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  1. Everything Fades Away Does anyone actually remember what the other song sounds like?
  2. Where is the Delete Button for Cockiness?
  3. At the very beginning, she was compared to Cyndi Lauper whose debut album She's So Unusual was more successful than Madonna's debut overall (16 million WW sales vs. 10 million, and Madonna has the advantage of her later albums being successful and therefore helping increase sales of her earlier albums). Cyndi was for a brief time a commercial and critical darling and was heralded as the next biggest thing. People forget Cyndi was the first female artist to get 4 U.S. Top 10 hits from an album. The fact that her album was well recieved by rock music critics was significant at the time because u
  4. Normally I don't care for Work, but compared to the other choice... Work it is I guess!