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  1. I think it was very good, much better than anything Madonna has done since at least the mid 90s and that’s being generous. Inb4 Hard Candy receipts. 
    It’s obvious miss Godga can captivate an audience with just her voice, something Madonna has never been able to do. 
    I would drag OP by their balding edges but they have Mariah in their pfp.

  2. 1 hour ago, Jjang said:

    Madonna’s Glee episode (the Emmy winning, most acclaimed episode of the series) Is massive and brought Madonna to the forefront of tens of millions (i’d say at least 30 million people!) nearly 30 years into her career. The truth is that Madonna as a whole is a universally lauded legend and not everyone has that clap3

    Edit: also MG exposed to 100m+ millennials so its a new anthem in the vein of Girls Just Wanna Have Fun clap3 

    US based show brought a US based legacy Act to the forefront of US media for a quick moment oprah2

    My wiki search is clocking views at 18 million people across the world, 13 million being in US. Where’s the universal you speak of oprah2

    Material Girl 66k daily on YouTube, 22 million  total

    Girls Just Wanna Have Fun 140k daily on YouTube, 800 million total 

    More than nearly every YouTube video Madonna has ever uploaded from 2009- present oprah2
    MG - 122 million Spotify streams 

    GJWHF - 380 million Spotify streams 


  3. 4 minutes ago, fab said:

    honestly Million Reasons is definitely more remembered, I constantly hear it on the radio and in clubs  .. what a classic oprah2

    The way they always try to sneak Material Girl, Like A Prayer and Las Isla Bonita in there oprah2 

    Her bonified hits are Vogue and Like A Virgin 

  4. 5 minutes ago, SeekingThrill said:

    Trying to remember Mariah's hits is like trying to remember your dreams from the past week. aura1

    My dreams like Mariah are very complex and captivating, I remember them for years. brit16

    Yours like Madonna are a flash in the pan! As soon as you open your eyes and blink they’re forgotten! brit16


  5. Madonna simply has never completely captivated the attention of the entire world like Gaga did during both her peaks. 

    Gaga had the attention of every age group on earth during her peak. From kids in school bopping to Just Dance, to centenarians like Madonna herself questioning her outfit choices. 

    Unlike Madonna attention seeking gimmicks, Godgas actually translated into impact and sales. Which is why she was able to snag one of the biggest songs of the decade, become the most famous person on earth during 2019, and win multiple awards and nominations. 

    I don’t know a single person alive who doesn’t know Godga. From a 7 year old boy living in Tajikistan, to a 94 year old Great great great grandma living in Guinea-Bissau

  6. Just now, I Brings That Levity said:

    I can't name a single BJork song, but literally everyone seems to know who she is. 

    I like her music and consider her very impactful in the music industry but I don’t think she’s ever had a hit. 
    She is still bigger than Madonna though