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  1. ariana releasing on Friday. I expect you to stream. if not I'll leak your IP address and I'll hack your Amazon Prime account to buy a Nintendo Switch and a copy of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild as well as a pack of emoji stickers. the choice is yours. stream Boyfriend or have your IP address hit the interwebs and have a new video game system arrive to your home with Amazon Prime's special two-day shipping.

  2. Winnie.

    Yes, yes!
  3. thought this was fake wtf literally shocked
  4. Winnie.

    When was Christina’s last solo number one?
  5. Winnie.

    Oh wow I’m sick,
  6. Winnie. here

    Lil Nasal X came out as he nears OSD’s record, this publicity will give him more exposure. 20 week number one incoming. I’m homophobic again!

  7. Miss Siwa would stomp out jojo with her size 12 sketchers!
  8. Dumb, people acting like Taylor is a jojo. Where she was literally swindled as a teen and had her career stopped.
  9. https://mobile.twitter.com/LilNasX/status/1145428812404068352 It seems homophobic barbz lost! Trying to destroy a black gay men, a minority in all parts of the world. Because he got a number one before their botched concrete assed pedophile supporting rapist fiancéd fave! First they love you, then they switch yeah they switch like 14 week #1 holders!
  10. Winnie.

    She’s in another world 😍😍
  11. I’ve never dragged Mariah tbh, as all evidence of me doing so has been edited!
  12. Winnie.

    If you think Mariah couldn’t slaughter Apart, or eat Brandy’s lower register up on Like This. You are delusional!
  13. Winnie.

    She really is a exceptional vocalist and has some of the best vocal layering and production. Even though she favored Whitney, her artistry and voice is more akin to Mariah. Now behind the wheel...
  14. Winnie. here

    Madonna did what she had to do with God Control clap3