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  1. Humans didn't exist when Pangaea was a thing, that was 200 million years ago. The continents were already in place by the time that modern humans originated in East Africa 200,000 years ago. From Africa, humans travelled into the Middle East and then branched out into Europe, Asia and eventually the Americas. When it comes to the United States specially, native Americans are the only ones that can genuinely say they have lived there longer than anyone else. White Americans are much more recent European migrants to America. Black Americans largely originate from west and central
  2. I'm surprised that people aren't making a bigger fuss over this. Seems like most people don't care. Or maybe the news just doesn't want to focus on it?
  3. One problem here is that outraged people are raising awareness of Jason's song, and the Republicans/MAGA Americans are supporting it out of spite because they see him as a "martyr" of "cancel culture" (although obviously his career is fine). I personally don't think the song's lyrics by themselves are racist, but it's the combination of the lyrics with the music video, which is obviously political. He's criticizing people who protest against the police and people who aren't "patriotic" by his standards. The video was shot in front a courthouse where the Lynching of Henry Choate too
  4. Why does he want to run twitter into the ground?
  5. Considering how terrible "It Should Be Deleted" was, I'm not surprised how trash this song is. Scream & Shout was tolerable though.
  6. Maybe she'll bundle the visuals with Jay-Z's next album, because why not?
  7. It's interesting that we know the location of tombs of pharaohs from as far back as c. 3200 B.C. but much more recent tombs of Alexander the Great (323 B.C.) and Cleopatra (30 B.C.) are seemingly lost from the map.
  8. Why is she suddenly talking about Xtina at the moment? Is it because she has an album to promote? Even Xtina herself doesn't bring up this literally 22 year-old "feud".
  9. Ava Max is like an AI generated popstar using Gaga as a reference point.
  10. 30 years after its original release, Madonna's hit single "Erotica" has debuted at #1 on the Hungary Top 40 Singles Chart! This is now the fourth country where the song has reached No.1, after Finland, Greece and Italy. Link: https://slagerlistak.hu/single-track-top-40-lista/2022/43