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  1. Tea, Look What You Made Me Doodoo was frontloaded as hell and pretty much forgotten
  2. This happens with all her recent singles. Her mentally ill fanbase mass buys and arranges streaming parties in the 10s of thousands on multiple devices to shoot her to the top spot, and then the single drops like a boulder in the next few weeks. She hasn’t had a genuine hit single since like Reputation era, immensely fabricated success. Meanwhile, Slaydele is holding strong against the biggest song of all time. Taylor stans continue to lose like the cretins they are.
  3. Considering neither myself or anyone else in the world checks production credits on songs, I’d say I feel nothing.
  4. Society if I wasn’t given internet access
  5. It would turn me on tbh. I don’t think I would be able to hold myself back. A working man in a cowboy hat, mmmm lord Jesus. Makes my hole contract just thinking about it. Especially if they tip their hat at me. I might just drop to my knees instantly and go to town if you know what I mean!
  6. @Princess Aurora come to discord and I’ll show you my nudes
  7. My threads are blatant in their satire and ridiculousness, and are generally well received. Meanwhile, just one page of your post history screams developmentally delayed and on the brink of total brain shutdown. It’s obvious you’re jealous of me, been that way for a long time and I literally can’t figure out why. It’s literally an online forum, log off and do better please I’m begging
  8. The same medication jokes for 2 years…We get it. You got 51/50’d and still have flashbacks. Please log off
  9. Rich coming from a delusional self absorbed bitch like yourself