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    Is it a single?
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    Surrender is flawless wyd
  3. time the ultimate truth teller i guess
  4. I love the album as well. It has a nice mixture of genres. I wish it was released worldwide.
  5. I live in the south of England, about an hour or 2 from London. Lions Bookshop is fairly local I think, which is probably why you've never heard of it
  6. I worked for Salvation Army last summer. Most of the CDs were stored in boxes because the CD shelf was really small and people didn't buy any of the CDs. So sometimes the manager felt like randomly changing things in the store and finally decided to change the CDs on the shelf but sometimes if they were on the shelf for so long they would get thrown away. I also worked in another shop called Lions Bookshop which also sold used CDs and Cassettes. I remember someone once came with a big bag of cassettes and the store manager just told us to throw them away because they had too many on the shelves and people weren't buying them
  7. I used to work in a charity shop too and I remember CDs and Cassettes were sometimes thrown away because there were too many on the shelves and they weren't selling quickly enough
  8. I'd feel the same. If it got donated to a charity shop, they would probably throw it out because it doesn't have a cover And yet that CD is worth about £20-£30 to collectors Cyndi is a self-aware Queen
  9. Yeah 80s CDs are really basic I suppose that's why Picture Disc CDs were so special. The I Drove All Night Picture Disc looked like this: It doesn't have a front cover because they wanted to show the picture on the CD "vocal wailing", "manic dancing" The ANTR page mentioned how Cyndi calls it A Night to Forget: Although the album is called A Night to Remember, Lauper jokingly prefers to call it "A Night to Forget", given the poor sales, and the problems that happened with David Wolf, her producer and boyfriend at the time, during the production of the album
  10. I think the vinyl was still released (like all her other 1980s singles) but the single didn't chart at all so I don't think that it sold that much. CD Singles were still quite new in 1988 so maybe it was recalled because they thought it wouldn't sell much because more people would buy the vinyl? I think the 'I Drove All Night' CD single had the same b-sides. There was even a 'Limited Edition' CD Single for IDAN only released in the UK, but the reason it was so special was because it had a picture printed on the Disc (which was super special back in the late 1980s)
  11. Yes It got withdrawn, so copies are extremely rare. It's mentioned on
  12. Hole in My Heart is a great song, it didn't deserve to flop It flopped so hard in the UK that they asked to send all the CD singles back to them True Colors and Change of Heart are the only obvious single choices from that album. I guess there weren't many other songs that could be hits. I think "Madonna Whore" is about the Madonna-Whore Complex (which inspired Madonna's Like a Virgin album cover too). Cyndi didn't really have a problem with Madonna, most of the time she actually praised her for her work. The only time she 'shaded' Madonna was when she said that the Papa Don't Preach music video was unrealistic because it showed a pregnant teenager being able to start a family with her boyfriend (at the end of the video). Cyndi thought that it was unrealistic because in reality a lot of fathers don't always stay with the mother. Cyndi's song "Sally's Pigeons" is also about teenage pregnancy but it's a lot sadder because it's about a friend she knew who died after a back alley abortion. Shine has some great songs imo. A lot people think "Water's Edge" is like a Time After Time Part 2. Also, "It's Hard to Be Me" is very similar to her 80s music. You can listen to the full album on YouTube if you want:
  13. Yes originally she wanted to call the album "Kindred Spirit" but the original lead single 'Hole in My Heart' flopped so the entire concept was scrapped and she had to change her sound and image. True Colors did pretty well worldwide but it could have had better single choices. 'What's Going On' and 'Boy Blue' could have been replaced by songs like 'Maybe He'll Know' or '911'. Hat Full of Stars is a bit of a grower, some people find it boring but I like it. The ballads (Who Let in the Rain, Sally's Pigeons, HFOS) are among my favourite Cyndi songs. Shine is quite good, it's a mixture of her 80s and 90s sounds in one album. Unfortunately the full album only got released in Japan, the rest of the world got an EP with 4 songs and a remix Also, Cyndi always gets dragged by Madonna fans for the song 'Madonna Whore' which isn't actually about Madonna
  14. I remember one time 'Irreplaceable' was the featured article Wikipedia better stan
  15. I Drove All Night is the best track on ANTR, Cyndi's version is better than that Celine cover The World is Stone should have been included as a bonus track on 'Hat Full of Stars', it could have helped the album sell more. In France, The World is Stone was a big hit and it helped Hat Full of Stars reach Top 10 even though it wasn't included on the album Cyndi doesn't like A Night to Remember, she calls it "A Night to Forget"