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  1. I thought Madonna was the pinnacle of female success and longevity. In Mariah’s autobiography, she revealed that the most powerful man in music at the time compared her to Michael Jackson, even at the start of her career. Keep in mind, Thriller had already been released and was literally the biggest musical event in history and solidified Michael Jackson as the biggest star on the planet. He said she was the most talented artist he had ever met, and that she could be as big as Michael Jackson. And with her unprecedented reign in the 90s, he was correct. I’m curious as to why the supposed biggest female artist on the planet wasn’t mentioned? Did the music mogul know something we don’t? That Madonna is perhaps not as talented or successful as she and her stans make her out to be? Did Mariah simply turn out to be bigger and more talented? discuss
  2. Winnie x Ava Max

    Mariah’s natural range is unmatched and so is her control. The amount of different textures she is able to convey with her voice, fitting to any genre, throughout her entire range is literally inhuman. She is arguably the most versatile pop vocalist of all time. The things she is able to do with her voice are far ahead of Celine and Whitney who simply do not have the ability. Her ability is unmatched, her lows notes are unmatched, her whistles, the ease she possessed in her upper belts, the control to switch between registers seamlessly one breath. She is the best mainstream female vocalist of all time.
  3. Million reasons spent one week in top 10 after Super Bowl promo. OT: Lady Caca
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    No, I’m a boy
  5. Be lucky I gave nosega “The Fame” and Flop This way, could have easily been; Caca - 1 album from August 19 2008 - November 18 2009
  6. Since her debut, the pasty Aryan perpetual victim has seen a steady level of success and celebrity status. Never having truly flopped, Miss Swifts 8th and most recent alberm debuted atop the billboard 200 and has stayed for 7 weeks allowing Swift to surpass actual talent artist Whitney Houston as the female with most weeks on BB200, the lead singles also debuted atop simultaneously. Will Taylor have a unprecedented streak of successful albums? Contenders include: Lady Gaga - 2 albums from 2009-2011 Rihanna - 7 albums from 2006-2016 Mariah Carey - 9 albums from 1990-1999 Madonna - 10 albums from 1983-2005
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    Not impressed
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    Music Video

    She is a legend
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    Yes, no artistic progression and she will be on her 6th album, extremely payola’d success from Scooter, desperately tries to garner sympathy for everything she does. She is simply a place holder because Rihanna stopped making music, she’s pathetic, critically panned and isn’t respected.
  10. Stream Ava Max’s new album or I will return and make this site very unenjoyable again. 

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      i mean i kinda force myself to come on anyway cos i actually have friends on here bebe1 

  11. She is the voice of the generation, with Mariah as her inspiration she cannot fail. I’m glad she is having a organic rise to success as Mariah’s true successor, unlike Ariana who was heavily payola’d