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  1. On the back cover of this album is a personal treasure 


    This is my first and only self-portrait 


    I drew it when I was three-and-a-half giphy.gif

    and entitled it, “Me I am Mariah” giphy.gif

    1. Ariana


      This is my first and only self-portrait I drew it when I was three-and-a-half


  2. Melanie Martinez coming back, and yes I will be listening. 

    Downvote this if you’re madt!

    1. Madonna


      Why am I not surprised you stan an actual sex offender? 


    2. WinnieIsFree


      Yelling at the actual downvoted brit15

  3. WinnieIsFree

    Gifs 2.0

    @Madame Xto think we used to be enemies, how times have changed
  4. Old Town Road beating out Ed and Justins single on itunes rip4 

    Adele is literally the only one who can save Mariahs record brit15

  5. @LuranusLur king how are you


    1. WinnieIsFree


      Iconic, I’m doing well. It’s probably hot there

    2. LuranusLur


      Yes it is ok so far and I think ppl see aliens sometimes in the desert 

    3. WinnieIsFree


      dont get abducted legend, we need you


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  6. rjvue1dpkpv21.png


    1. Ariana
    2. rosekesha


      More promo in one week than in entire Reputation era

  7. @ajp what did you tag me in, it’s gone bebe1

    1. ajp


      I Deleted it eve1


  8. But one of these things is not like the others
    Like a rainbow with all of the colors
    Baby doll, when it comes to a lover
    I promise that you'll never find another like

    1. Hylia


      My new single “We-“ featuring Madonna of Madonna is out soon

  9. Had to log in to commemorate the best selling female artist winning the icon award at Billboard Music Awards. 

    And not the one who performed Shitdellin!


    1. WarrenThanksYouAll


      You mean the less prestigious version of the same award Madonna won already in 1996? file1

    2. Madonna


      @Winnie. any comments on your fellow Mariah trolls getting banned back to back? kesha4 

    3. WinnieIsFree


      @Madonna very unfortunate, but he is still with us. brit15

  10. Whenever I feel depressed I think of this look mimi-ama-10oct18-16.jpg

    1. jrdn


      Whenever i feel depressed i use this photo to help me feel better about myself. 



  11. Two @Madonna upvotes in one day? My Confessions Of A Dance Floor comeback gaycat1

  12. 1. Ghost 2. Partition 3. No Angel 4. Drunk In Love 5. Flawless 6. Pretty Hurts 7. Haunted the rest I haven’t listened until this day
  13. Sweet But Pyscho: I’m a Gaga reject!

    Her next single: So am I!

    1. fab


      do you ever feel like a misfit yXSPS2E.gif 

      everything inside u dark and twisted yXSPS2E.gif 



  14. Member below me has a very powerful aura.

  15. Me: “This is the last time, I’m leaving (a thread)”

    Me logged in anonymously waiting for one reply:  D1I-JXYV4AIWZcR?format=jpg&name=small

    1. Philip


      I'm feeling attacked rip3 

    2. jrdn


      Agugaga: I'll never create another Britney thread.


      Agugaga: "Xtina proves she's sold more dusty old CDs than Britney"



    Notifications: @Sylk quoted your post



    1. jrdn


      That's me whenever Mariah's 18 #1's appears. 

  17. Me, Kate, Jorkie, and Amos are going to the bathhouse, you coming?

    1. Hylia


      Yes, let me get my brand new Paw Patrol beachtowel!

    2. WinnieIsFree


      Change your avi with me. 

    3. Hylia


      I will when I get an iconic gif from the new season

  18. Post below me

    wow awk1

  19. I’m making eggplant Parmesan for dinner! The kids are at the babysitters, and I’m wearing my new lingerie.

    See you soon 😘

    1. Hylia


      I’ll be there soon, I’m in my new Birkenstock’s 💋

  20. a-baby-was-born-in-hospital-laughing-ins


    ”The more the nurses beat him” is sending me 

  21. I love the person who posted below me ❤️

    1. Sylk


      i love you to the moon and back

  22. Hello

    1. Hylia


      Girl you better not leave fotp

    2. WinnieIsFree


      that fucking thread sylk posted lmfao2 Duoy_mMW4AEQ7WN?format=jpg&name=large

    3. Hylia
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  23. Not Kacey fucking snatching rip4 

    1. Hermione


      She needs to have a section.

    2. Chris


      It's what she fucking deserves. ari5


  24. I know you see me when I post
    I try not to get to close 
    While you're browsing the thread next to me
    But it's your arms that I need this time (This time)
    Look at the downvotes that i’ve been dealt
    If you were anybody else
    Probably would troll you hard
    Heavy tears, a rain parade from hell (From hell)

    Baby, you do it so well
    You been so understanding, you been so good
    And I'm puttin' you through more than one ever should
    And I'm embarassing myself 'cause you don't want to
    Admit that I embarass you

    I know that it breaks your heart when I post again
    Trolling him, mmh
    I know that it breaks your heart when I post again
    'Stead of logging off 

    1. Kylie


      Is this your record breaking #1 song?

    2. WinnieIsFree


      No this isn’t In My Head. 

  25. My signatures are an integral part of fotp history, and I will list them below. It’s hot outside and sit on my porch, sucking a popsicle. It’s cherry flavor, their favorite flavor was always cherry. I sit and reminisce about the times we spent together. And I don’t feel sad, because those memories bring me happiness. I finish up my popsicle just as they call me inside, they’re still here with me. But I still think about our memories, so that I’ll nver forgot them when they’re gone. I sometimes wish we lived forever. Just look at world now, Normani is gone, Ally is gone, Dinah is gone, La