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  1. Winnie.

    Then to cover for her lack of stage presence she inserts the same messy ass run for each and every song. So pathetic.
  2. Watching Ariana’s Coachella “performance” and it’s so bland and flavorless why? Now I know why stans were hyping up Normani at Aris tour, she can put up a show. Very messy to see thousands of Hellen Keller’s in the audience as Ariana desperately shouts “sing!” to the audience as she performs her multi-week supposedly massive number one hit 7 rings. Then during the NSink collaboration her choreography wasn’t insanely messy and got overshadowed by the back up dancers along with 7 rings choreography. She is so boring. Then the bland ass moon projection as the screen She should have performed there instead, perhaps she’d have a better audience!
  3. Winnie.

  4. Winnie.

    There isn’t one!
  5. Winnie. here

    Whenever I feel depressed I think of this look mimi-ama-10oct18-16.jpg

    1. I Brings That Levity

      Whenever i feel depressed i use this photo to help me feel better about myself. 



  6. Winnie.

    Mod Notice Do not insult the looks of other members.
  7. Disgusting, as if it being a year ago excuses it. He was what? 29 last year? Wow he has grown! As if joking about pedophilia and comparing it to foot fetishes is funny, even though there was no humor in the conversation.
  8. Winnie.

    Yes that is true, sweet like honey sour like vinegar
  9. Winnie.

    Yes I knew what a neologism is and didn’t have to look it up!
  10. Winnie.

    I knew this thread would cause a stir
  11. When I think about Mariah getting old into her 70s and 80s it’s a kii, but also frightens me. I’ll be heartbroken when I lose the legend songbird supreme best selling artist of the sound scan era 5 time Grammy winner former American idol judge Mariah Carey. But I can imagine her being like Madonna and not giving a fuck, she’ll still be wearing lingerie in public and lipsyching to AIWFCIY.
  12. I don’t believe it’s just low ticket sales. Mariah performs at half empty IMAX theaters and doesn’t cancel and she doesn’t even need the money as much as nicki. Rihanna had empty banquet halls for the ANTI world tour and didn’t cancel. Kristina was struggling to fill 4K studio apartments and she didn’t cancel? What is up with Miss Minaj?