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  1. I have a feeling the #1 is on lock but I feel like now sour candy is out people are slacking
  2. Maybe they were gonna do it but decided against it? Kinda like how they pushed the SL remix back two weeks for some reason
  3. Girls don’t drag me too much I just pass along what I get told dkdjdkfk
  4. The 90s disco beat yup my wig is eviserated
  5. there's rumours they want her to headline in 2021 so let's pray
  6. Not 100% sure but honestly Babylon seems more likely because they mention it in the ROM music video
  7. I was hoping Ariana being in a Gaga video would mean she would level up her style, maybe even wear a wig or something. But they both look great all the same.
  8. here's the sketches of their main outfits from the music video
  9. BTW > Chromatica > TFM > ASIB > TF > C2C > AP > Joanne
  10. It’s also been revealed her album contracts leaked she was given a $14.5m budget for Born This Way including recording costs, promotional material such as photo shoots and brand deals etc. For comparison Joanne was given $6.3m, The Fame $4m and TFM $8m roughly. ARTPOP’s was roughly $10m. EDIT: just double checked AP was actually $20m budget omg
  11. Part of the documents have leaked that showed her publishing, writing and production cuts but amongst those they leaked the songs that were in contention for ARTPOP and other stuff.