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  1. But I thought the song is bigger than her and every Major artist artist with a Christmas song could do it? Why is she one of only 3 Christmas songs in the top 20? Where is ARTIST OF THE DECADE, Taylor Swift newly released Christmas jingle that sounds very similar to Mariah’s? No answer oh ok! She will be hitting number one this year, and nobody not even Adele or Rihanna can stop her! yes Mariah, yes Talent
  2. Mods getting mad at someone making this forum interesting! Never seen that before! @Hylia you are a filthy rat
  3. right, the mental gymnastics is sending me
  4. Who also cites mariah more than madonna. Anyway!
  5. Mariahs song enters the charts weeks to months before any of the other artists mentioned, and entered itunes this year before she even started promoting. Mariahs christmas song is the biggest and most remember in modern history, a self penned classic that is forever attached to her name. Also very ironic you say "Every big artists christmas music gets played yearly, but Madonnas, the biggest female artist of all time, cover of "Santa Baby", a humongous christmas classic, is nowhere to be found on her kworb or itunes or played on any radio station, why? Without radio support mariah still outsreams every other christmas song... Anyway!
  6. New artists honey, not artists nearly decades or more into their career. Inb4 Camila Cabello and Dua Lipa. Regardless you say mariah over promotes All I Want For Christmas every year, but in the same breath insinuate young adults the main consumer of radio, streaming and social media wouldnt know she sang the song? You thought you did something luv
  7. Winnie. here

    This A/B-list ex girl group member who has been in the media recently for her obvious PR relationship with this closeted A-list male pop star, may have made one point with this banger of a song on her highly unanticipated sophomore album. 

    A/B-list ex girl group member: Camila Cabello/Fifth Harmony

    Closeted A-list male pop star: Shawn Mendes 

    Banger song that made a point: "Bad Kind of Butterflies"

    Unanticipated sophomore album: Romance 

    1. Hylia

      Warned babycakes

    2. Winnie.

      Sis that song is so good been on repeat since yesterday giveup1

    3. Hylia

      I’ll pray for you Kathy, and that filthy mouth of yours

  8. This thread has been made multiple times, I have made one before. And the gag is the answer is always the same, deflection! "WHITNEY AND MJ DEAD, MARIAH SEASONAL HIT!". All are more streamed on virtually every possible platform than Madonna. Her stans will love to yell "Too many to name". Go outside and ask a 20 year old straight male or female if they know "La Isla Bonita", nobody will say anything. Her most remembered hits are Vigue and Like A Virgin, and they don't hold the test of time like the aforementioned in the OP. Because madonna herself has always been a product of her time. Madonna is never cited as a influence by anyone anymore, because she is forgotten and really nobody gives a fuck about her. And that's that. Now stream Mariahs 19th number one
  9. Winnie. here

    I leave and come back to racism, love it.

    1. Royalty

      So if you stay away...there is no racism? jj2 

    2. Winnie.

      So you're saying I deserve racism


    3. Urbanov

      Ok 40 year old white man

  10. Winnie. here

    Judas hits so fucking hard whew

    Stephanee Germanaughttah really did that with that damn song alex1

  11. Winnie.

    I would say Mariah is the most talented vocally, I believe this is due to her not drinking massive quantities of her own urine before performing. Something Madonna has admitted too.
  12. Winnie.

    He kinda looks like Austin mahone
  13. Winnie. here

    Logging on and seeing @Divine and @Hylia with gold usernames. The fear that incited within me...

    1. Hylia

      I’ve found your dupe (:

  14. Winnie.

    I don't know but what I do know is that she called out of her shift and now I have to come into work later 🙄🙄🙄