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  1. Me on the Walmart cctv camera before switching out clothes and walking out the store f3hLmro.gif

  2. Trolling full-time on FOTP and ATRL keeps me booked and busy, glad I’m making a change!

  3. The post below contains paid promotion 

    Can’t wait to go to Chromatica on June 14th! Make sure you send in your megarates to @Arianacry1

    #sponsored #ad

    1. Ariana

      Please expect the extra $250 to your account and a $20 Sears gift check within the day! oprah15

  4. Me: logs in 

    The rest of the forum: 



    1. Royalty

      We love you Winnie 

    2. Winnie x Ava Max

      Upvote the status we need to go the sympathy route 

    3. Billie Frank

      1 hour ago, Royalty said:

      We love you Winnie 

      Do we? 

  5. I

    1. Entea

      Omg I love Hangman, ima guess A ny1

    2. Ariana

      Is this Hangaroo?



  6. Anonymous leak the “Underneath The Stars” music video or ill show you what a real hacker is! 

    1. Billie Frank

      And a high quality version of Weakness Of The Body, aka one of her best bops. 

  7. It seems my current username held true clap2  

  8. I’m ready to work things out 

    1. Simón.

      Me too, my love

    2. Winnie x Ava Max

      ignore what I said here @Simón.

  9. Missing @G.T.D.A.B.

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    2. Winnie x Ava Max

      Glad you’re doing well, just wanted to make sure. 

    3. G.T.D.A.B.

      I'm also doing what i love and feel reborn from the results. lana14 It's 100% my feelings now & where i am in my mind set now,  i'm in a much better place with the light within my heart and soul. cry7

    4. Winnie x Ava Max

      Iconic, I’m glad you’re doing well. clap3 

  10. Thinking of @Jae hope he’s ok 

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    2. Winnie x Ava Max

      Yes Sam Puckettallah clap2 

    3. Jae

      Make that your next fotp persona moo8 how’s your quarantine going papi 

    4. Winnie x Ava Max

      Better now that you’ve responded gaga13


  11. 6 members online 

  12. How I wake up everyday knowing I have to face the societal pressures that come with being a legend EWgDTjgU4AEXXpU?format=jpg&name=large

    1. Entea

      Not everyone can hack it rav2

  13. 24-OUT 

    1. Entea

      Only a true Winnie can pull this off clap3

    2. Simón.

      I still love you 

  14. Just registered on ATRL, ugh they’re over giveup3

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    2. Winnie x Ava Max

      I’ll still be here giveup3

    3. mylifelies

      I also registered on ATRL out of my misery


      no worries i will still be there in this forum tho

    4. Royalty


  15. You will be ok, I promise. 

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    2. Royalty

      @Simón. promise I'll always be there, promise I'll be the cure demi1 

    3. Winnie x Ava Max

      @Simón. yes you will

      As for the other no it will not 

    4. Royalty

      @GagaSavingPop This is stupid, don’t be stupid, why are you being stupid?

  16. I will be doing a live Video Q&A for quarantine sometime this week on Instagram. Make sure you follow me on there. We will have a good laugh chile! Yes indeed 

  17. Yes I’m fine, for everyone wondering. Y’all don’t have to worry about me. 

  18. Corona is coming to a city near you and you will most likely be in quarantine soon. Log off of FOTP and go see your damn family! Yes bitch I’m talking to you!

    1. Entea

      Me and my cold will see you soon then jj2

  19. Vespertine is kinda Björks best alberm ever

    1. SHANE

      If Post didn’t exist then sure jj2

  20. Demi ATE her new song up, omg oprah15 

    This new era will be her biggest yet oprah15

  21. The way this has been the go-to emote for months > oprah15

    Oprah her poweroprah15 

    1. Divine

      glad you stan oprah15 

  22. @mods when are we having another razzies

  23. About to watch the trial of Gabriel Fernandez, just reading about it has me shaking with sadness and rage.

    1. Chris Morlock

      Those two deserve to ROT

  24. Intentions is kinda good actually oprah2 I can see it getting good promo and hitting number one oprah2

    1. Billie Frank

      Ok Governor Sarah Palin brit13