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  1. just google her infinity remix. Im not here for Justin bieber and French Montana but TI
  2. I've seen the video of the audio it doesn't seem live. The clapping and screaming seem pre recorded like a fan pasting them together and then out the song over it.
  3. well if I was choosing the set list. just two songs 1. Lead the Way Live with full climax 2. My All Live with the final descending C#3 live
  4. What performance? what is it for the No. 1s? Im not up to date
  5. literally every time I reload the page I have 4 replies. Slay Queen of Relevance
  6. Who's gonna care when the tears of a clown fall down.
  7. 1.Breakdown 2. My All 3.Breakdown 4.My All 5.Breakdown 6. My All 7.Honey Remix .gif' alt='cry3'>.gif' alt='cry2'> 8.The Climax of Butterfly 9.Breakdown 10.My All 11.Buy 'Infinity' on ITunes 12. The Final C3 on My All
  8. Mariah Carey for best video of the century, 'Infinity'.