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  1. Winnie. here

    Judas hits so fucking hard whew

    Stephanee Germanaughttah really did that with that damn song alex1

  2. Winnie.

    I would say Mariah is the most talented vocally, I believe this is due to her not drinking massive quantities of her own urine before performing. Something Madonna has admitted too.
  3. Winnie.

    He kinda looks like Austin mahone
  4. Winnie. here

    Logging on and seeing @Divine and @Hylia with gold usernames. The fear that incited within me...

    1. Hylia

      I’ve found your dupe (:

  5. Winnie.

    I don't know but what I do know is that she called out of her shift and now I have to come into work later 🙄🙄🙄
  6. Winnie. here

    Though I'm missing you, I'll find a way to get through, posting without, cause you were my sister, my strength and my pride, only god may know why, still I will get by @Liam

  7. What's going on sis? You haven't reinvented your image and era in a while. ari7

    1. Winnie.

      Stop dragging me, revamp coming soon!

  8. He's ugly, homophobic and a trump supporter we been knew!
  9. Winnie.

    6 points too high (insert staring miley cyrus jpg).
  10. Winnie.


  11. Winnie.

    Yes she’s a fad, as evident by her recent singles failing to last more than a second in top 20. She got most of her hype from being a IG comedian and the faux Nicki rivalry. Cardi B 2 will debut with less than 100k first week, and she has yet to do a tour because she has no power. Floppi B. All those streams and collabs couldn’t solidify a solo career. A moment most pleasing to my career to see Cardi in the line at unemployment with kulture sipping a Capri-Sun.