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  1. With the mildly anticipated release of “No Tears Left To Cry”, Grammy-nominated American singer/songwriter Ariana Grande has shown that she is a force to be reckoned with, and has now established her signature. The background harmonies in the new single are highly reminiscent of previous songs, and the typical “yeah!” belted note in the final climax is front and center. Is this an establishment of her signature, or a sign that her creativity is lacking? Will this new single finally garner Ariana a long sought after number one single? Or will she be doomed to a career of inferiority and mediocrity, desperately clinging to the shadow and coattails of the greats like Whitney, Mariah, and Beyoncé?
  2. Times have changed, and she was a stripper, and this who listen to urban music are usually more accepting of sexual freedom. We’re just naturally more inclined to listen to talent and be inclusive I’m so so proud to listen to hip hop/rap/r&b and anyone who doesn’t in this current time is usually a racist or a mysoginist. Usually both
  3. He’s kinda a dad,
  4. Last time I checked pop music is popular music sweaty Beyonce have had chart dominance, with many number ones with and without destinys child. High album sales, a number one over 20 years into her career with Perfect. A Peabody award for an ALBUM. Over 100 awards for one album the most awarded female artist of all time, behind only Whitney I think. Mariah, Whitney and Beyoncé both have a massive lead in streaming for all aspects where Madonna lags behind despite her Catalog being “bigger”. All have more Wikipedia views and google searches than her, all are in the media more than her, except Whitney for obvi Is reasons. All have impacted actual talented artists, all are more respected in the industry, all are younger, all have had a more lucrative career, all have had a bigger peak. All continue to be superior to Madonna in every way. and the real kicker! all are BLACK woman, it’s quite ironic and funny really. That a racist women has got shitted on by all her black peers for the majority of her career, whether it be Michael, Janet, Whitney, Mariah, Rihanna, or Beyoncé. Your last paragraph makes no sense, especially since you’re a racist. You’re opinion is worthless on the subject matter and will never have any merit.
  5. I hear you knocking at the back door, come on in 🤪

    1. Hylia

      Unlock the door brethren! 🤑

  6. Last time I checked he wasn’t found guilty, and several children came forward and said they lied for their parents. Many close childhood friends he had have also spoke in support of him, including Corey Feldman, who is currently trying to expose the disgusting aspects of the industry. While I do agree Michaels relationships with some children were in Innapropiate and something I wouldn’t support, doesn’t mean he’s a pedophile. Regardless he is dead, and constantly bringing up allegations to tarnish his legacy and provide a quick kii didn’t work then and won’t work now. Regardless, Mariah > Michael > Beyoncé >>>>>>> Alesia Cara>>>> Chaka Khan >>>>>> Bjork and Tori Amos and that’s the T! Sip it and swallow!
  7. You say as you stan Nicki Minaj.
  8. Obvious racist, Madonna is for gotten and so is her catalog. Beyonce is supierior to Madonna in every way, she has Mariah Level vocals, Janet level choreography, the polarizing quality of madonna, and the full package of Michael. Ands she’s a BLACK Woman the most criticized group of people in America, and many parts of the world. I’m so happy someone who isn’t racist has finally claimed the title as Queen of Pop
  9. Had a dream I made a thread about Rihanna’s death and how her career was gonna follow the exact trajectory of Michael Jackson rip4 It had over 29 pages, and 160 members were viewing it at one time.  In the dream she was supposed to die on July 27th. orangu1 

  10. Like a rat to cheese, I don’t have to do anything and you keep crawling back into my warm embrace. Hopefully one day I can visit you in Germany, and we can be friends.
  11. Oh wow, a public wiki page, go off reputable sources
  12. Show me the clock, oh redundant one Did you enjoy Beyoncé’s show, I was watching from the comfort of my shared one bedroom apartment on a 10 inch 2011 HP Laptop, hooked up to a 22 inch LG TV with a HDMI cable.
  13. Referring to yourself in 3rd person isn’t a cute look sis. Did you have fun at Coachella