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  1. GagaSavingPop

    The Weeknd and Ariana um...
  2. Jennifer was from debut until 2005, then briefly in 2017 and 2019-2020 Madam Vampire never was WBombney was during the Bodyguard Era Celine never was Paris was from 1999-2001 Christina never was Katy was during Teenage Dream Ava Max was during The Fame Michelle Williams never was Jojo was during her debut Victoria never was Zara never will be Anyone I’m missing?
  3. Yes I’m fine, for everyone wondering. Y’all don’t have to worry about me. 

  4. Corona is coming to a city near you and you will most likely be in quarantine soon. Log off of FOTP and go see your damn family! Yes bitch I’m talking to you!

    1. Entea

      Me and my cold will see you soon then jj2

  5. Well yes I’m sure it was disturbing to be around a pedophile, especially when you’re one yourself.
  6. GagaSavingPop


    No, but I’ll let you eat
  7. GagaSavingPop

    Maybe she snapped, the effects of 5g are being kept secret from us. But y’all are so blinded by technology and homosexuality that you can’t see it
  8. GagaSavingPop

    Yes, Miss Corona is the only artist that I will admit is indeed BIGGER than Mariah ever was
  9. The “!” is sending me
  10. Vespertine is kinda Björks best alberm ever

    1. SHANE

      If Post didn’t exist then sure jj2

  11. GagaSavingPop

    @mods I need a name change stat!
  12. GagaSavingPop


    She’s pretty but overrated
  13. GagaSavingPop


    I never liked rap until Eminem and Iggy did it! Also Post Malone
  14. GagaSavingPop

    Not Heartbreaker being so good you listed it twice
  15. Yes her discography is better than madonnas