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  1. there's rumours they want her to headline in 2021 so let's pray
  2. Not 100% sure but honestly Babylon seems more likely because they mention it in the ROM music video
  3. Apparently it was 3 and a half, including SL.
  4. The cover is giving me 1990s nostalgia bigtime. It legit looks like a PSOne game cover.
  5. Since I haven’t posted a fact in a while here’s another one to celebrate the ROM announcement;
  6. Yup just a shame she didn’t put out FW as a promo single, since it has a video filmed it’ll probably be single #3 at this point
  7. Why a Japanese version of Sour Candy? BLACKPINK are Korean girl djdjdkdjgirl SJDHDJD
  8. it's all fun and games until you realise Monster is lowkey about Fusari r*ping her
  9. Elton John about to become our EDM king. Also I thought that was a joke did people REALLY believe the song was anything other than an Alice in Wonderland reference? 💀
  10. Also Axwell produced Alice, Free Woman and SFA so the Elton collab mustn’t be a piano ballad after all since he makes EDM music
  11. I hope not because girl And apparently in the next week