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  1. Why are all these harmless and random newbies getting banned over actual nuisances? dead2 

    1. GagaSavingPop

      Because I’m like a roach babe, I’m not going anywhere

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  2. We’re all in quarantine why is the forum not popping 🥴

  3. I am fired because of corona now I have now more money anymore. 

    1. GagaSavingPop

      I’m sorry legend, hopefully after this scare is over you can find work again. A lot of companies are closing temporarily 

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  4. So... I might have corona.

    I've spent the whole night dealing with fever and my body hurts.


    1. GagaSavingPop

      You had a good run, but I had more impact ❤️❤️

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  5. @Royalty has volunteered to test future coronavirus vacancies on himself. Your sacrifice will not be in vain hun and know that if you die, millions of people's lives will forever be indebted to you

    1. GagaSavingPop

      Omg there are still some vacancies! I thought every strain was booked, I’ll have to get one as well! :D

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  6. I’ve been in such a dark head space these past few days and idk how to get out of it 😔😫

  7. When Chematica flops, are we switching to Dua, Liddos? oprah15

    1. GagaSavingPop

      Yes we are

      Dua Disco Pop Smasha Smasha oprah15

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  8. new username bc why not 

    1. GagaSavingPop

      The way I changed my name and set a trend btw

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  9. Do some guys get hotter when they got on their AirPods or is that just me 

    1. GagaSavingPop

      Post in the picture thread wearing AirPods and let us see wat2

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  10. "It's literally amazing", 7 year-old kiribatian boy, Aalona, said to the reporter. This was in response to the question, "How was Madame X?". Despite his village having no internet access or any form of modern technology for over 80 years, the boy still was aware of the Queen of Pop's impact and legacy. Next, the reporters showed the boy a physical copy of The Fame and Born This Way. He furrowed his brows in confusion, "I don't know what or who that is...". He called over his grandmother, a short woman who had lived in America from 2008 to 2011, Aalona told us she hadn't spoken in over 40 years. She shook her head "no", when we asked and showed her pictures regarding Gaga. We then showed a physical copy of Hard Candy, she then proceeded to sing "One Stop. Candy Shop. One Stop. Candy Store. Lollipop. Have Some More". Shocking.

    1. GagaSavingPop

      WHY DID THIS MAKE ME YELL. The “2008 - 2011” sent me lmfao1

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  11. I don't know who that is but he needs to deactivate his Twitter account 


  12. The next time you fail me… will be the last time you fail me

    1. GagaSavingPop

      I'm on the phone with Onika right now, and yes we are getting you removed from the moderator position.

      Oh yes, such a pleasant feeling to be the sole factor in completing destroying the reputation of a beloved pop forum member.

      Oh yes, oh yes. A very pleasant feeling. As I take another sip from my 1996 Premium Dom Perignon. I relish in the fact that I have been the collective bane of every Fotpers existence. 

      Oh yes ma'am and yes sir! Like ANTI on the Billboard 200, I just won't die. Y'all cannot get rid of me. I smile at that fact, as it is no longer an opinion or feeling. 

      - Sent from Pre-release prototype of Apple's newly reinvented 1028gb, 6.8in Hyper HD LED 2400 x 1600pp Display, Motion sensing, Built in High Volume Theater Grade Speaker equipped IPhone XII Max in Dazzling Diamond.

  13. This A/B-list ex girl group member who has been in the media recently for her obvious PR relationship with this closeted A-list male pop star, may have made one point with this banger of a song on her highly unanticipated sophomore album. 

    A/B-list ex girl group member: Camila Cabello/Fifth Harmony

    Closeted A-list male pop star: Shawn Mendes 

    Banger song that made a point: "Bad Kind of Butterflies"

    Unanticipated sophomore album: Romance 

    1. GagaSavingPop

      Sis that song is so good been on repeat since yesterday giveup1

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  14. I leave and come back to racism, love it.

  15. Black people attacking Lizzo is INSANE and UNACCEPTABLE  jj4 

    1. GagaSavingPop

      Girl i had typed up a long response dragging, but it deleted so I’m not gonna even.

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  16. You guys ever see someone you haven’t seen in a while, and it looks like the universe decided to re-cast them with a different actor? orangu1 

  17. Black people attacking Lizzo is INSANE and UNACCEPTABLE  jj4 

    1. GagaSavingPop

      Get her fat ass out of here!

      but true tho, the only reason people are mad is because she is fat black women, something society is engrained to hate or feel bad for, reaching success. Many people are already generally jealous of celebrities and now these insecurities are showing cause they feel why did this “overweight confident black girl” make it big. 

      the chart obsessed shtick is just a excuse, Taylor’s obsessed, Mariah has been obsessed, Nicki Minaj, Madonna, every fave imaginable. 

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  18. What's going on sis? You haven't reinvented your image and era in a while. ari7

    1. GagaSavingPop

      Stop dragging me, revamp coming soon!