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  1.                                                          July 2016


    “Caesar Salad”



    1. Chris Morlock

      i had like 26 upvotes on this post but the upvotes disappeared?


    2. Winnie.

      Yes the topic is too old, so now all the rep disappeared. I think the update to reputation also made older posts dissapear

    3. ajp

      I distinctly remember it being a Cobb Salad. brit10

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  2. @LuranusLur purifying me so I can finally stop trolling 


  3. gif+mariah.gifWaiting for my madonnation verification email, so I can troll.

    1. Madonna

      good luck...they don't even hesitate to ban actual M fans for saying they don't like LAP or ROL lmao...

    2. Winnie.

      Screaming rip4 

  4. @Saiga is my Chilean God, Every morning I wake up and thank him for blessing me with his presence. And although we are millions of miles apart, I feel safe in his arms. I know we will never depart. 

    1. Saiga

      Hello Winnie how are you

  5. Follow person below me, they are legendary.

  6. Thinking about how I waited 6 months to post Bus Directions in the Ariana section, and then the thread got deleted in 10 minutes...


  7. Two non-factors put back in their place.

    today is a lovely day ❤️

    1. Winnie.

      @Simón. a legend and lover that always has my back. ❤️❤️❤️

    2. Princess Aurora

      OMG Winnie Legend what happened ? 

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  8. Me when All I Want For Christmas starts playing in the grocery store


    1. Brinty

      also me when i hear make me on the radio

    2. G.T.D.A.B.

      That's the face i make, when you say you like my giggle and smile. laughcry1

  9. Utopia leaked and I CANT FIND ANY LINKS tumblr_n5ptosEZGJ1r1ft0fo1_400.gif

  10. @KatyCat 4 Ever is gone, @Goosey is gone, @Crimson Revenge is gone, @Benji is gone, @25 (Banned) is gone...and I’m still standing.

  11. What I’m thinking every time I post Set_your_bait.gif

    1. Sylk

      winnie the pooh vocal range


      -1 octave


    2. Hermione

      I love you but they fall for it every time; it's really quite pathetic that they still haven't learned. fall2

    3. Sylk

      hermione vocal range


      4834 octaves


  12. Taylor Swift
    Big Machine Records
    Release Date: November 10, 2017
    Based on
    16 Critics 
    User Score
    Based on 46 reviews 
    1. CHANEL #1

      stay mad @ Reputation's 75 critic score

    2. Sheezus

      I believed it. The album is actually Britney Jean.

    3. Honey

      Winnie why did you leak my album scores???

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  13. Me trying to get @Americunt‘s attention every time he logs on


  14. I’m sick of @Urbi posting sarcastic statuses about me. It’s bullying, and it’s hurting my feelings. I ask all who view this status to report @Urbi until he is permed! Thank you

  15. Back on my old shit, where I just login and upvote. Help me brit12

  16. Y’all ever think about how Despacito was number one for 4 months. 


    1. Urbanov

      No we moved on and forgot about ha oprah8 

  17. Posters above and below, 

    Enjoy the WP’s. 

  18. It’s only Day 5 of no shave November, and I can barely zip up my pants. It’s gonna be a long month. ): 

    1. Brinty

      Queen of pubesmoo1

    2. Taylor

      @Aidan. I think I found a man for you

    3. TattooedHeart

      Winnie you're never allowed to leave this forum

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  19. Can someone link that thread of when that one member said he didn’t believe Kesha’s story and it got 90 downvotes, I want kiis 

    1. Taylor

      Just spotted us


    2. Aidan.


    3. Taylor

      HATERz will say it’s photoshop

      thats not very punk

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  20. Did my own hair today, the braids look @Nice and Tight

  21. Someone: Mariah can’t sing-

    Me: Mariah Carey, the songbird supreme, has a unprecedented 5 octave Range, from a low baritone F2 to an ear piercing dog whistle Bb7. Mariah is once said to have broke the sound barrier with a swift hyper-sonic C7 and...


    1. TattooedHeart

      this is so relatable wow

    2. Sylk

      Anyone: winnie cant sing

      Me: Winniethepooh has an astonishing 2 octave vocal range from a low baritone G2 to a barely audible sreechy touched G4. Winnie has once said to have hitted a G flat 4 when he hit his pinky toe at the end of the table and yelled


  22. When you spend 60 seconds making a detailed OP, and press “Cancel” instead of “Submit Topic”.



    1. Aidan.

      I've lost massive posts before and it makes me ill

  23. Person below me thinks that Crazy is Britney’s best song

    1. Brinty

      Not when gimme more exists hon