😑 innocent reporter > 🤓🎤 ”welcome to Bangkok” bjork > 😡🎤 innocent reporter > 😩
  12. DespunkThoseFawkingBawls

    Two up and cumming black queens, but I wouldn’t eggspect a racist like you to Stan
  13. DespunkThoseFawkingBawls

    This years grammies are flops but who of the chosen BNA will suffer the backlash and inevitable curse that only the likes of Mariah and Adele have evaded? Miss Alessia Cara got the work and has since flopped, we know for a fact it’s between Dua Lipa and Bebe Rexha and perhaps Khloe x Hollie if Beyoncé sends that 50 thousand dollar check. I’m hoping for Dua, she is unoriginal, serves no vocals, choreo, or stage presence or good music. Desperate for hits 79 singles off of one album. Bebe Rexha serves everything and don’t @ me
  14. What happened to your iconic name? bummer1

    1. DespunkThoseFawkingBawls

      I made a misteak rip4