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Status Updates posted by Winnie.

  1. Shocked and appalled that I didn't get nominated for biggest post whore. I'm leaving the forum for 6 months










    1. Anna-wa

      I hate you for making me open all of those for a dot...

    2. Hylia

      Your spoiler fuckery ain't cute rat

    3. Winnie.

      I believe Bjork is a better artist than Beethoven and Mozart combined. Her only musical equal is the elusive Mehria Careing 

  2. La polla es uno de mi sabor favorito
  3. it's raining outside, and I'm crying inside 

    1. Aidan.

      It's sunny outside but inside I am dead :(

    2. Aidan.

      I did not mean to strike that out rip4

  4. Just stepped on the scale and the numbers went negative! 

    1. Winnie.

      hi. Myrtle. I'm doing good, thanks for asking. Cindy is also doing well, she's going to regionals soon, just like her mom did when she was little. It's very dry here. I'm currently experiencing cotton mouth. Hello Susan 



    2. Chris Morlock

      i just stepped on the scale and the scale broke.

    3. Hylia

      I'm glad to hear about Cindy. She texted me the other day that she wanted my honey to come over her, then said "wrong number." Haha she was always a Mariah Carrie fan. Try Biotene for the cotton mouth, Dottie says it works wonders.


      - Myrtle

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  5. Hey, hey, you, you I don't like you're girlfriend (0.0)

    Hey, Hey, You, You, I think you need a new one (u.u)

    Hey, Hey, You, You, I could be your girlfriend 


  6. Oomph just texted me, and called me "fat".

    i still love him tho :,)

    1. Aidan.


    2. Winnie.

      Falawors of who? Oomphfe

  7. Am I out of my head, Am I out of my mind :0

    if you only knew the bad things I like 


    So good that I can't explain it 


    What can I say it's complicated @_@


    1. Saiga

      Winnie is my waifu uwu

    2. Anna-wa


  8. )^1 I'm starting to loose feeling

    )^2 how will eye under go

    )^3 an ancient transformation.mp3

    )^4 will it cous me to grow?

    )^5 into A better Pearson 

    )^6 into a kinder sole

    )^7 but what are the exact steps

    )^8 how will I ever know 

    )^9 and what are the tribulations?

    )^10 I am my greatest foe 


    1. Sylk


      )^11 I have a fetish for toes 


    2. Winnie.

      6 minutes ago, Sylk said:



  9. Anyone: why would you name yourself after a cartoon character? lmfao2 


    1. Hylia

      On the first day of Christmas Winnie gave to me

    2. Winnie.

      A Vhs cartridge in a pair tree

  10. I can't believe @Maraj II and @aidan just ended my pussy 

  11. @Taylor don't reply to this status 

    1. Sylk

      he's a rat 

  12. Me: tags @Americunt

    @Americunt: *ignores 

    Me: C8clx7gUIAAiSlo.jpg

  13. Me walking into BG, and I see someone mention Mariahtumblr_inline_mpt14rAh1q1qz4rgp.gif

  14. Thought these warning points were a April fools joke, they weren't rip4fall3 


    Hope this does not count as discussing dead7 


  15. When @LuranusLur is universally respected, and gets critically acclaimed for being genuinely kind and sincere. 


    1. LuranusLur

      u are nice to i think!!!!!

  16. Where is Charlie Puth?

    1. Taylor

      He's camping out in

    2. Philip

      now that im famous he's up my anus

  17. it so boring on here now dead7 nothing happens dead7 

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    2. Aidan.

      Well I'm soft now.

      We'll try again later Radio

    3. Systemagic

      Living for the +30 notifications l9k5xdA.gif

    4. Halcyon

      Oh my god rip3

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  18. You cross my mind

    like knife marks 

    on the crust of a apple pie

    so sweet, yet tart

    and very witty

    Oh very smart

    you hold my heart

    with two hands

    or better yet the strands

    you dance with them 

    like puppets 

    and I move with the strings 

    Call me winnie

    the muppet?

    1. Winnie.

      We got the freedom

      lets have a threesome

      Gone put two and two together cause you know we gone need them

      take your time no rushing 

      on your dick playing 21 questions

      like how do I feel on your dick?

      how do it feel when I lick?

      all on that cock

      can I get hard rock

      can you sit your ass down so I can finish on top?

      it's not a sin it's a blessing

      you taught me my lesson

      you ate all of my pussy

      and then you asked me for seconds 

      I learned from this dick

      lets take classes

      feeling so cool

      i suck the dick with sunglasses

      oh boy, 

      why play with dildos when you got a boy toy

      you ain't gotta lie Nick I know you feeling this

      cause you got my legs twisted like some licorice 


    2. Sylk

      omg this is what goes on behind my back...


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  19. @Hannah. I better not get evicted or I'm editing those messages and posting them! Think wisely 

    1. Winnie.

      "Omg don't tell anyone I'm rigging daddy"

      "it's ok baby girl you know I would never"

      "I haven't been switching people's votes!!!1!1"

      "omg that's sad, I can't let you do this, @mods get her!"

    2. Divine

      38 minutes ago, WinnieThePooh said:

      "Omg don't tell anyone I'm rigging daddy"

      "it's ok baby girl you know I would never"

      "I haven't been switching people's votes!!!1!1"

      "omg that's sad, I can't let you do this, @mods get her!"


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  20. Hello everyone, if Mariah traded places with our sun, her belly button would reach the tips of Neptune. 

  21. When I go into NHB and transform into a full-blown troll 


    1. Hylia

      I'm having a moment I'm sorry

    2. Winnie.

      highlier pls 

    3. Sylk

      24 minutes ago, Hylia said:

      I'm having a moment I'm sorry

      are you now

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  22. ┏┓ 
    ┃┃╱╲ in this
    ┃╱╱╲╲ house
    ╱╱╭╮╲╲ I 
    ╱╱┏┳┓╭╮┏┳┓ ╲╲ 

  23. ┏┓ 
    ┃┃╱╲ in this
    ┃╱╱╲╲ house
    ╱╱╭╮╲╲ we
    ╱╱┏┳┓╭╮┏┳┓ ╲╲ 

    1. LuranusLur

      that is good!!!!!

  24. I'm so horKNEE 😍🙌🏿👻 sum1 KCUM ova 🙀😽👄💅🏼


    also where is @Electric haven't seen it in a while ): 

  25. Someone: hi- 

    @WinnieThePooh: my cabbage, Winnie the Pooh, Mariah remembered singles, other embarrassing nonsense that makes everyone cringe