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  1. Ḥ̢̳̪̤͔̝̟͈̟̊̔̊̔̀͠e̵͎̣̙͖̠̎̄̿̄́y̷̨̪̻̣̩͍͇̞̳̑̆̓̂̿́̍͢͠͝ s̞̰̖͉͔̺͓̀̎̀̈́̉̀͋̕͟͞i̢̢̮̦̹͖͙͖̼̫̋̀͗̊͂s̴̡̧̖̬̮̦̺̬̒̊͗̐̕̚͢͡

    1. Winnie.

      Tease of that Atrl thread where that symbol took up an entire thread lmfao2 

  2. Winnie.

    Mariah did the biggest female pop collab with the late great Whitney Houston! Nowadays, she’d rather give exposure and props to young and upcoming rappers. Such as female rappers stefflon don and Shawni @Infrared! On the A No No remix Than use them for hits and relevancy, see Bitch I’m Madonna ft Nicki Minaj
  3. Winnie.

    Sure sis, and Mariah gained weight in her boobs, but lost her 2015 -16 weight throw exercise
  4. Winnie.


    Mariah - every single post We Belong Together
  5. Winnie.

    She’s obviously had plastic surgery in the face y’all are hilarious
  6. Winnie. here

    Just looked in the mirror and asked “Who’s a bad bitch?”. Didn’t get a response 


    1. Satori

      Throw yourself a bone next time and answer alex1

  7. Winnie.

    Are y’all saying you support Sharia law now? #6moreWeeks! #42SweetDaysUntilTheRecordsBroken! #Mariah&Boys2MenOverParty
  8. Girl I’m defending Miss Maraj
  9. Winnie. here

    My sincerest condolences and apologies to the status below me.

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    2. Winnie.

      King, I had spaghetti and garlic bread for dinner. 

      What do you like on your baked potato? 🥔 

    3. Hylia

      Is it crack, is that what you smoke

    4. LuranusLur

      Sour cream and butter!

  10. Fotpers stan music from a music industry complicit in the sexual abuse of young girls, racism, and capitalism since it’s inception! Yet continue to try and claim moral high ground
  11. I’d argue Mariah was much more daring with LGBT staple Rainbow. After her stark tradition into Butterfly, and the urban and African American market, she released the gay album anthem. Having personally experience the everpresent homophobia in the black community as a result of the omnipresence of Christianity. Ms.Carey was much more daring and provocative than anything Madonna ever did.
  12. Better than having your dad pimp you out since your teen years, no childhood, no high school education, and no verbal fluency, just stolen writing credits, a cheating husband, and setting a horrible example for your daughters as to what a healthy marriage looks like
  13. When you’re worth $500 million without the having to overwork yourself mentally and physically touring with your cheating husband who which you have 3 kids, I would think you’d be very satisfied
  14. Mariah divorced her cheating husband, Beyoncé took it and drank lemonade 🍋
  15. And Mariah debuted her solo career in 1990, Beyoncé in 2003 and