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  1. Not this coming from a Madge stan. Narcissistic and arrogant just like your fave.
  2. Which Fanbase is most used by their fave? Pick one or 2
  3. Justin tbh, Baby, Sorry, Where Are You Now are more known today
  4. Which Pop Legend is younger? Some may think mariah, and some madonna but its up for you to decide. Poll added
  5. Heard chained to the rhythm in subway, Katy Winnin

    1. Kenya

      get those spins queen sass1 

  6. This is actually tea, I've also wondered this
  7. You're disgusting and racist. And no ones speaking ill of the dead, he's just stating facts about them.
  8. Put on my blue suede shoes and I boarded the plane


    1. Winniedeng.

      Why did she push that poor boy?

  9. enjoy your warning point
  10. F*** me

  11. I haven't heard Chained to the toilet or Bon asshole tit, at any public place since there release. Meanwhile, every time I go to Wendy's, often, I hear Millions Slaysons, Perfect Precision, and God Wayne at least 2 times each, and it plays on my car radio all the time. But I think that's because I have the CD in there. Anyway, why is Katy flopping and why is she trying to have a meltdown, and copying other famous meltdowns? Shaving her head like Legendknee, and speaking into a microphone and giving food to her fans like Mariahlegend carey. She can't even be creative with her meltdown. Sad really, like Bon crapp sleeps chart position.
  12. @BJORK is my friend.





  13. That's what's you said When I said my heart broke