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  1. The way every time he speaks he never addresses anything or does anything to mollify the situation. When they vote him out the celebration will be massive.
  2. Legendary, I’ll be waiting when they go on resale. Kii at people equating every looter to the movement, it’s obvious that a lot of people are just opportunists in this current moment of chaos. But anything to devalue the cause I guess
  3. Nnn, my intention wasn’t to drag her. I meant “As she should” as in, I’m proud of her for using her privilege and platform to advocate for positive change. And doing it out on the front lines too not just at home in her mansion. And despite the danger posed to her she still decided to go out there. I should have explained that in my original post, sorry it was not clear
  4. Mod Notice Trolling in threads like these will not be tolerated given the circumstances.
  5. Anonymous leak the “Underneath The Stars” music video or ill show you what a real hacker is! 

    1. Billie Frank

      And a high quality version of Weakness Of The Body, aka one of her best bops. 

  6. I agree, every police officer has some form of narcissistic personality disorder. A deep seated obsession with power, importance and control over the well-being of others, as well as viewing themselves as more important and “useful” to society. No police officers truly care about the wellbeing of the citizens, as no police officer ever speaks out against injustice committed by their peers. They simply watch on in silence.
  7. If any other white woman had their black son dancing to end racism my reaction would be the same Any celebrity in general actually, extremely corny.
  8. It seems my current username held true clap2  

  9. “My son dances to pay honor and tribute to George and all victims of racism” not verbatim, but my takeaway was correct. It’s cringe, tone-deaf and shes a white woman. It’s corny and something very Madonna for her to do.
  10. You sound delusional as fuck, anyway. This is corny as hell, I’m glad she’s bringing coverage to the brutal murder of George. But to be like “here’s my black son dancing to stop killing of black men” She’s so tone-deaf and out of touch. Literally embarassing
  11. GagaSavingPop


    Fantasy vs. Honey Underneath the Stars vs. Butterfly One Sweet Day vs. My All Open Arms vs. The Roof Always Be My Baby vs. Fourth of July I Am Free vs. Breakdown When I Saw You vs. Babydoll Long Ago vs. Close My Eyes Melt Away vs. Whenever You Call Forever vs. Fly Away Daydream Interlude vs. The Beautiful Ones Looking In vs. Outside 8 - 7 Would be a tie if it was Honey remix, honey original is garbage
  12. GagaSavingPop


    Lovergod best song in her discography, Last Night A Buddha Saved My Life, Didn’t Mean To Turn You Christian, Don’t Stop Funkin 4 Jesus, Lead The Way (to Christ)
  13. GagaSavingPop

    Keep quoting me and I’ll bait you into a one month ban sis
  14. GagaSavingPop

    The way it’s the same videos of Madonna barely carrying a tune in a completely unrelated thread. Lemme just get banned chile
  15. Oop, that forum is a massive kii though whew