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  1. Skyline

    I think it's best to wait for her next solo album before we decide how bad her decline is. I'll admit that I expected both Everything is Love and The Gift to do MUCH better. The media makes Beyonce & Jay-Z seem like the biggest couple on Earth and yet people didn't care about their duet album at all? The Gift is attached to a massive movie but there is a separate soundtrack that people are more likely to check out, so I'd say The Gift is more of a side-project and can't be compared to her solo albums. Anyway, it doesn't really matter for Beyonce if she "flops". She's been around a long time, it won't hurt her if she underperforms occasionally.
  2. Skyline here

    I've never watched GOT, but every time I see a picture of this woman I think of @Hylia

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    1. Hylia

      The best character and rightful queen Cersei Lannister!

  3. Celine. Nothing against her, but I'm not as familiar with her music as the other singers.
  4. Skyline

    I guess some people really want that 1998/2008/2018 prophecy to come true. I don't see it for Ava but we'll see when she releases her next single and her debut album drops. Sweet but Psycho is a cute bop but Not Your Barbie Girl is absolute trash. Salt is cute too. I won't get too excited over her, at least not yet.
  5. Skyline

    Madonna's post-2005 albums Janet Jackson's pre-1986 albums (+ "20 Y.O." and "Discipline") Mariah's Christmas albums (All I Want for Christmas is You is a non-album single as far as I'm concerned) Kylie Minogue's post-Aphrodite albums Cyndi Lauper - "A Night to Remember Forget" Bjork - "Drawing Restraint 9" Tori Amos - "Midwinter Graces" & "Gold Dust" Yoko Ono - "Starpeace"
  6. Skyline

    ATRL has been around since `1999. I think the forum didn't come until 2001 but it's still very old compared to other forums. You'd think they would have been able to get good server after nearly 20 years in existence but the server is trash.
  7. Basically everything after her first 3 albums.
  8. Skyline


    Queen of Memes
  9. Also, interesting fact: Open Your Heart was originally meant for Cyndi Lauper
  10. It's difficult to pick just 5 when we are blessed with so many good songs.
  11. Cyndi Lauper - Time After Time - Money Changes Everything - Hat Full of Stars - Sisters of Avalon - Shine Tori Amos - Silent All These Years - Precious Things - Spark - Lust - Almost Rosey
  12. These are good choices for every fave except Rihanna. LOUD is a good album, but I'd say that Rated R, Unapologetic and ANTI are all stronger. But still, I look forward to this rate. Lots of good songs here, there's bound to be plenty of competition.
  13. Skyline


    I'm referring to live Audio albums (like MTV Unplugged) not DVDs Look on her wikipedia page and MTV Unplugged is her only live album