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  1.  Even though the title has a question mark, there is no question that is posed because the answer is obvious. 
     100% Albanian Goddess known by her stage name of Ava Maxallah, has released the best pop album of the century. I feel this album will cease all future comparisons to Joannes niece, because she has never created a body of work so well constructed in the entirety of her sporadic and pathetic career. The best song on the alberm, Tattoo, completely shits on Fadgas discography and madonnas as well just to throw her in there. I just needed to come back and say this. 

    TLDR; Fibromyalgaga decimated by Ava Max’s new album. Ava new queen of pop pop savior all that shiz. 


  2. On 7/12/2020 at 11:06 PM, PETTY said:

    Chile we- 

    showering twice a day has nothing to do with smelling so bad. Some of us enjoy showering and like to feel clean daily. Especially during these times rav2

    I can feel clean without 2 showers ma, there is something wrong! 

  3. In all my years spent on this earth, and I’ve been here for quite some time mind you. I have never seen something so repugnant and disgusting. Words cannot begin to convey what I am feeling right now from seeing this picture. A heart-stopping sense of fear, a visceral hatred and tinge of worry. Nobody in their sane mind would post this. This...this reads like a cry for help. “Help me, help me please, I am sinking”, Madonna screams through this picture. Unfortunately for her, I can’t swim. So sink she will. 

  4. Mariah, but Adele’s peak was several multitudes bigger than madonnas. Bigger songs, more physical sales in a worse market and a bigger celebrity and more impactful.


    Michael > Mariah = Whitney> Britney > Gaga = Adele>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Madonna 

  5. 2 hours ago, Miss Show Business said:

    I'm actually not a SD stan. I don't follow his account and haven't in a long time.


    I just think it's dishonest and problematic to label this "pedophilia". You don't get to throw that kind of accusation out against somebody so freely. Making a sick twisted joke does not make Shane a "pedophile" and in fact ignores that there are still very real pedophiles and child porn producers out there.

    The constant jokes about pedophilia over the years, when people show you who they are you listen...

    It doesn’t negate the fact that there are “real” pedophiles out there at all, I don’t see where you are getting that from. 

  6. 7 hours ago, Villanelle said:

    Humour was like this back then... 

    I was probably 16 when we first started watching him and he made loads of really shocking jokes which we found hilarious. I watched one back the other day and it was shocking and unfunny but you can't cancel him without cancelling an entire generation of people

    Yes you can cancel him, what’s not clicking. Also did you used to make jokes about jerking off to underage girls and boys back then? Please do tell ari9

  7. 4 hours ago, Miss Show Business said:

    This. Shane made comedy skits. In comedy, no topic is off limits. Comedy isn't ever supposed to be taken seriously.

    I mean FFS, with how the Smith's are acting you'd think Shane actually put out a video of himself getting off to her picture. I hope they keep this same energy for REAL fucking pedophiles and child porn convicts.

    I get this kind of humor isn't everybody's cup of tea. But alot of Shane's videos, especially his old ones, were made with good intentions. He just wanted to make people laugh and escape whatever problems they were having. Sometimes his videos even had deep plots, like the one he made called Why Was I Born. People should focus on the WAYY more problematic social media personalities like J*ffree and PewDiePie.

    The way this entire post makes no sense, just say you find pedophilia amusing and are a Shane Dawson stan. The way it’s always this same comedic gate keeping rhetoric of nothing being off limits, it was distasteful and disgusting and he is rightfully getting called out for it. Also what’s to insinuate that people are more mad at Shane than offending pedophiles, the mental gymnastics are sending me. 
    Then you wanna call J Star and PewDiePie more offensive when we can focus on multiple people. You are sick and a pedo sympathizer.

  8. I agree, people love seeing a female fat/ugly person reaching success because it’s less threatening and makes them feel like they can achieve it, especially in regards to woman. It’s why beautiful pop stars are always hated and called divas and overrated for no reason. People are jealous and insecure. 

  9. In 2009, alleged Queen of Rap and pedophile sympathizer, Nicki Minaj collaborated with them 16 year old rapper Lil Twist. In the recently resurfaced song lyrics, Nicki raps about pursuing sexual relations with the young boy regardless of his age, even going as far to say girls his age have “cooties” to discourage him from pursuing girls his age. awk1
    I guess it’s confirmed now, Nickis constant support of pedophiles and rapist, from her brother, to her husband to Tekashi 6ix9ine, stems from the fact that she is a pedophile and predator herself