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  1. Tea, Look What You Made Me Doodoo was frontloaded as hell and pretty much forgotten
  2. This happens with all her recent singles. Her mentally ill fanbase mass buys and arranges streaming parties in the 10s of thousands on multiple devices to shoot her to the top spot, and then the single drops like a boulder in the next few weeks. She hasn’t had a genuine hit single since like Reputation era, immensely fabricated success. Meanwhile, Slaydele is holding strong against the biggest song of all time. Taylor stans continue to lose like the cretins they are.
  3. Didn’t she take a picture with a man in a swastika shirt? Address that shnookums
  4. Go outside and ask 50 people to sing “Easy On Me”’s chorus and then ask them to sing “All Too Well (Taylor’s Version)” chorus and report back.
  5. @Saiga i never stopped loving you 

    1. Saiga


      Wiñie I’m still waiting for you 

  6. That’s good for you baby
  7. Stream Ava Max’s new album or I will return and make this site very unenjoyable again. 

    1. Chris


      i mean i kinda force myself to come on anyway cos i actually have friends on here bebe1 

  8. I agree, people love seeing a female fat/ugly person reaching success because it’s less threatening and makes them feel like they can achieve it, especially in regards to woman. It’s why beautiful pop stars are always hated and called divas and overrated for no reason. People are jealous and insecure.
  9. Me on the Walmart cctv camera before switching out clothes and walking out the store f3hLmro.gif

  10. Trolling full-time on FOTP and ATRL keeps me booked and busy, glad I’m making a change!

  11. The post below contains paid promotion 

    Can’t wait to go to Chromatica on June 14th! Make sure you send in your megarates to @Arianacry1

    #sponsored #ad

    1. Ariana


      Please expect the extra $250 to your account and a $20 Sears gift check within the day! oprah15

  12. Me: logs in 

    The rest of the forum: 



    1. Kylie


      We love you Winnie 

    2. WinnieIsFree


      Upvote the status we need to go the sympathy route 

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      1 hour ago, Royalty said:

      We love you Winnie 

      Do we? 

  13. I

    1. Entea


      Omg I love Hangman, ima guess A ny1

    2. Ariana


      Is this Hangaroo?



  14. I currently can’t make such a thread since I’m at risk of a permaban. So I did the next best thing!
  15. Anonymous leak the “Underneath The Stars” music video or ill show you what a real hacker is! 

    1. jrdn


      And a high quality version of Weakness Of The Body, aka one of her best bops. 

  16. It seems my current username held true clap2  

  17. I’m ready to work things out 

    1. Simón.


      Me too, my love

    2. WinnieIsFree


      ignore what I said here @Simón.