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  1. Winnie.

    1. Stop… 2. Tragic Love 3. Exit 4. Who You Are 5. You're The One 6. Party 7. Can't Answer For Myself 8. Emotions 9. Let Her Go (Extended Version) 10. Words On The Trees 11. Just Dance 12. Let Go 13. Align 14. Wish 15. Play 16. Hold Me Sounds like a critically acclaimed smash!
  2. Winnie.

    Madonna, she hasn't had a decent position on the Hot 100 in ages. She tried with Bitch I'm Desperate, Medicine, and God Control but nothing stuck. Meanwhile, Mariah is nestled comfy at number one.
  3. Winnie. here

    Person above me doesn't care about Camilas racist past.

  4. Imagine picking K I need streams for now. Queen Beyonces Homecoming >>>
  5. Winnie.

    Certified honey, no streaming added only digital and physical. No other female artist comes close, so the "streaming and easier certifications" excuse doesnt carey any weight. Rihanna is simply more talented and has a better discography. All in 15 years. Its reminiscent of how Mariah outsold all of madonnas album sales in 10 years. 1990 -1999
  6. Winnie.

    Stay on topic, best selling female artist of all time, soon to be overall best selling and most certified artists
  7. Winnie.

    276 million certified record sales, 2nd only to the Beatles! Who she will soon surpass by 2020 Why was Rihanna able to do in 15 years, what took Madonna 37 years? And surpass with over 100 million certified sales
  8. This carbon copy of the ATRL thread made earlier, you gotta try harder babe rip4 Anyway, she did popularize urban artists collabing with pop artists. No one said she created it, as that wouldnt make sense...anyway!
  9. Winnie.

    The Everbody performance is giving legit Dua Lipa NNNN
  10. Winnie.

    I really can't tell if you're trolling Those clips harmonizing, she literally sings and then the other person harmonizes with her. And those stand alone clips with guitars She sounds very bad and exhibits no stage presence
  11. Winnie.

    And none would support your point...
  12. Winnie.

    Who's maria
  13. Winnie.

    Um hun if you buy a ticket, you're going to attend. And we all know critics eat madonna's ass hole, the videos posted above demonstrated nothing accept below average vocals, lack of breath support and mediocre stage presence. The only reason she was given that leniency is because of her past. Let her have debuted in 1980 with only a few background musicians and a banjo.
  14. Winnie.

    The videos posted above seem to support my claim