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  1. These happened years ago and I’m sure she’s unbothered. Nobody owes her anything she’s a multi millionaire for life.
  2. The constant jokes about pedophilia over the years, when people show you who they are you listen... It doesn’t negate the fact that there are “real” pedophiles out there at all, I don’t see where you are getting that from.
  3. And you seem to always know the inter-workings everyone’s mind You jump to defend pedophiles,rapists,racists,murderers for what? Then you get mad. Are you slow or just genuinely a bad person?
  4. Yes you can cancel him, what’s not clicking. Also did you used to make jokes about jerking off to underage girls and boys back then? Please do tell
  5. The way this entire post makes no sense, just say you find pedophilia amusing and are a Shane Dawson stan. The way it’s always this same comedic gate keeping rhetoric of nothing being off limits, it was distasteful and disgusting and he is rightfully getting called out for it. Also what’s to insinuate that people are more mad at Shane than offending pedophiles, the mental gymnastics are sending me. Then you wanna call J Star and PewDiePie more offensive when we can focus on multiple people. You are sick and a pedo sympathizer.
  6. The way you always find a way to defend anything related to pedophilia, it’s honestly so weird
  7. Winnie.#BLM

    I know, I wanna see OP say it.
  8. Winnie.#BLM

    How’s she doing in the US?
  9. Winnie.#BLM

    I agree, people love seeing a female fat/ugly person reaching success because it’s less threatening and makes them feel like they can achieve it, especially in regards to woman. It’s why beautiful pop stars are always hated and called divas and overrated for no reason. People are jealous and insecure.
  10. Went through 80 questions and they couldn’t figure her out
  11. The way they couldn’t guess Leshawna from total drama island
  12. Winnie.#BLM

    I would say she was is one of the best vocalists of the current main pop girls.
  13. Winnie.#BLM

    I’m sure you are very upset this is resurfacing.
  14. Winnie.#BLM

    In 2009, alleged Queen of Rap and pedophile sympathizer, Nicki Minaj collaborated with them 16 year old rapper Lil Twist. In the recently resurfaced song lyrics, Nicki raps about pursuing sexual relations with the young boy regardless of his age, even going as far to say girls his age have “cooties” to discourage him from pursuing girls his age. I guess it’s confirmed now, Nickis constant support of pedophiles and rapist, from her brother, to her husband to Tekashi 6ix9ine, stems from the fact that she is a pedophile and predator herself
  15. Good, hopefully permanent
  16. Winnie.#BLM

    No, but she has some good songs. I think it’s surprising to people because she is such a pop and gay culture staple. One would assume most adult gays would have listened to at least one Madonna album.
  17. Sure, Miss Ari has had some success and some cute hits but that’s literally it. She’s five albums in and it still feels like she’s trend hopping and chasing the current sound for a hit Not to mention a large portion of her success is very contrived and manufactured. Sweetener flopped hard despite being her supposed anticipated comeback, and Thank U Next only “smashed” because it piggybacked on some tragedies happening in her life. The era barely lasted and was very front-loaded After that every song she was on flopped, see don’t Call Me Angel and Boyfriend. It wasn’t m until she hopped onto bigger artists tracks and heavily used payola and chart manipulation to get number ones that fell out the top 10 in the second week In my opinion she has yet to cement herself as a artist and will not be remembered. If she were to retire today nobody would be bopping along to her supposed classics, Side to Side, Bang Bang, Break Free, 7 rings, in 20 years. I would say she is the biggest industry plant of all time and truly a failed copy of Mariah
  18. I was just watching his video about him moving on from YouTube, I hope he and his friend recover. He always seemed like a genuine and empathetic person.
  19. Winnie.#BLM

    Yes, happiness when the world is in its current state is disgusting as fuck and you should be ashamed. Happiness breeds complacency and indifference. You being happy as of now, means you are happy with all the current atrocities happening in the world.
  20. Winnie.#BLM

    Not this lowkey sending me for some reason
  21. I think her effectively getting black balled had something to do with male producers abusing their power. It always unsettled me now seeing teen actors portraying sexual or provocative situations, because I always remember that it’s a group of grown men who came up with the idea and filmed it. She reminds me very much of Scarlet Johansson who was sexualized at a early age.
  22. Me on the Walmart cctv camera before switching out clothes and walking out the store f3hLmro.gif

  23. These day old anonymous accounts exposing celebrities for “rape” are obviously made to discredit the #MeToo movement and/or prove how easy it is to get clout and go viral on twitter for literally anything.
  24. Hopefully he never finds another woman to abuse