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  1. Winnie. here

    Logging on and seeing @Divine and @Hylia with gold usernames. The fear that incited within me...

    1. Hylia

      I’ve found your dupe (:

  2. Winnie.

    I don't know but what I do know is that she called out of her shift and now I have to come into work later 🙄🙄🙄
  3. Winnie. here

    Though I'm missing you, I'll find a way to get through, posting without, cause you were my sister, my strength and my pride, only god may know why, still I will get by @Liam

  4. He's ugly, homophobic and a trump supporter we been knew!
  5. Winnie.

    6 points too high (insert staring miley cyrus jpg).
  6. Winnie.


  7. Winnie.

    Yes she’s a fad, as evident by her recent singles failing to last more than a second in top 20. She got most of her hype from being a IG comedian and the faux Nicki rivalry. Cardi B 2 will debut with less than 100k first week, and she has yet to do a tour because she has no power. Floppi B. All those streams and collabs couldn’t solidify a solo career. A moment most pleasing to my career to see Cardi in the line at unemployment with kulture sipping a Capri-Sun.
  8. Winnie. here

    @Hylia and I will be in the discord voice chat later on today. Stop by and say "hi"!

    1. I Brings That Levity

      This sounds dodgy. 

    2. I Brings That Levity

      Seat belts so we can be safe!

  9. Winnie.


    Can't believe Liam killed me off because I'm not only the most legendary member on the show, but had the best song!
  10. Winnie.


    There will be gods
  11. Winnie. here

    A little bit of flavor below me

  12. Winnie.


    Let Me Be
  13. Winnie.


    No, its just my dry humor
  14. Winnie.


    "Mexican tour dates" is sending me for some reason
  15. The obsession, you seem pressed that Stage Booker Christina Slayguilera doesn't struggle to sell seats like vocal relic Mariah.
  16. The correct term would be "staple" but "stable" fits since Pigstina will soon be taken back to hers after her residency ends!
  17. Hello legend 

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    2. Winnie.

      Omg I'm sorry, you will find a good one ❤

      And I'm glad you're feeling better

    3. LuranusLur

      Thank you tonight is friday 13 so are you going to watch scary movies 

    4. Winnie.

      Omg yes, you gave me a good idea

  18. Racist Camisole Cabello was thought to be the star, but quick and desperate attempt to snatch the Latin community with Havana has overshadowed her entire being. Her follow ups flopped, and she’s releasing the worse possible singles. She’s not being taken seriously and is only getting mentioned by the likes of Bazzi and Shawn Mendes, the sexy closeted “In My Blood” singer. Ally Brooke while nice and bad built, is not destined for fame. She is too old and can’t sing or dance good enough, also has no stage presence. She will likely host events and model for the upcoming Fashion-Nova Box. Bisexual habitual weed smoker Lauren was cute for a second, but she’s too preoccupied sucking off Ty Penny Sign to take her career seriously. She is also too outspoken and PC. She may have a small Latin following. Dinner Jane is a racist, who appropriates black culture and her stand have already clocked this. Even after purchasing horse vaneers and donning a synthetic party city blonde bob, her new single Bottled Up inside Epics Back page artists list, is flopping. And she has no personality whatsoever. That leaves our Nubian Queen Normani Kordei, heir to Beyoncé’s throne. She has even acknowledged by greats like Beyoncé and even The infamous Yes Nipple No Vocal Janet Jackson, who raved about her tribute. She is being invited to high class events, always serves looks and not cocaine nose like Camila, and has the arua of a budding superstar. And not just budding breasts like prepubescent bodied yodeler Camel Cabello. Her organic sleeper hit, “Love Lies” reached number one on Pop Radio a first for both her and goat whisperer DJ Khalid, and number 10 on billboard months after it was released. Her alluring Billboard performance momentarily broke twitter, even though wannabe black without the struggle group BTS was at the event. Normani is just that bitch.
  19. Love me or hate me, but you know this is Diamond certified copy paste. My legacy
  20. Winnie.


    1. Better Left Unsaid - underrated classic and her artistic peak! 2. Thinking Bout God 3. Get well soon 4. My everything 5. Break Up - sonically a bop, but lyrics get tired. When the beat comes in the first 15 seconds is the best part.
  21. Normani was set up yes