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  1. there's rumours they want her to headline in 2021 so let's pray
  2. Not 100% sure but honestly Babylon seems more likely because they mention it in the ROM music video
  3. Apparently it was 3 and a half, including SL.
  4. The cover is giving me 1990s nostalgia bigtime. It legit looks like a PSOne game cover.
  5. Since I haven’t posted a fact in a while here’s another one to celebrate the ROM announcement;
  6. Yup just a shame she didn’t put out FW as a promo single, since it has a video filmed it’ll probably be single #3 at this point
  7. Why a Japanese version of Sour Candy? BLACKPINK are Korean girl djdjdkdjgirl SJDHDJD
  8. it's all fun and games until you realise Monster is lowkey about Fusari r*ping her
  9. Elton John about to become our EDM king. Also I thought that was a joke did people REALLY believe the song was anything other than an Alice in Wonderland reference? 💀
  10. Also Axwell produced Alice, Free Woman and SFA so the Elton collab mustn’t be a piano ballad after all since he makes EDM music
  11. I hope not because girl And apparently in the next week
  12. I’m hearing that apparently another announcement coming soon
  13. In all fairness it’s nothing to do with Gaga and everything to do with Warner Bros she has no say in the distribution, I mean she doesn’t even get royalties from the movie and neither does Bradley
  14. ASIB coming to Netflix on June 7th so hopefully this encourages Chromatica sales too.
  15. today's new gaga facT that i promised y'all is from
  16. Not a problem I do try my best haha I’m just as excited for the era to come as you guys are so I figured I’d keep our spirits up. But now it’s only a few weeks till we finally go to the United States of Chromatica y’all.
  17. Well we’ll be fed with leaks this year is all I’m saying 💀 not from Chromatica but still it’s something
  18. As far as I’m aware no but all her plans got swapped up so not a single insider or source really knows anything. Sis said you f*gs can suffer for leaking her sh*t I’m still tryna be optimistic that her original plan for FW to be an instant grat is there. Rain on Me is definitely coming in the next two weeks though because that still that she posted is what I got told the video looks like.
  19. To keep us alive and busy waiting for the album, I’m gonna post a random fact about Gaga’s eras that some of you may not know about, every few days till the album comes out. The first one is...
  20. the album version is less than 3 minutes so that means a good portion of the song is either gonna be cut or different
  21. well it just leaked so perhaps it’s still coming with the video tonight