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  1. Move over Billie, there is a new whisper songstress in town but she has a some pipes on her as well! Ex-Act Olivia Rodrigos debut single “Drivers License” is expected to DEBUT at number one on billboard. HER DEBUT SINGLE, why has Madonna never debuted at number one? Her stans told me she is the biggest most influential female artist of all time, has been bigger than Mariah at every point in her career, and is bigger currently despite Mariah having a multi week number one in 2020. Perhaps she isn’t as big as we once thought, and Miss Rodrigo is coming to send that old bitch back down to hell where she belongs
  2. Me wondering what this thread has to do with my aforementioned Cardi B 2 Seems the rapptress continues to postpone the album.
  3. Mariah is about to release a whole Christmas special with the biggest pop star on the planet, who is directly influenced by her. Madonna is somewhere preaching false information about coronavirus antibodies like the delusional hag she is. Mariah requested Ariana to be in a Christmas special with her, Madonna was called last minutes by Ariana for the GIAW music video. Insinuating that Ari was in the position of power to direct Madonna. Evidently she is bigger than Madonna seeing as how she has 5 number one debuts. Mariah however is set to break Spotify streaming records again, as AIWFC has debuted at 29 on BBH100 in January. The last thing Madonna debuted was her ugly ass face to her IG page. Anyway, Mariah is bigger and better and always has been and always will be. Just wanted to let y’all know that.
  4. Winnie

    That’s one example yes, but Madison was lowkey looking like current Ariana before Ariana tbh. The both make disposal shit music tho, Dear Society is a bop however.
  5. Winnie

    She debuted in 2013 mama, it’s 2020. Brandy was citing Mariah as a influence in 1996, while Mariah debuted in 1990. Ariana has had more than enough time
  6. The little teeny bopper meme singer has seen a sudden influx of success, mostly due to sympathy from her tragic personal life and payola and fraudulence from Scooter. But despite all this success, Ariana has little to no impact on anything whatsoever At this point in time in Mariahs career, the artist Ariana’s career has been modeled after, she was being cited and an influence by other talented and successful vocalists like Brandy, Mary J Blige and Britney Spears. Ignore the vocals part for Britney. However nobody cites Ariana as a influence, other than Victoria Money or whatever her name is Taylor gets cited by multiple articles as being extremely impactful and powerful in the music industry. Meanwhile, you have Ariana breaking records set by The Beatles and Mariah Carey and she has no impact, why?
  7. Come and save me

    1. Winnie

      I’ll be coming to Chile when travel ban is lifted, please wait for me king. I haven’t forgot about you. 

    2. saiga

      A true king oprah15 I’ve missed you!

  8. I thought Madonna was the pinnacle of female success and longevity. In Mariah’s autobiography, she revealed that the most powerful man in music at the time compared her to Michael Jackson, even at the start of her career. Keep in mind, Thriller had already been released and was literally the biggest musical event in history and solidified Michael Jackson as the biggest star on the planet. He said she was the most talented artist he had ever met, and that she could be as big as Michael Jackson. And with her unprecedented reign in the 90s, he was correct. I’m curious as to why the supposed biggest female artist on the planet wasn’t mentioned? Did the music mogul know something we don’t? That Madonna is perhaps not as talented or successful as she and her stans make her out to be? Did Mariah simply turn out to be bigger and more talented? discuss
  9. Winnie

    Mariah’s natural range is unmatched and so is her control. The amount of different textures she is able to convey with her voice, fitting to any genre, throughout her entire range is literally inhuman. She is arguably the most versatile pop vocalist of all time. The things she is able to do with her voice are far ahead of Celine and Whitney who simply do not have the ability. Her ability is unmatched, her lows notes are unmatched, her whistles, the ease she possessed in her upper belts, the control to switch between registers seamlessly one breath. She is the best mainstream female vocalist of all time.
  10. Million reasons spent one week in top 10 after Super Bowl promo. OT: Lady Caca