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  1. 2 minutes ago, Popboi said:

    Quiet obviously cause of singles in the digital and streaming era, certifications are WAY more prevalent now than during Madge's peak in the 80s (before Nielsen even began tracking in US), plenty of certifications WW were more demanding back then (for example 2x the current needed amount for UK certs).

    Certified honey, no streaming added only digital and physical. 

    No other female artist comes close, so the "streaming and easier certifications" excuse doesnt carey any weight. 

    Rihanna is simply more talented and has a better discography. All in 15 years. 

    Its reminiscent of how Mariah outsold all of madonnas album sales in 10 years. 1990 -1999


  2. 25 minutes ago, Jjang said:

    How many of those are albums and not quick little singles?

    Stay on topic, best selling female artist of all time, soon to be overall best selling and most certified artists 


  3. 276 million certified record sales, 2nd only to the Beatles! Who she will soon surpass by 2020

    Why was Rihanna able to do in 15 years, what took Madonna 37 years? And surpass with over 100 million certified sales clap3 clap3


  4. 11 hours ago, Jjang said:

    Her fans love to brag about how big and influential and risky that Fantasy remix was (which flopped, by the way) when in reality that was already an established trend - her fans only view it as a risk because prior to that moment her career has been the safest Pop girl career of all time. A lot of the things her fans credit her for was mostly the doings of Mary J Blige. A sad re-writing of history.

    Artists who did it before her: 







    Merry Christmas dahhhlings! gag1 @Winnie. @HninSi @Madonna






    This carbon copy of the ATRL thread made earlier, you gotta try harder babe rip4 

    Anyway, she did popularize urban artists collabing with pop artists. No one said she created it, as that wouldnt make sense...anyway!

  5. 1 minute ago, Jjang said:




    I mean, I remember you vividly stating that at one point Selena Gomez' impressed you vocally. You're standards are just drastically different with Madonna, hmm. ari9


    I mean:

    Musical theater 




    Folk/ballad just her on the guitar 




    Straight ballad 



    Just random performances where she's energetic while still showcasing vocal control that most modern Pop stars can't deliver 



    Like she literally began her career performing her songs like this, all the attention on her and 0 props to hide behind:




    Of course I can post a billion more but these are the "traditional" type of performances you're constantly demanding her to downgrade to. brit15


    Whether you like it or not, her voice transcends and she can hold on her own, you can complain about her pitch, or her going off key or whatever - she's wildly entertaining to watch as a performer and she uses elaborate productions to elevate her performances' as opposed to hiding the fact that its a worthless performance with shiny decorations - aka a Lady Gaga show. 


    Anyway ari5

    I really can't tell if you're trolling rip4

    Those clips harmonizing, she literally sings and then the other person harmonizes with her. 

    And those stand alone clips with guitars rip4 She sounds very bad and exhibits no stage presence

  6. 21 hours ago, Régine Filange said:

    No one cares about background musicians, they just play their instruments, don't tell me Mariah doesn't have background musicians in her performances too. eve1 The crowd is amazed by her sitting and just singing, especially at the second video. ari2 I can post many more videos tho. ari2

    And none would support your point...

  7. 1 hour ago, Jjang said:

    Your premise is that if she performed without elaborate production/props no one would give a fuck but she has like three concert tours that were pretty much a one woman show, and they were massive and highly acclaimed so what's the truth? bey4

    Um hun if you buy a ticket, you're going to attend. 

    And we all know critics eat madonna's ass hole, the videos posted above demonstrated nothing accept below average vocals, lack of breath support and mediocre stage presence.

    The only reason she was given that leniency is because of her past. Let her have debuted in 1980 with only a few background musicians and a banjo.

  8. Definitely madonna, and her fans seem to deny this. Even though madonna herself would admit shes not a good singer. 

    Shes a very good speaker, she speaks very well on stage while doing light choreography. 

    Most of her performing ability is mediocre at best, with the theatrics and excitement coming from backup dancers and elaborate stage design. 

    Put madonna on a stage by herself and have her sing one of her supposed hits, and nobody would give a fuck.

  9. 16 hours ago, Madonna said:

    I mean it's not like we didn't expect you to considering you dislike all black artists and are pretty vocal about it. nat2 

    I used ANTi for a long time but after 3 years it's obviously not as exciting anymore. Still, undoubtedly her best album and we all know she's gonna break Fatriah's records soon. Stay mad @Winnie.

    She already broke madonna's as the highest selling female artist of all time. 280 million CERTIFIED records wow!

    She did in about 10 years what took madonna 30+!

  10. 1 hour ago, Régine Filange said:

    Idk about Taylor's song, didn't it just get released? And Madonna's Santa Baby is the 300th version of the song that didn't even get released as a single. But if Spotify wanted to promote it, it would've enter the Hot 100 too, that's what i'm saying.


    Taylor is the artist of the decade, biggest female act of the 2010s. Arguably biggest act in general, and she just had a highly publicized feud with Scooter Braun. 

    Shes predicted to enter in the 60s on the Hot 100, why?

    A cover a timeless 50+ year old classic by the the biggest female artist of all time should be charting right now. Yet madonna is nowhere to be seen on spotify, the billboard or Kworb, why?


  11. 4 hours ago, Madonna said:

    Madonna's Santa Baby is rotting on some various artist compilation.

    Oh, and as you should know...original Christmas songs take a while before they become classics. AIWFCIY's peak in 1995 was 37. gag1 She had to whore herself out and do embarrassing promo performances and TV ads, interviews and shit for twenty years to get it to #3. The only time of the year she has a slight bit of relevance. trash1 

    So you admit it's a classic? Thank you! 

    A insta top 40 hit, during a time where people thought you were irrelevant if you released a christmas album. 

    Oh wow, a chip commerical and a few YouTube videos is all it takes for a number one? Wow! 

    When was madonna's last billboard hot 100 number one?