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  1. Apparently she's releasing a deluxe box set version with 3 bonus tracks, but they're all remixes that have already been released. FFS, can't she do anything right? Even Ava Max got the message and is now adding more songs to make her album last longer on re-enter the charts. But just watch, Gaga's next Jazz album will get 5 music videos and lots of talk show performances throughout the era.
  2. asdfgjkl I hope people didn't think I was serious when I said Plastic Doll for 4th single. I was being sarcastic As if I would want her to bomb even harder. Plastic Doll would be the nail in the Chromatica Casket.
  3. I like Chromatica as an album but the lack of interest from her in the era is sad considering what she used to do with her first 3 eras. Let me be delulu for a quick minute and imagine that she's planning LG7 as we speak for next year and that's why she can't dedicate any time for Chromatica. I can dream, right?
  4. I like Chromatica tbh. It doesn't really cover any new areas for Gaga but it's cute for what it is. I just wish the concept was executed better. It's a cool idea to imagine a place where your mind can go after experiencing stress or sadness. I feel like Chromatica was supposed to be this but the lack of interest from Gaga means the concept doesn't come across well.
  5. Plastic Doll (feat. SOPHIE & The Blessed Madonna) Remix will obviously make Chromatica return to #1 for 10+ weeks. Bookmark me!
  6. The way she consistently messes up her eras somehow is a form of performance art. The last time she released an album with more than 3 singles or videos was 2011.
  7. Release Plastic Doll as the 4th single to save the era.
  8. Skyline


    Would love Madonna to work with Patrick Leonard again
  9. Social media is all about picking and choosing who to get mad at. I'm not even a JLo stan at all, but I wonder if some of these people would be equally enraged if their fave did the same thing?
  10. Skyline


    @Dennis Reynolds Could you add Yoko Ono to the OP please?
  11. Skyline


    Some of my favourite songs:
  12. Skyline


    Yoko Ono Avant-garde artist, singer, songwriter and film-maker. Music genres across her albums include rock, pop, avant-garde, new wave, experimental, art pop, dance, electronic, noise rock, alternative, indie pop, proto-punk and musique concrete. Yoko has released 20 studio albums in career, including 6 with her late husband John Lennon, as well as 5 remix albums. Yoko's most famous song is her 1981 hit "Walking on Thin Ice", which reached the Top 40 in the U.K., Australia, Canada and Sweden, and became the first of 13 No.1 hits on the U.S. Dance/Club Songs Chart.
  13. Why does she think music sales = quality? That's not what the Grammys are (supposed to be) about. Grammys have had their wtf moments and there have been cases of black artists being ignored in favour of mediocre white artists, but this isn't one of those cases. I don't see what the relevance of talking about "white man Bon Iver" (aren't they a band? ) as if Bon Iver haven't recieved a lot of acclaim over the years.
  14. Skyline

    Regarding the MJ situation, whether or not he was actually guilty, I don't think his entire legacy should be erased even if he were proven to be guilty. That would be throwing the baby out with the bathwater, you can't erase someone's legacy so completely if they've made such a huge impact on people over multiple generations. Recognising a person's achievements does not mean the same thing as "stanning" them as a person. That being said I feel that some people pick and choose who to "cancel" over stuff like this. On social media (especially twitter) I saw many people defend MJ who would normally be the first to "cancel" someone else if they were accused of the same thing. I guess it's because MJ is so important to so many people, but it shows that a lot of the time when people "cancel" someone, they're usually only doing that to people they already dislike. It feels very selective and inconsistent. The R. Kelly situation feels like that at times too.
  15. Skyline

    Maybe you could either pirate their music or buy a used physical copy online. Either way, they're not getting coins directly from you. When it comes to producers and writers, a singer may not always have complete control over who they work with, especially if they are a pop singer. So that's different to how the singer themselves act.