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  1. Just Dance vs Disco Heaven Bad Romance vs Teeth Marry The Night vs The Edge of Glory Aura vs Applause Diamond Heart vs Angel Down Alice vs Babylon
  2. Alice: 36 Rain On Me: 56 911: 64 Plastic Doll: 30 Sour Candy: 28- Enigma: 36 Replay: 60 1000 Doves: 26+
  3. I'd be happy with a 2-disc or 3-disc deluxe edition for each of her albums with b-sides, remixes and outtakes. Maybe something like these: Madonna Like a Virgin True Blue After that, I don't know how to structure the tracklists because there's so many remixes from 1989 onwards Alternatively, maybe just focus on unreleased songs and put all the remixes as streaming/digital releases like they've been doing so far Yeah this wouldn't surprise me at all. The one thing I DON'T want is Madonna recording "new" remixes of her old songs wi
  4. Masterpiece is... fine. Those lyrics could have been better
  5. All of Madonna's albums have at least a few decent songs, so I wouldn't mention any of them in this thread
  6. No words for this questionable taste
  7. Britney has a lot of good songs and In the Zone & Blackout are both great albums. However, Beyonce's discography is just stronger overall. Also none of her albums are as weak at Britney Jean, so there's that.
  8. Ride? Gods & Monsters? Bel Air?
  9. Wait, who's Kitty? I'm so confused I was referring to Born to Die.
  10. Hmm... Thinking About You is cute actually, but I don't remember what the other songs sound like Yeah, I'm kind of over her now since then What's Your Pleasure? still bops though
  11. The questionable taste I first got into Jessie's music with Devotion, which I loved. Tough Love was 50/50 and then Glasshouse was poor. At that point I was ready to give up on her musically, but then she came out when What's Your Pleasure? and I was stunned
  12. It isn't. We're talking about Britney Jean
  13. which song? Now this is a lie. Joanne has several very good songs and people do WAY too much on it. Which song are you referring to though?
  14. What are some albums where only one song is worth returning to? My choice is Jessie Ware's "Glasshouse", nowhere close to the quality of Devotion or What's Your Pleasure?. The only song I can remember from that album is "Your Domino", a cute bop! Everything else is a blur.
  15. Bulgarian pre-order iTunes bonus track single maybe
  16. I've always thought that Girl Gone Wild could have been the lead. It's generic but it represents the vibe of the album better than GMAYL. GMAYL was always intended to be tied in with the Superbowl, so it's difficult to fit it in with the album coming out a month later and the tour starting 2 months after the album. Maybe it could've been announced as a standalone single and later added as a deluxe bonus track. Beautiful Killer could've been a single as well I think. WHY was it a bonus track but Superstar made on the standard edition??
  17. I'll join you if she doesn't release it WHERE. IS. THE. ALBUM. WE. NEED. THE. DAMN. ALBUM.
  18. This all artificial though. "Arab" applies to a wide range of people who speak the Arabic language. North Sudanese people speak Arabic and many will identify as "Arab". However, most people in the Western world would classify Sudanese people as "Black" along with the rest of sub-Saharan Africa. Where would the people of Madagascar fit in with this? They have mixed Polynesian, East African and Arab ancestries. Aboriginal Australians? The western definition of "Black" = "sub-Saharan African" would not include Aboriginal Australians. People of the Indian sub-continent are incr
  19. I'm doing fine and recently got a new job Been busy with other stuff too. Yesterday I just thought about coming back here because it's been a while. How are things for you?
  20. You could argue that "race" itself is a construct (to an extent), but ultimately Jews were perceived as a race by the Nazis and were discriminated on that basis. People with Jewish ancestry were racially classified as Jews even if they didn't practice Judaism. So, yes the Nazi Holocaust was about race. Race was at the heart of their toxic ideas.
  21. This song is cute in a Japanese Bonus Track kind of way. But definitely not lead single material.