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    2. Hylia

      Because she can move the ground, like you move my heart ❤️💦

    3. Winnie.


      you’re my beast boy 💋🌹

    4. Hylia

      I’ll transform into a pterodactyl. I’m feeling a Ray of Light mood

  2. Winnie.

    Baiting you to reply
  3. Winnie. here

    @LuranusLur hellor 

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      Hello how are you i like kangerroos to. 

    2. Winnie.

      You always send me ❤️

  4. Your rep is so high, I'm so jealous katy9

    1. Winnie.

      You’ll get there soon legend, I’ll go through your posts later and upvote gaga1

    2. Bliss

      Thanks, sweetie bey13

  5. Winnie.


    Hopefully she serves something better than this for the 2nd single
  6. Going from racist to “we love and appreciate everyone, because I have a make up brand” is pandering. Same if Nicki suddenly starting being extremely pro-lgbt or something. Sad to see you defend a racist
  7. When someone doesn’t understand what pandering is.
  8. Winnie.

    Madonna is a rude, trendhopping, racist we been knew. Number one reason why she isn’t respected or acknowledged by any other musical greats.
  9. Neither Rihanna nor Nicki have shown any growth personality wise. Rih is still racist, and Necki is still a homophobe.
  10. Winnie.


    What about it?
  11. Just listened the song is boring as always, and sounds like a early Taylor Swift reject. She doesn’t evolve and keeps making the same sappy music, that hipster kids who still smoke cigarettes and wish they were born in the 60s listen to. Any grown person over the age of 22 who still listens to Yawna is embarrassing.
  12. You kinda did that with the OP, it should have at least 25 upvotes
  13. They are, just like receipts of Nicki saying faggot in one song 7 years ago are enough.
  14. The woman is of Asian descent, and there is the stereotype that Asian people only eat rice or like rice cakes. Rice Cake is also a derogatory term used against Asians and Chinese. So Rihanna is referring to her as a rice cake with glasses and hoops.
  15. As if one being fake, negates the other two. The Barbadian Forehead is a racist, and that’s that on that