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Status Updates posted by Winnie.

  1. Can’t wait to see the WP stats thread, I’m coming for top 5! 

    1. Aidan.

      Discussing warnings isnt allowed awk1

      You surely are awk1

      Reported awk1

  2. I hope this isn’t a mistake. 

  3. @Sylk has a fat @ass

    1. Sylk

      can i sit on your face?

  4. I sent you scented letters

    And you received them with gay delight

    Just like your wife

    But how she was before the tears

    And how she was before the years

    Her hands are veiny

    Bebe Rexha, Dick cheney 

    Eye signed the letter 

    Send nudes

    Papoohshka, Papoohshka, Papoohshka

    Ra, Ra!


    Papoohshka, Papoohshka, Papooshka

    Ooh, la, la! 

    Want your bad romance! 


    1. Hylia

      Nudes have been sent, pubic wigs have been flown. The wildebeest flies at midnight.

  5. @Salvatore downvoted me 40 times when he woke up, but I have more rep than I did yesterday. Legend 

    1. Taylor

      Don't worry you're safe


    2. Hermione

      He gave me 70 a couple of months ago... Truly embarrassing rip4

    3. Winnie.

      Omg we are legendary. 

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  6. Dreamt I was straight. Disappointed when i woke up

  7. Me reading my first bill, after Net Neutrality is destroyed.


  8. I opened a bag of chips and this lady heard and is looking through my blinds, what should I do? ): 


    1. Urbanov

      Don't feed the troll lol1

    2. Sylk

      is that mariah

  9. There’s literally a 20 page thread about Brandy selling out a stadium on ATRL lmfao2lmfao2lmfao2 

    1. Hylia

      Sell out my stadium

    2. Winnie.

      Do you think brandy was drinking brandy when she did that?

    3. Hylia

      I think the Brandy was drinking her

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  10. @Frozen is back again, his impact knows no bounds whit1 

    1. Frozen

      @Hylia I hope you don’t use hunty and sis in real life

    2. Hylia

      Oop homophobic behavior detected? @Mods get her

    3. Frozen

      It’s so hard being straight here :(

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  11. Anyone who disables NHB is a fawking pussie lmfao2lmfao2lmfao2 

    Wake up and semll the rosès, this is life. And life imitrates art.

    1. Winnie.

      Sarcasm scream2 

    2. AGNTEA

      oops uhm it was early in the morning and i read shit news on my phone so uhm uhm

      FORGIVE ME dead1

    3. TCCM

      so art is shit? hottie1

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  12. What is a “myah Marie?”, i used to think it was a weak Mariah drag, but idk what it is. Pls help

    1. rosekesha

      The vocalist behind ""Blackout" and "Britney Jean

    2. Americunt

      Myah had nothing to do with Blackout.

  13. Missed Atrl registration, prepare yourself for a dragging in my new NhB meltdown! (: 

    1. Chris Morlock

      i kinda wanna join only because of this kii


    2. PoisonCandy

      It's ridiculously easy to get WPs though. I got one for saying Gaga and P!nk had better AMA performances than Xtina and another one for calling Gaga "Gags", even though it wasn't meant to be shady at all. I also got banned once for expressing my distaste for Demi's music.

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  14. Me sitting in front of my computer screen after I get one reply to a try hard trolling attempt 


    1. Winnie.

      Requesting bot detection identification...

      Spawning detection question...

      Question spawned!

      ”What is Rihanna’s best song”?...

      Waiting for response...

    2. Entea

      @NicoleRichiePurpleHair.jpg confirmed robot? this explains everything shock1

    3. Winnie.

      I’m a known dupe and bot 

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    • It’s 7/27
    • on iTunes 
    • in the morning where I live
    1. buy 7/27 on itunes
    2. now
    3. or I will
    4. report
    5. you
      1. omg help buy 7/27 on iTunes pls
      2. im being hacked 
  15. Reputation lowkey bops but a handful of the songs sound like some fka twigs/Bjork hand me downs. 

  16. @aidan really keeps the Kylie section alive

  17. I’m horny, my husband is dead. I don’t want love, I just want All I Want For Christmas to hit No.1.

    Message Me 

    1. Royalty

      I'm not dead rip3 

  18. All of Bjorks recent work low key sounds the same. An unexpected kii 

    1. Hylia

      No lies detected there, she focused too much on the polka influence

    2. Winnie.

      Omg Utopia is excellent, just finished listening. Saint is my fave so far, what’s yours? 

    3. Hylia

      Body Memory cry6 

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  19. @SWINΞ is a very intelligent young man, very youthful hands.

    1. SWINΞ

      I am SO confused gaga12

      how do you know how my hands look? jj4

    2. Winnie.

      What are you talking about? 

    3. SWINΞ

      What are YOU talking about?

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  20.                                                          July 2016


    “Caesar Salad”



    1. Chris Morlock

      i had like 26 upvotes on this post but the upvotes disappeared?


    2. Winnie.

      Yes the topic is too old, so now all the rep disappeared. I think the update to reputation also made older posts dissapear

    3. ajp

      I distinctly remember it being a Cobb Salad. brit10

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