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  1. some people don't understand the concept of sleep, so I needed to mention this.
  2. It's a word.
  3. 1. Butterfly Garden is ugly too. Just call it Mariahmosity or something like that. 2. If you're so concerned, then you can nominate @Hermione when you're HoH (if that ever happens). 3. Darling sometimes I have to wake up early to catch the bus and sometimes I have long days. Because of this I occasionally like to sleep. I have essays to write, when I have free time I come on here and see what I can do.
  4. I agree, I Don't Wanna Cry is so WEAK compared to her other #1 hits. But then, so is Thank God I Found You.
  5. 1. "Rainbow's End" - that's the problem sweetie 2. But have you seen how much the house hates @Cosmic? Now it's easier for them to knock ha out. 3. Spamming? Me? Have you seen some the spam the other users make? ALL of my posts are related to the house. Barely active? I post as much as I can. It's difficult when you're in different time zones.
  6. Mariah's best #1 is "My All". Her worst #1 is "Thank God I Found You". Enjoy that tea.
  7. 1. I've been busy darling. Maybe if y'all didn't stan Rainbore so much I would visit more often. 2. I needed to save someone darling. @WinnieThePooh shaded me before so I couldn't save ha. 3. Floater? Bitch now you tried iT. I chart high because I don't spam, I interact with all the housemembers and I post regularly in this thread.
  8. Yes perhaps the #RiseUpAtlantis Campaign should have never happened.
  9. lol why
  10. Be thankful I saved @Hermione, because now you have a better chance of staying.
  11. "all up in my business like a wendy interview" clearly refers to you
  12. OK fine we can leave you out of the house if you wish!
  13. shut up Michelle
  14. poor lessors can't relate I guess