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    ...Baby One More Time: 20 Oops!... I Did It Again: 22 (+2) I’m A Slave 4 U: 20 Me Against The Music: 20 Gimme More: 20 Womanizer: 20 Hold It Against Me: 20 Work Bitch: 18 (-2) Make Me...: 20
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    Born This Way The Fame Monster Chromatica Joanne A Star is Born ARTPOP The Fame Cheek to Cheek
  3. I'm so fucking embarrassed that this is the Prime Minister of my country. Even worse that a lot of people were dumb enough to vote for him in the first place.
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    Everything is going the WRONG way huh She was supposed to remain a 2011'd fad Some people CAN'T stand it
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    This is obviously because of A Star is Born, Bradley Cooper, Superbowl, Cheek to Cheek, Tony Bennett, Oscars & Colby O' Donis combined effect. Wait for the next album!!1!!1
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    Fantasy vs. Honey Underneath the Stars vs. Butterfly One Sweet Day vs. My All Open Arms vs. The Roof Always Be My Baby vs. Fourth of July I Am Free vs. Breakdown When I Saw You vs. Babydoll Long Ago vs. Close My Eyes Melt Away vs. Whenever You Call Forever vs. Fly Away Daydream Interlude vs. The Beautiful Ones Looking In vs. Outside
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    Christina Aguilera: 46 (-2) Mi Reflejo: 16 Stripped: 120 Back to Basics: 128 Bionic: 82 (+2) Liberation: 56
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    Britney: 22 (-2) In the Zone: 108 Femme Fatale: 24 (+2) Glory: 24
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    I'm not surprised at all at the usual suspects not bothering to run in here with their opinion I think EVERY fanbase has people who like to stir up shit. I don't think any fanbase is 100% innocent. But it's so funny when certain people act like they are so much better despite being just as (or in this case more) guilty. Like, stop acting so innocent when you're clearly not. You might as well own up to being a hater at this point, at least the rest of us will know where we stand.
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    Chromatica I: 20 Alice: 22 Stupid Love: 10 Rain On Me: 24 Free Woman: 12 Fun Tonight: 22 Chromatica II: 18 911: 26 Plastic Doll: 26 Sour Candy: 26 Enigma: 12 Replay: 24 Chromatica III: 18 (-2) Sine From Above: 26 1000 Doves: 16 Babylon: 22 Love Me Right: 16 (+2)
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    I was told that she's been over since 2011? 2013? 2016? She was supposed to remain a fad. Everything is going the WRONG way!
  12. Yes, most times I would try to.
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    Bjork 10 - Post (1995) 10 - Homogenic (1997) 8.6 - Vulnicura (2015) - Best New Music Kate Bush 10 - Hounds of Love (1985) 9.4 - The Sensual World (1989) 8.5 - 50 Words for Snow (2011) - Best New Music Yoko Ono 9.1 - Yoko Ono/Plastic Ono Band (1970) - Best New Reissue 8.7 - Fly (1971) - Best New Reissue 8.2 - Approximately Infinite Universe (1973) - Best New Reissue Beyonce 9.3 - Homecoming: The Live Album (2019) - Best New Music 8.8 - Beyonce (2013) - Best New Music 8.5 - Lemonade (2016) - Best New Music Janet Jackson (I can only find these 3 reviews) 9.0 - Rhythm Nation 1814 (1989) 8.0 - Unbreakable (2015) 7.8 - Damita Jo (2004)
  14. Formation With You Mariners Apartment Complex Thank U, Next Make Me... Stupid Love Dancing Medellin Me! Accelerate Work Daisies
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    Chromatica: The Remix Babylon (Haus Labs Version) Free Woman (Harry's Punchy Mix) Stupid Love (Ellis Remix) Rain on Me (Acoustic Version) [feat. Ariana Grande] Alice (Jazz Version) [feat. Tony Bennett] 1000 Doves (Bloodpop Remix) [feat. Nicki Minaj] Love Me Right (Live from the Studio VEVO Presents) Sine from Above (Country Road Version) [feat. Elton John] 911 (Tambourine Version) Sour Candy (Hungarian Folk Version) [feat. BLACKPINK] Enigma (Classical Version) Plastic Doll (Zedd Remix) Replay (David Guetta Remix) Fun Tonight (Concept A Cappella Demo) Another #1 in the Basket!