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Status Updates posted by Winnie.

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    2. Sylk

      I've learned love is like a notification, build a house or sink a dead body xtina1 

    3. Taylor



      we need rep, but all we want is downvotes 

      we team up, then switch sides like a bottoming backstabber 

    4. Madonna


  1. I’m back, and none of you bitches are safe. 

  2. I just up-voted 78 posts when will any1 sia3 












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    2. Sylk

      Blue queen of tolerance wendy1 

    3. Firdawsi

      it's a long shot but I say why not demi1 

  3. Craziest chat ever, you guys really missed out iggy1 

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    2. DogsNotDead

      Should we go in chat?


      I mean...



    3. Dr. Slay

      I'm going back to chat lol1

    4. DogsNotDead

      everyone, come back to chat.



  4. it so boring on here now dead7 nothing happens dead7 

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    2. Aidan.

      Well I'm soft now.

      We'll try again later Radio

    3. Systemagic

      Living for the +30 notifications l9k5xdA.gif

    4. Halcyon

      Oh my god rip3

  5. This site is dead I’m kinda yelling 

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    2. Jae

      This reminded me that I had to go grocery shopping today but I got too drunk to do it 

    3. Chris Morlock

      my fav YTs are:



      Just a few sass1 

    4. Chris Morlock

      oh and (THIS video is HILARIOUS lmfao1 )


  6. creep1 

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    2. DogsNotDead

      @WinnieThePooh tina1hoe

      tina1you're forgiven for that lie 

      tina1just make sure that sandwich is a 5 dollar- foot long. 

    3. Winnie.

      With or without Mayo creep1

    4. DogsNotDead

      tina1ALL the mayo 

      tina1I want that shit dripping from my lips 

      tina1I want that texture about my throat 

      tina1I want it ALL.


  7. I have no idea what I'm gonna make for thanksgiving dinner with my boyfriend. 

    I was thinking grilled Filet Mignon, with a garlic thyme sauce, and a few shavings of black truffle on top. Maybe a quick arugula salad, with seared scallop, and a lemony vinegareitte. And a nice bottle of Cabernet?

    Or is that too simple? Pls help :( 

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    2. Vertigo-go

      Wendy's gifs thread views is action

    3. Sylk

      @Vertigo-go pull out that salami, I'm hungry! #sylkEATS

    4. Entea

      Just shove a pizza in the oven, he'll never know ny1

  8. Today I had a chicken Caesar salad.

    What is your favorite salad? 

    Comment Below!

    And if you don't like salad 


    Fat wub1 

    Then comment your favorite "healthy" food! 

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    2. Divine

      I'll be there in a few minutes, I'm finishing my salad

    3. Aidan.

      U2 is washed up and Bono is a fad

  9. There is one person on this forums that just a really fake asshole. Sucks that I once thought I could confide in them. rih14

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    2. ChooseyLover

      Ok... moo3 I'm a nice person but I can't stand people who criticize others because of her music likes. brit2 What if I like Britney? It's something wrong with that huh? ew2

    3. Winnie.

      They just do that to be annoying and to troll oprah6 , just ignore ha and downvote ha moo1

    4. Firdawsi

       You bitch rip2 

  10. @Arya I was lagging sorry 

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    2. Hylia

      In there now

    3. Winnie.

      @Arya talk to me, sweet talker 

    4. Arya

      This just in: Arya lost her voice! wendy1

  11. Buy "Make Me" on ITunes 

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    2. H.O.N.E.Y

      Asparagus is boring too btw.


      Broccoli >>>>>>>>>>>



    3. H.O.N.E.Y

      You know what? I think the real Winnie is gay too. I mean he hangs out with Piglet and u can't get any gayer than that. brit10


      I wonder if Piglet is the top with the monster dick and fucks Winnie the power bottom daily and uses honey as lube. scream1

    4. H.O.N.E.Y

      I was right.








           G A Y

  12. Barbra is Nasal 

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    2. Taylor

      You would let anyone do that though, wouldn't you, @DominicBMareaux? nat1 

    3. DogsNotDead

      Actually, no. sha1

      I'm a top and I fuck blueberry pies. sha1

      I'm just full of surprises. sha1

      Do people actually believe me when I say the things I say on here? sha1

      It's an act. sha1

      Gaga ha impact. sha1

      Iv'e only known a few people in the past 5 years that'd probably consider. sha1

      Bisexuals and bisexual threesomes only. sha1

      I've been s***** **** since I was 13, and Tony God was the first person that knew that ha impact. sha1

    4. Winnie.

      still nasal kii 

  13. I'm done upvoting 

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    2. DogsNotDead

      fuck the preacher and his son not his wife and daughter. clap3

  14. Person below me thinks Quicksand is the worst on Vulnicura 

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    2. Hylia

      Idk I think she’s single? She said the album as a whole is her idea of how we can bring love, Nature, and technology together to create a better future. Her Sophocles philosophical era is here

    3. Winnie.

      Wouldn’t expect that from the track listing, but I’m excited for the alberm. I will be downloading it illegally as soon as it leaks!

    4. Hylia

      Media Fire icon!

  15. @Lachlan i have a question.

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    2. Urbanov

      Kinda tacky coming from a blind sheep xx

    3. Winnie.

      I don't follow anyone, that's what makes us different xoxo

    4. Urbanov

      Sure Jan ny5 

  16. I love @Sylkmonster

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    2. Sylk

      ^ screamedddddddddishflie lmfao1 

    3. Dr. Slay

      Back off bitch he's mine tina1




      Jk ny1


      Or am I wendy1




    4. Honey

      @Onika I YELPED fall6 

  17. @LuranusLur it’s me girl rip4 

    I made a very bad name change decision and now I’m stuck for 3 months cry9 

    what have you been doing?

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    2. Winnie.

      Iconic, keep us posted king.

    3. Mariah's 19 #1's

      What show is that boo 

    4. LuranusLur

      It is called coast to coast am 

  18. @Sewernami fight me if you really want drama (:

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    2. Hylia

      Location is ON bitch

    3. Winnie.

      Me and my brass nuqills are on a first class flight to New Zealand. Be READY

    4. Hylia

      Can't wait for brunch at Olive Garden xx

  19. Hello

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    2. Hylia

      Girl you better not leave fotp

    3. Winnie.

      that fucking thread sylk posted lmfao2 Duoy_mMW4AEQ7WN?format=jpg&name=large

  20. Imagine being online on thanksgiving lmfao2 

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    2. Urbanov


      Smth with Abraham Lincoln I think?

      G. Washington; it's basically a harvest festival

    3. Urbanov

      that's why Winnie was online yesterday


  21. @Hylia: *exhales*

    Me: DnzMln1XgAE0a2S?format=jpg

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    2. Hylia

      You know they’re with me? 1, 2, 3, Peter, Paul, and Emery?

    3. Winnie.

      Good, I’ll make celebration bread with the leftover wheat from harvest!

      How many loaves, 1 , 2, 3?

      Just enough for you and me?

      Oven set to 180 degrees, and the dough I have to knead. 

    4. Hylia

      Make some Hawaiian bread

      So my fantasy can be fed

      I’ll make the tea

      Then we can have a little kii